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The UK Sales Improvement Workshop designed to dramatically improve your sales results in 2021

UK Sales Improvement Workshop

A two-day course to positively and forever cure your sales team of the the key pitfalls currently depressing the sales results of even the most active and progressive of sales teams.

If your sales team is doing ok, but not quite getting the results they deserve.

Perhaps they’re seeing weaker competitors steel their lunch money?

Or they’re simply getting more and more frustrated as buyers use them as quote machines, before going dark without responding?

If you recognise these, then maybe your sales team need a sales refresher that totally remodels how they think about sales, selling, building a sales pipeline and generating revenue for your business

Things are changing in 2021…selling’s not the job it used to be, the function has changed forever

Buyers, now more than ever, are low on loyalty and high on getting exactly what they want, and at a price they want.

The market for suppliers is crowded, from a buyer perspective everyone looks and sounds the same…so breaking through that noise and dealing with competitors who are happy to buy business takes a different breed of sales professional.

Welcome to the Sales Improvement Workshop – designed specifically to deal with all of these issues and more – putting you and your sales team back in the driving seat, ready to prospect, nurture and convert high quality sales prospects before the competition!

Stop Losing High Quality Sales Opportunities to Competitors

So many sales functions are permanently busy, active and but still not achieving the sales results they need.

Don’t be the sales team that suffers from client rejection half way through the sales process…instead have a sales team who know how to:

  • Stop prospects going cold during the sales process
  • Build high value sales positions to eliminate your competitors
  • Grab attention of the Perfect Prospects with key sales messages
  • Increase the number of selling hours in the day…and the number of sales opportunities
  • Maximise the sales habits and sales activities that drive bottom line sales revenue and margin
  • Clean up the sales pipeline once and for all
  • Fill the sales pipeline with high quality, well qualified sales prospects
  • Get super sharp on sales qualification, nurturing prospects through the sales pipeline and setting the prospect to close naturally
  • Build a daily activity sales plan to drive performance to its highest level

Banish, once and forever!

  • A sales pipeline that’s like an abandoned carrier bag, over stuffed and full of old prospects and unknown gems
  • Prospects who block your number once they’ve got your prices
  • A hope and pray view towards hitting sales target
  • Missed targets, low sales motivation and high staff attrition as they seek an easier gig somewhere else

Instead, take back control, up skill your sales team in the discipline of building and efficiently working a first class sales engine…

Where conversation rates are optimised, activity is focused and relevant and outcomes are predictable and positive.

Welcome to the UK Sales Improvement Workshop 2021

The UK Sales Improvement Workshop is designed to deliver:

  • The most up to date and relevant business development and sales training based on understanding how your buyers are buying today
  • Pathways to eliminate the competition, even the discount competition, by building value into every step of the sales process and using the sales process as a key differentiator
  • A simple and workable sales process that consistently feeds the sales pipeline with high quality, well qualified sales opportunities
  • High levels of accountability within the sales team to help them recognise why they aren’t achieving target and how to flip the trend
  • Insight into how to consistently ask for introductions and referrals
  • Techniques to consistently up sell, cross sell and maximise the average order value in any transation
  • Ways to block out competitors by exploring the conversation between price, value and risk
  • Relief from the ‘no-decision’ time wasters

All so your team can consistently create and close great sales opportunities

  • Where the prospects don’t disappear half way through your sales process
  • Which means the business sees consistent and predictable, improved sales results,  
  • So you get more sales, faster and with less stress and lower sales acquisition costs.

All in two intensive days!

Sales and Business Development Training Designed for Ambitious Sales Teams

It’s great for new starters, seasoned sales professionals, sales leaders, team leaders, sales managers, directors, owner/managers, sales trainers, consultants.

Anyone carrying a sales target will take away inisghts that will help them build their very own sales engine…straight after leaving the training.

Whether from telesales, field sales, appointment generators, lead generators, sales improvement specialists.

The UK Sales Improvement Workshop is a fast track to selling well and consistently in 2021.

It’s 2020 relevant sales and business development course for anyone who wants to be better at sales, work up some new skills, improve their existing sales skills, gain practical working insights into what is working with buyers today in 2021…and how to work with buyers to get a win-win.

Heavily dosed with practical, proven sales insights, there’s also a focus on self -motivation and self confidence.

It’s a choc full sales improvement intervention, crammed full of insights, practical strategies, and sales improvement gems.

