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Simple Sales Forecasting | Accurate Sales Forecasts | Sales Growth

Simple sales forecasting that’s accurate, stable, realistic and universal is a key building block in a growing business.

But you’d be surprised, or maybe not, at the amount of sales functions and business, that although they have a sales forecasting system, either informally or in their CRM, still struggle to get accurate, reliable and meaningful sales predictions.

That hurts.

And over a long time, it can really hurt.

Inaccurate sales forecasting really messes with cash flow, resource management, pricing, planning, purchasing, staffing…and growth.

Plus, living with uncertainty makes any business risk averse, cautious and nervous of being bold.

And with good cause.

So How Does Simple Sales Forecasting Help?

Simple Sales Forecasting is a way of fully qualifying your sales prospects before you commit them to your sales forecast.

It’s the ultimate sales planning tool.

Giving your sales insights that not only lead to a predictable sales performance but a better sales/buyer interface.

More sales!

Simple Sales Forecasting is a universal scoring method that’s used throughout the sales function and the business.

What’s that you say? ‘But we already to do that…or sort of’

I know you do. How’s it working for you?

Here’s what’s really happening.

Every single on of your sales team will have a very different slant on what a fully qualified sales prospect looks like.

That slant will differ depending on where they are against target, if they’re having a good month or a bad month, if they’re under pressure of not.

You get my drift?

Some prospects look more attractive than they actually are depending on too many vague variables that the sales manager and the sales person might not be fully aware of…

That’s why I say no to Fluffy Forecasting.

No more.

Are You Suffering From Fluffy Forecasting?

Here’s your quick self diagnosis kit?

  • Your sales forecasts vary by more than +/-15% each month?
  • There are peaks and troughs in your sales performance/cash flow?
  • Do you have an over reliance on existing business?
  • Are you struggling to plan resources, work flow, purchasing, stock?
  • Is your production function running at wildly fluctuating rates, efficiency, capacities due to lack of reliable sales information?
  • Are you able to produce accurate long range sales forecasts?
  • Is the thought of low risk growth a dream with no chance of an accompanying reality
  • Is your sales team motivation low?

Congratulations, you’re in the revolving door that is Fluffy Forecasting, bouncing prospects forward for three months because you’ve no idea what to do with them.

Seeing the same names being shunted from month to month in the hope that one day the deal will drop.

Perhaps even…having more sales people in your sales team than you actually need?

Or having more leads than you actually need?

The Antidote to Fluffy Forecasting

A strict set of go/no go criteria for entering a prospect into the sales forecast, and at what stage they are entered into the sales forecast

That is universal across your business.

That forces your sales people to qualify hard.

Engaging with prospects in such a way to establish fit/fail for both parties.

That speeds up sales cycles

Increases sales velocity through the sales pipeline.

Helps you get to the order form before competitors have even started.

Builds credibility and confidence in the prospect and certainty in the business.

Simple Sales Forecasting is the Answer

See your sales forecast as it really is and not how you would like it to be…

Build in certainty, confidence and predictability.

Morton Kyle Limited – Simple Sales Forecasting Course

Available as an in-house program.

Attended by Sales Leaders, Business Owners, Sales Team Leaders, Sales Professionals and Sales Trainers.

Simple Sales Forecasting is a two day course, available through the UK/Globally.

For more information complete the form below:

Simple Sales Forecasting is the only known cure for Fluffy Forecasting.

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