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Sales Coaching Program | Fixed Term Trial

Sales coaching is the fastest way to remove any sales blocks.

With high accountability sales coaching you’ll unleash the real sales potential in you, your team, your business.

You’ll kick off with a extended sales booster session designed to quickly identify areas of sales improvement detail potential solutions.

Thereafter each of your sales booster sessions are conducted in a private space where you get to unpack whatever it is that’s troubling you regarding sales performance, whether you’re a sales professional, sales leader, sales manager or business owner.

Fully supported, you’ll work out the best solutions for you to use to push through the sales barriers.

Using accountability frameworks you’ll be driven to implement these solutions and move forward at a pace that suits you.

Sales Coaching: Sales Booster Sessions

No long term commitments, after all, the idea of any form of coaching is to solve the problem.

Quickly, simply and efficiently.

As it should be.

Just bring your sales issues to the sales coaching session and operate at your best sales level.

Sales is one of the fastest changing business functions.

Buyer trends change, markets change, competitors enter, managing a sales function brings it’s own special set of challenges.

Now you can access specialist sales experience to act as your personal sounding board, brainstorming elements that are specific to you, whenever you like.

Sales Coaching Packages

Sales coaching sessions are available at short notice, proving you can be flexible on your timings.

You can book single sessions or blocks of 5 sessions for discounted rates.

Each session lasts 50 minutes and the first session lasts 1 hr and 30 minutes, and is delivered by telephone or skype, whichever suits you best.

Please contact 002 1885 directly for availability and rates.

Sales Coaching: Format

We’ll start with a brief get to know where you can fully explain what it is you’re trying to address and what it is you wish to achieve as a result of coaching.

Once I’ve established that I can help you achieve your sales goals then the coaching session will commence.

Recent Sales Coaching Sessions

Have covered such areas as:

  • Sales recruitment – finding sales talent locally
  • Turnaround of a failing sales team – how to re-engerise, refocus and reboot
  • Getting promoted from team leader to sales manager – career development
  • Moving from sales management into operational management – career development
  • Increasing sales order values – shrinking margins and agrresive competitors and how to stop the business going into loss
  • Building an outbound sales function from scratch – setting up a new business team
  • Remuneration packages and bonus schemes for outbound sales staff – designing fair and motivational staff packages
  • Moving all the field sales roles to internal sales roles – selling the change of role to the sales team, staff retention, motivation
  • What sales metrics to use in an non-performing sales team – sales performance management
  • How to motivate a sales team who are all looking for new jobs – staff coaching, staff motivation, performance management

To explore if our Sales Coaching Sessions can help you contact 002 1885



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