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Improving Sales Performance | Improving Sales Growth Fast

Improving Sales Performance. Are your sales results and profits matching your ambitions?

How to Improve Sales Growth – Do You Have Serious Ambitions Around Improving Sales Performance in Your Business?

Perhaps your business is in a situation where you:

  • See your sales performance is in decline
  • Want to boost your order book prior to selling or advertising your firm
  • Want to avoid insolvency and bankruptcy, you need to rescue an under performing division
  • Need to launch, or relaunch, a new product
  • Have an aggressive competitor shredding your sales pipeline
  • Watch your costs getting higher and your discounts bigger
  • Want to enter a new market
  • Need to revitalise and regain control of a wayward sales function
  • Have plateaued sales and need accelerated sales growth
  • Want to see what sales, profit and turnover your business is really capable of achieving
  • Have ambitious growth plans and you need a high volume injection of high quality and high value business

The Sales Game Changer System is a 90 day rapid rescue, accelerated sales growth and sales turnaround system, because concerted action to rapidly tackle the job of improving sales performance requires a stepped and proven approach.

Why is this so different from other programs designed for improving sales performance?




High focus.

For a fixed duration.

And it’s invaluable if you’re serious about improving sales performance.

Are You at the Stage Where You Must Take Action to Improve Your Sales Performance?

  • The key is not to wait until it’s too late, because running out of time and money means also running out of options.
  • Sometimes improving sales performance isn’t always a choice, it’s a necessity to save jobs, legacy, value, futures.
  • When that happens it’s all hands to the pump.
  • Time is running out brings it’s own set of constraints, instead every hour counts.
  • Money is often in short supply, even for the most vital of resources.
  • Time is in even shorter supply, so testing, talking and thinking all come at a huge cost.

That’s why, when you are serious about improving sales performance, action is the only solution.

Knowing what to do, how to do it and when is crucial.

As is knowing what NOT to do!

Here’s What Others Had To Say:

Here’s what some previous Sales Game Changer Clients had to say about the program and how it supported them in improving sales performance:


***CEO – BPO***

Carol is the most dynamic and energetic Consultant I have ever worked with.
She has helped me re-shape our entire sales process which resulted in a 50% leap in profits!


I had the pleasure of working with Carol for 12 months where her contribution and direction helped deliver a double digit growth.

Carol designed and implemented a sales strategy that developed the team that ensured we were targeting the right types of opportunity, delivering the correct pricing strategy and then closing the deal at a success rate of over 80%.

Carol coached the team on a one to one basis, utilised the classroom approach effectively and developed the team by attending prospect meetings.

Her contribution to the success of the business was excellent.


Improving sales performance relies on proactive engagement and highly tailored intervention,  and The Sales Game Changer System covers all this, and more.

Please make contact to discuss your specific needs  by calling Carol Griffiths on 0779 002 1885.

Discretion assured.

Based on extensive research, the Sales Game Changer System is  over 14 years old, during which its undergone continual refinement and improvement which means shorter implementation times and faster results.

Such was its success, it was published in November 2014 for the The Sheffield Management School Executive MBA Program, as ‘A Systematic Process for the Turnaround of a Failing Business’.

The research investigated the main causes of business failure with specific reference to the sales functions including sales process, sales delivery, sales strategy, pricing and profit/revenue creation, competitor impact, competitiveness, culture, innovation, responsiveness and positioning; as well as Sales Leadership, Sales Management and Performance Management and MI usage within the business.

Improving Sales Performance – A Research Based Approach.

The aim of the research was to:

  • Indicate potential sales dips before they occur and deliver a sales based early warning system, and use the early warning signals to create urgency, and accelerate the speed of action in response, which means that negative sales factors are mitigated, thus reducing their impact, and in some cases remove the impact entirely.
  • Systemise a repeatable process easily adopted by business management teams with minimum external intervention
  • Apply this system to the accelerated sales growth of already successful businesses.
  • Real world failing business have benefited from this system to reverse their sales decline and accelerate their sales growth using profit and turnover as key indicators of success.
  • A number of organisations across several industry sectors have used this system to deliver a marked change in sales results and seen vast improvements in sales performance.

The Sales Game Changer System delivers relief for struggling firms because of the speed, focus and results it delivers. All critical to quickly break out from a sales plateau, launch new service/products, disrupt their market.

The Sales Game Changer System is now delivered via Morton Kyle Limited.

For more information contact me on 0779 002 1885 or email

The Sales Game Changer system also forms the background of the Morton Kyle Sales Insight Audit

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