And, fast acting sales win hints, tips, techniques that you can employ in your business immediately.

Got back to work – fully ready to see a real shift in sales habits, sales activities, sales thinking and sales results.

Learn to sell in 2021 with ease, confidence and passion… and have the best fun you can have at work!

My Promise –

You’ll See a BIG Difference in Your Sales Results As Soon As You Get Back to Selling.

And, even better, after attending this course, you’ll never think about sales and business development in quite the same way again.

Join me on the UK Sales Improvement Workshop and I’ll show you how high performing sales professionals achieve the results they do in 2020

What’s Covered in the UK Sales Improvement Workshop?

It’s a full two-day session, delivered onsite.

I’ve split the course down into a few key sections.

This will help you understand all the great stuff I’ll be sharing.

The sections are:

1. How to build a sales pipeline full of HOT sales prospects who want to buy from you. In 2020 the quality of your sales pipeline and sales process matters more than you imagine….especially if you’re going to be in sales for a while…

2. How to create your own competitive sales pitch, because you won’t get the extraordinary sales results you want if you just sound like everyone else! When you sound just like everyone else the only yardstick the prospect will use is price – that’s not a great place to be.

3. How to make your sales pitch so compelling that the prospect will think ‘wow, this is a no-brainer, where do I sign?’ . In 2020, selling is so much more than just passing on information and hoping for the best. Join us and discover how to influence, how to persuade, how to build a business case for the buyer, help them find budget, help them give you a big, loud YES!

4. How to maximise your prices using three simple techniques, so your buyer understands the huge and overwhelming value of buying from you. How you think about price dictates your pitch, your confidence, your value. Bring price, risk and value into the conversation to really demonstrate how your buyer wins from buying from you.

5. How to maximise your profits and not leave cash on the table so that generating referrals, cross selling and up selling just becomes habit that means your pipeline will always be strong. It’s the very best way to really increase your average order value.

6. How to improve the flow and speed of prospects through your sales funnel, avoiding those costly mistakes that means your sales funnel becomes the ATM of your dreams!

7. How to prevent prospects ghosting you and disappearing off the face of the earth once you’ve sent your quote

This is Sales Improvement PLUS so much more…

….like how to use negative questioning to pull the prospect closer

When to take control of the sale and drive the behaviours you want in the prospect and…

When to walk away!

How to welcome objections and use them to spring board to a smoother sale…

Plus, discover your own very special sales recipe.

With this – hitting target a walk in the park.

And, you’ll get all the insights you need to give you as much as an extra 2 selling hours per day.

Simply by adopting one small change into how you sell.


You’ll discover the habits, activities, skills, daily sales plan and mindset that will help you cut through the noise that can pollute a selling day and get absolute focus on those activities that deliver meaningful sales outputs

And it doesn’t stop there…

You get a full sales support and sales accountability program to make sure what you learn converts to orders!

This is not just ‘another sales training course’.

See, now you understand why this is a choc full workshop

UK Sales Improvement Workshop – is it really for you?

Check this out… I’ll show you how you can:

  • Structure your sales pitch so you know if you’ll make a sale within the first 30 seconds
  • Immediately and positively differentiate yourself from any of your competitors
  • Cross sell, up sell, and gain referrals as a matter of course
  • Massively improve your sales conversion rate …how does that sound?
  • Build your sales pipeline so you’ll hit sales target easily
  • Increase your sales turnover/ sales profits by changing one thing in your sales pitch
  • Show you how your competitors can actually help you improve your sales pitch
  • Highlight the three most important things you should be saying in a sales pitch that make the difference between goodbye and a signed order
  • Demonstrate how easily it is for you to get the buyer to sell your services and your products to himself.
  • See how easy it is to create an endless supply of top quality leads…

After you’ve attended the UK Sales Improvement Workshop, I know you’ll change the way you think and go about selling forever.


There is a reason that over 54% of sales people will struggle this year, but you’ll reduce this happening in your sales team because of one simple thing that I’ll share with you during our time together.

Struggling to sell and not hitting sales target are primarily due to one single thing. Once you know what it is, you’ll never struggle to smash your sales target again.


So, are you going to sign up to the UK Sales Improvement Workshop?

Sales Training Course - The UK Sales Improvement Workshop - How to Build a Sale Funnel and Sales Pipeline to Guarantee Sales Success

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     Happy Selling

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