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SPECIAL OFFER – Unleash Your Sales Challenge | Where Are You Going?

Sometimes the day job just gets in the way of you stepping into your fullest sales potential.

Stops you from really exploring who you are, your value, and what you bring to the table.

Too busy doing to reflect, regroup, refocus and push forward.

And that’s the same whether you are a sales leader, a sales rep, an account manager or a business leader.

The day to day challenge is there, of course it is, but what about the bigger challenge?

The challenge to see what you’re really capable off when you step into who you were meant to be?

Fortunately, still, in the mad hurly-burly of targets, performance management, spreadsheets, sales pipelines and client demands, you can find space just for you.

And that’s just what this special offer is designed for!

Sales coaching is the fastest way for you to remove sales blocks.

You get the opportunity to solve specific, defined issues that currently weaken you and stop you achieving meaningful and important sales goals.

With high accountability sales coaching you get to spend time working on what’s important to you and your sales success.

Devoting energy and focus where you want, and where the win is worth the time and effort you’ll invest.

THIS SPECIAL OFFER ENDS 31st December 2020 – so get booked in now.

To get you started, I’m offering you an Introductory Sales Coaching Package – 5 Sales Coaching Sessions for just £250 (plus VAT)

Sales Coaching is the hidden sales weapon for high performing sales people and sales leaders
Sales coaching to unblock your sales issues, release your sales potential and help you get clarity

My aim is to work with you to deliver exceptional sales results. to cut through some of the ‘noise’ and ‘chatter’ that might be clouding your pathway to sales success at this crazy time.

It’s just my way of saying ‘welcome back, let’s get selling and helping your team to sell more than anyone else in your industry!’

It’s a one off offer!

Usual sales coaching rates are 10x this – so places are limited and you need to sign up before the close date to get the discounted option. Once you’ve booked your sales coaching sessions can be taken anytime within the following 3 months.

You are under no obligation to continue past your 5 sessions.

Sales Coaching | What’s on Offer?

You’ll kick off with a scoping and evaluation session designed to identify areas you want to work on, we’ll discuss what’s achievable and what success will look like for you.

Thereafter each of your sales coaching sessions are conducted weekly in a private space – google hangouts, zoom, telephone – where we get to work together on solving the key sales issues you’ve identified as being critical to you success, whether you’re a sales professional, sales leader, sales manager or business owner.

Fully supported, we’ll work out the best solutions for you to use to push through your sales barriers.

You will work using an accountability frameworks, that will help you overcome any obstacles, driven to implement these solutions and move forward at a pace that suits you.

You’re in Control

No long term commitments after your 5 sessions.

The choice is all yours.

After all the idea of any form of coaching is to solve the problem.

Quickly, simply and efficiently.

On the other hand, if you’re finding the sessions helpful, you can continue.

Just bring your sales issues to the sales coaching session, an open mind, a willingness to step up, try new things and be your best sales self…

Why is Sales Coaching Important?

Sales is one of the fastest changing business functions.

Never more so as firms seek to re-assess, re-evaluate and re-plan the rest of the year.

Added to that, the sales wheel has not stopped turning.

You know the sales arena and sales management is still evolving.

You’ve seen buyer trends change, markets change.

Your competitors today may not have been competitors three years ago.

Managing a sales function, being part of a sales function, brings it’s own special set of challenges to everyone.

Sales people, sales leaders, business owners/managers are under continuous pressure to perform, to deliver revenue, satisfy customers, bosses, employees and generally be the good guys that make the world go around…bringing in the cash.

Wrestling with issues that prevent or hinder your success can lead to stress in other areas of your live.

No-one wants that for you.

You’ll perform best when you fly free, unimpeded by stresses and strains associated with your sales role.

That’s why another perspective can help you challenge some of the key difficult areas.

Having an experienced sales and business development sounding board, a safe space where you can unpack your fears, concerns and simply offload your frustrations before working out a more positive and effective path forward can have many fruitful and direct outcomes.

Now you can access specialist sales experience to help you be the best sales professional, sales leader, business leader you can be.

Bring your sales challenges to a safe space.

Sales Coaching Package

To qualify for the special booking rate you’ll need to book 5 sessions.

5 sessions for just £250 plus VAT.

Your initial evaluation and scoping coaching session is included in this.

This means you will pay for just 5 coaching sessions which includes a free scoping and evaluation session

Each session lasts 45 minutes and the first session lasts up to 1 hr.

Your coaching is delivered by telephone, zoom or google hangout, whichever suits you best.

If you have any questions – please contact me on 0779 002 1885

Ready to book now?

Once you’ve booked you can take your sales coaching sessions anytime within the following three months.

Simply complete the contact form below and I’ll be in touch.


    We’ll start with the scoping and evaluation session, where you can fully explain what it is you’re trying to address and what it is you wish to achieve as a result of coaching.

    Once I’ve established that I can help you achieve your sales goals then the coaching sessions will commence.

    Recent Sales Coaching Sessions

    Have been with Sales Team Leaders, Sales Directors, Business Owners, and Sales Professionals, and have covered such areas as:

    • Sales recruitment – finding sales talent locally
    • Turnaround of a failing sales team – how to re-engerise, refocus and motivate a failing sales function
    • Getting promoted from team leader to sales manager – career development
    • Moving from sales management into operational management – career development
    • Increasing sales order values – shrinking margins and aggressive competitors and how to stop the business going into loss
    • Building an outbound sales function from scratch – setting up a new business team
    • Remuneration packages and bonus schemes for outbound sales staff – designing fair and motivational staff packages
    • Moving all the field sales roles to internal sales roles – selling the change of role to the sales team, staff retention, motivation
    • What sales metrics to use in an non-performing sales team – sales performance management
    • How to motivate a sales team who are all looking for new jobs – staff coaching, staff motivation, performance management

    THIS SPECIAL OFFER ENDS 31st December 2020 – so get booked in now.

    This Sales Coaching offer is subject to availability and can be withdrawn from new sign-ups at any time. Sessions can start immediately and need to be completed within 3 months of the booking.

    Sales coaching is powerful, high impact and designed so you get the results you want.

    So, if you’ve ever wondered what you’re really capable of, and how it would be if you had time to reset the dial, reflect, and plan in a guided environment with a sales professional, then book your sales coaching sessions using the contact form above and I’ll be in contact.

    Sales coaching can make a huge difference in a very short space of time because it’s tailored specifically to you and your needs.

    Use the contact form above to book in your Sales Coaching sessions and get this special rate.

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