How to Create a Sales Performance Improvement Plan | A Comprehensive Sales Troubleshooting Course for Sales Leaders

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How to Create a Sales Performance Improvement Plan | A Comprehensive Sales Troubleshooting  Course for Sales Leaders

Every sales leader needs to be a sales improvement fixer – which is why our course on How to Create a Sales Performance Improvement Plan is critical for progressive organisations who want to win!

It covers building and executing sales audit, combined with effective sales forecasting, performance driven leadership and management development, and building accountability across the function.

All designed to build a sustainable and continuous sales improvement culture in your organisation.

When you’re going for growth, or even just paddling hard to stay still, then it becomes critical to constantly evaluate and optimise the sales function.

Growth doesn’t happen in isolation and by accident!

Numbers become critical, trends even more so, and the duration between taking a measure of those numbers shortens considerably when the pressure is on.

Sales leadership team that are acutely attuned to sales outputs will win against those leadership functions who wait until the month is over to review performance…

After all, no point in trying to kick it in the back of the net when the ref’s blown the whistle and called time!

At Morton Kyle we aim to provide valuable insights and actionable strategies to help you and your sales leadership team:

  • Enhance sales performance
  • Conduct effective sales audits
  • Sharing our sales trouble shooting toolbox, and
  • Develop strong sales leadership and management capabilities with a growth mindset

Which means you get to

  • Future proof your organisation
  • Build certainty into your organisation’s growth
  • Maintain a stable sales output as you navigate the most common sales pitfalls.

For more information and to register your interest in this program then please contact Carol on 0779 002 1885

Sales Performance Improvement Course for Sales and Leadership Teams

This course is delivered onsite and over two days.

Typical attendees will fall into the following job titles

  • Executive Boards: CEO, MD, CFO, Sales Director, Marketing Director
  • Working Management Level: Sales Manager, Marketing Manager, Sales Operations Manager, Sales Coach, Performance Manager, Training Manager

Why Adopt a Continuous Sales Improvement Culture: A Job to be Done

In this section, we will discuss the significance of sales performance improvement in driving business growth.

We will explore how sales excellence impacts the overall success of an organisation and why a proactive approach is critical.

Exploring how your organisation can migrate towards continuous improvement. Looking at what that means in the context of a competitive marketplace, mindset, culture, communication, responsibility and accountability.

Understanding Sales Audit | A Strategic Imperative

This section delves into the concept and scope of the sales audit.

Sales audits are valuable in assessing the effectiveness and efficiency of your sales function

We’ll spend time reviewing key metrics, what they mean and how they help you evaluate your sales improvement options on a granular level.

We will examine the benefits of conducting regular sales audits and how it helps identify areas of improvement and optimise your sales processes.

We also look at how these audits can be baked into daily sales management information

Creating meaningful sales dashboards and balanced score cards tp help you plan for continuous sales improvement.

Conducting a Sales Audit: Step-by-Step Guide

Here, you’ll get a detailed, step-by-step guide on how to conduct a thorough sales audit.

We will cover the key areas to focus on.

You will learn how to gather relevant data, analyse it, and derive actionable insights to enhance your sales performance.

The most effective organisations don’t simply collect data.

They act on it too!

Key Metrics for Sales Audit and Evaluation

This section will highlight the critical metrics to consider during a sales audit.

Discussing various key performance indicators (KPIs) that can help you measure and evaluate the effectiveness of your sales function via different objectives lens.

The real value comes from looking at each of the metrics on a granular level and against an optimised output.

It’s this gap analysis that is responsible for the change mindset.

Optimising Sales Processes and Strategies

In this section, we will explore strategies to optimise your sales processes for improved efficiency and effectiveness.

Change management is a critical aspect of this course of action, so managing the evolution of your people while this is happening is important.

Building Your Future

A holistic approach to your sales growth,

Evaluating options, targets, appetite for growth and pace.

We will cover the whole sales cycle from cold to sold, and retention.

You will also discover ways to align your sales strategies with customer needs and market trends to drive better results.

This section also covers value based activities as an interesting lens to why you should (or should not) continue with some customer focused activities.

Enhancing Sales Leadership and Management

This section focuses on the critical role of sales leadership and management in driving sales performance improvement.

We will discuss essential leadership qualities, leadership styles, effective communication strategies, and techniques to motivate and inspire your sales team.

Additionally, we will explore how to create a positive sales culture and foster collaboration among team members.

The sales leader as a motivator, a role model and also a Performance Manager are developed here as we advocate for Positive Performance Management at all levels.

Developing a High-Performance Sales Team

Here, we will delve into the strategies for building and developing a high-performing sales team.

Topics covered will include recruiting top talent, providing comprehensive training and development programs, implementing performance management systems, and fostering a supportive and goal-oriented environment.

There is a criticality around building a high performance sales team that is often unexplored, which is how to recruit Grade A candidates.

Sales Performance Improvement

Best Practices and Case Studies | In this section, we will highlight best practices and share real-world case studies of organisations that have successfully improved their sales performance through effective sales audit, leadership, and management strategies.

These practical examples will provide you with valuable insights and inspiration to apply to your own sales function.

How to Create a Sales Performance Improvement Plan – Conclusion

In conclusion, I hope this overview has provided you with a comprehensive guide to how your organisation can benefit from two days discussing and developing your own sales performance improvement plan using sales audits, and effective sales leadership and management interventions.

By implementing the strategies and best practices outlined here, you can optimise your sales function, drive revenue growth, and build a sales function fit for purpose and long-term success in today’s competitive business environment.

Remember, sales excellence is an ongoing journey, so continuously monitor, analyse, and adapt your approach to stay ahead of the curve.

If this is of interest to you – but you want a fully done for you solution then check out the Sale Audit page for more details in how you can start building your Sales Performance Improvement Plan in 14 days.

Register Your Interest in How to Create a Sales Performance Improvement Plan

To register your interest for this either as a taught course or as a done for you service – please contact Carol using 0779 002 1885 to call text or whatsapp your availability to discuss this in more details.

How to Create a Sales Performance Improvement Plan is designed to upskill sales leaders and team leaders to be sales improvement consultants able to analyse sales performance, and remedy common sales issues.

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