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Board Advisor on Sales Transformation

Board Advisor of Sales Improvement and Growth.

Over 25 years experience, with a specific skill set around auditing sales functions and using your data to increase the sales bottom line and sales performance. Proud to have helped ambitious leadership teams build sustainable business growth engines since 2003.

Proven Sales Transformation Leader, acting as COO, Interim Sales Director or Commercial Director – available for short term, fractional posts to support your business, to deliver very specific growth targets.

Flexible options available. Ranging from monthly attendance at board meetings to provide sales experience, insights and external benchmarking, through to hands on working in the business to help your team achieve the required sales results….done with you or done for you – you decide.

Why Engage an Interim Sales Director/ Commercial Director?

  • You want to retain a high level of sales and business development expertise but don’t want a full time employee.
  • Sales, revenue and margin are trending down and you don’t know why.
  • To cover a short term absence from the business
  • Fill a key skills/leadership gap whilst a new Sales Director is recruited.
  • To address a specific sales issue, without diverting key sales staff from business as usual.
  • You want an unbiased, independent second opinion to challenge current sales practices.
  • To remove a short term road block to higher sales, greater profits, bigger turnover and market share.
  • Sales efficiency and sales effectiveness across the sales function needs to be improved.
  • The business is looking for a confidential, discrete insight into how to improve sales performance, without disrupting the current structure.
  • You are seeing business lost to less qualified competitors
  • Your sales team are unmotivated, disengaged and without direction
  • You need to understand the true potential in the sales function.
  • Your current sales function is brilliant – but it’s creaking

All the sales support you need – when you need it.

Whether that’s in the form of a short term contract, done for you, done with you or a more ad-hoc or once a month sounding board, the choice is yours. Call for a confidential chat on 0779 002 1885

Board Advisor on Sales Improvement / Interim Sales Director / Commercial Lead – Flexible Support for Sales Improvement

Your motivations, needs, desired results, time frame and budget all form key elements of our first discussion. You decide what your interim sales director solution looks like.

Engagement terms can be as flexible as you need them to be in the context of what you’re trying to achieve

Function is equally flexible.

What Does a Board Advisor on Sales Improvement / Interim Sales Director / Sales Improvement / Sales Support Specialist do?

Typically, I look at your sales challenges with unbiased yet informed perspective.

Having conducted an in depth Sales Insights Audit, you and I discuss the findings, and set about planning how we will address the gap in the results. The focus is on sustainable growth, looking at where you are versus where you’d like to be…

To date, my roles have been analysis, plan, action, results. Whilst strategy and planning are critical, nothing is really going to change until we do the work that brings the results you need.

My role depends on what gaps you wish to fill:

  • It could involve taking your aged sales to-do list off your desk.
  • Maybe launching a new product.
  • Revising pricing and sales strategy
  • Driving new activity and performance measures / introducing sales performance management
  • Being a proactive sales champion within the team developing new ideas and sharing progressive and modern sales/selling methods
  • Tackling a thorny sales issue that’s proving too distracting to be resolved under ‘business as usual’

Some clients require one day per week, others need 12 days over a month.

You chose, it forms part of our initial discussions and depends on the outcomes we agree.

My focus is on helping you achieve your sales goals. As well as building long term and sustainable sales and business development solutions within any business I work in. I do that via extensive knowledge transfer and collaborative working across sales (and marketing).

Achieving key goals as fast as possible, is also a key element of my work. As is ensuring the sales team stay motivated and onside.

Interim Sales Management Support | Could You Benefit?

Book your confidential discussion. let’s have a chat. No obligation, at the end of our discussion you can decide if there is a fit based on what you want to achieve.. Call Carol on 0779 002 1885

Discretion assured.

All Sales Director / Commercial Director / Sales Support / Sales Transformation Lead and NED contracts are via Morton Kyle Limited. Morton Kyle Limited is a sales transformation company, using sales audits, sales training, sales coaching and sales support to help organisations optimise their sales results. Working across the UK since 2003

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