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Call Structure, Sales Language, Sales Skills and Mindset | B2B Telesales Training for Winning Sales Teams

From working with under-performing sales teams to help them quickly get better results, there are a few critical things that impact success in cold calling, telesales and telephone sales functions.

Perhaps you’re seeing these in your sales team?

Left unaddressed they massively depress sales conversions and cause sales pipelines to needlessly collapse.

The good news is – there are some simple sales training fixes that can be applied, that deliver a hike in results quickly and with minor disruption

Underperforming sales function will often display some or all of the following:

  1. The telesales conversations are nowhere near conversational enough, they are either too ‘hit and run’, broadcast focussed, or so generic there is zero connection!
  2. Sales reps go for the ‘sell’ much too early and completely without context – sales discovery is missing
  3. Lack of understanding around the buyers position and their needs
  4. Which means, not enough attention is given to building value for the prospect
  5. The first 20 seconds of most telesales calls are totally wasted, and end up alienating the prospect.
  6. The cold caller has no idea how to engage in a peer to peer conversation in a consultation

Do you recognise any of these in your team?

Because if you do, that’s ok…I’ve got some really easy fixes!

But, there is something that’s even more critical that the six issues above, and that’s rejection, and how the sales team view it.

Is Sales Mindset Killing Your Sales Effort Straight Out the Blocks?

Quite often, rejection is seen as just being part of the telesales job!

I don’t believe that is true.

I believe that by accepting this as a truth, then this impacts not only the mental state of the sales person, but the way they approach the prospect and the sales call, because…

The world has a strange way of giving you exactly what you expect…

And when sales prospect senses that you’re expecting to get rejected…

Rejections levels increase!

That’s why on our sales training, specifically designed for cold callers, telephone sales and telesales teams – we look at:

  • Sales Skills
  • Influence and Persuasion
  • Sales Mindset
  • Language
  • Sales Call Structure
  • Value Creation
  • Prospect Perspective

That way, your telesales team have all the skills, focus and tenacity to engage the prospect with a compelling position, build value and have a meaningful sales exchange.

Plus, it dramatically reduces rejection rates – meaning you’ve got a fully focussed and dynamic sales team that believe they can achieve anything!

Welcome to the Morton Kyle B2B Telesales Training Course

Designed specifically for the cold callers, lead generators, appointment setters and new business developers, direct sales teams who want to reach the top of their sales game.

I’ve brought together every single thing I know, I’ve learned and I’ve seen work in sales teams from the last 20 years, from lots of sectors, different industries and thousands of sales teams and wrapped it all up in The Sales Improvement Workshop

Check out the link for details – I STILL use these skills every single day, for my business, for my clients, with my sales teams and I know what works!

So Why Select Morton Kyle B2B Telesales Training?

I cover all the aspects of cold calling, telephone sales and B2B telesales new business generation you’d expect from the basic core principles of good selling to the modern sales methods that today’s buyers respond to.

In an climate with longer sales cycles, a greater aversion to risk, more decision makers in the sales engagement stage and a reluctance to spend, then modern buyers are a tough bunch….and we’ve not even started to talk about getting the finance team on board!

My telesales and cold calling philosophy is to:

  • Make EVERY single cold call and new business outreach matter
  • position a ‘No; for what it is. A ‘NO’ today does not mean ‘NO’ forever
  • Build the the sales pipeline consistently every single day.
  • Not take it personally, instead learn from it

Making Every Telesales Call Count!

Here are 18 additional ways for telesales teams to frame a cold outreach – and we cover every one in The Sales Improvement Workshop

Here are just 18 outcomes we should expect from a cold sales call…BEFORE we accept any kind of rejection!

  1. Book a meeting from a cold call
  2. Arrange a demo
  3. Gain a referral
    • Get two referrals!
  4. Build industry insight for the buyer and
  5. Gain industry insight from the buyer
  6. Explore opportunities to start to build the relationship across the broader stakeholder group
  7. Gather information on the competitors, the industry, the sector, the prospect’s industry, sector and competitors
  8. Fully profile a qualified lead including timelines
  9. Explore any mutual connections and networks
  10. Proffer case studies and relevant testimonials
  11. Assess the potential for a commercial partnership
  12. Leave the prospect as a positive advocate of your business
  13. Discover how to get on the preferred supplier list
  14. Find out the timing for any realistic and valuable RFI (request for information) opportunities
  15. Build a valuable connection where the door is always open
  16. Start a relationship that can be revisited at an agreed / expect date
  17. Build an organisational family tree of prospects, referrers, influences, cheque book holders and any other stakeholders
  18. Introduce them to someone they would benefit from meeting – reciprocity at work!

Every one, solid tope of the funnel activity that builds a strong sales footprint.

And finally….

  1. Deal with a rejection to make it a learning opportunity.

The Sales Improvement Workshop

To check out the full course agenda, then hit the link The Sales Improvement Workshop

Everything you need to propel your sales results is there!

Things like:

  • Objection handling
  • Call qualification
  • Prospect selection
  • Questioning skills
  • Using trial closes
  • Asking for commitment,
  • Value proposition building
  • Creating relevance and urgency
  • Engaging the buying committee
  • Building rapport
  • Gate keeper management …

All the other elements of cold calling and B2B sales training that make your sales team successful and help them stand out in your competitive market space.

B2B Telesales Training and Cold Calling Skills have the power to revolutionise any business when they are done well!

Join us on The Sales Improvement Workshop and unleash your sales potential today

Call 0779 002 1885 for availability and rates.

Investing in B2B telesales training can

  • Immediately improve how your people sell
  • How they think about selling and cold calling and
  • How much value they give to your prospects and future profitable customers.

The aim of the Morton Kyle B2B Telesales Training Course is to guarantee you fill your sales pipeline with filly qualified, high quality sales prospects that convert to orders, profit, turnover and a happy and stable sales team.

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