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Bespoke B2B sales training & sales improvement consultancy.

Are you looking for help to:

Discover and repair sales leaks in the sales process? Ensure your sales function operates to its fullest potential, solving those sales problems that drain orders, revenues and profit.

Increase the sales conversion rate and average order value? Your sales team will be sitting on warm sales leads they don’t even recognise, our sales training will release those hidden sales leads, build sales revenues and profits, shorten sales cycles, increase sales conversion rates and boost the sales pipeline via cross selling and up selling training.

Train your sales team to book qualified sales appointments that convert?  So you get a full sales pipeline with high quality, well qualified sales prospects

Benchmark sales team performance? Driving the sales function to optimial sales results and drive continuous sales improvement.

Solve Sales Problems? To take the uncertainty and instability out of the sales function and systemise sales improvement.

Business leaders come to us when they want to match their sales performance to their sales ambition.

If you’re a Sales Leader, Sales Manager, Business Owner or MD, talk to us about how we’ve helped firms just like yours to:

– Uncover hidden sales leads, revenues and profits
– Boost their sales pipeline with high quality sales opportunities
– Maximise returns on their current sales efforts and customer base/initiate a continuous sales improvement drive
– Disrupt their markets and differentiate their sales proposition
– Create a sales process that delivers high-quality/high converting sales leads on demand
– Get the very best sales results and ROI from structured B2B sales training, sales management training and coaching

Morton Kyle Limited provides timely sales intervention using over 100 sales improvement levers applicable across numerous competitive industry sectors.

We share and promote the very best and latest thinking on sales and buyer research.

Our clients enjoy the benefits of bespoke B2B sales improvement interventions that deliver results.

Call on (0114) 236 1221 or email carol@mortonkyle.com

Bespoke B2B sales training company and sales consultancy Morton Kyle Limited helps firms to realise and capitalise on their sales potential.


Improving Sales Performance Fast | 90 Day Support

Improving Sales Performance Fast | 90 Day Support

Brave enough to commit to improving sales performance in just 90 days?

Sales Coach

Sales Coach

Sales Coach  – Luxury or necessity? That depends…. (more…)

The Sales Improvement Workshop – Fixed Price Sales Training UK

The Sales Improvement Workshop – Fixed Price Sales Training UK

The UK Sales Improvement Workshop is perfect for you if (more…)

Free Sales Insights | B2B Sales and Business Development Training

Free Sales Insights | B2B Sales and Business Development Training

Free sales insights delivered free every week – directly to your inbox.

Sales Audit

Sales Audit

Sales audit can unlock the true sales potential in your business (more…)

Sales and Business Development Training Courses

Sales and Business Development Training Courses

Sales and Business Development Training – Results Driven, High Impact, Fast Uptake

Interim Sales Director | Interim Sales Management

Interim Sales Director | Interim Sales Management

Interim Sales Director | | Interim Sales Management | Hands On | Results Driven | Sales Expertise | Flexible Engagement (more…)

A Sales Strategy for Accelerated Sales Growth in Ambitious Firms

A Sales Strategy for Accelerated Sales Growth in Ambitious Firms

Sales Strategy – so you can plan your sales performance. (more…)

Sales Build

Sales Build

Coming soon  (more…)

Sales Turnaround

Sales Turnaround

Coming soon….in the meantime, to discuss your business needs, for a confidential chat call 0779 002 1885 or email carol@mortonkyle.com (more…)


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Generate High Quality Sales Prospects | Building a High Converting Sales Pipeline!

Generate High Quality Sales Prospects | Building a High Converting Sales Pipeline!

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Creating the Perfect Sales Funnel and Sales Pipeline

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Advanced Business Achiever

Advanced Business Achiever

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Increasing Profits – Free Guide

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Improve Sales Results Using Sales Key Performance Indicators

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I Want to Fire the Sales Team Today, NOW!

I Want to Fire the Sales Team Today, NOW!

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Recruit Great Sales People | Minimising the Costly Risks in Sales Recruitment

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Fill the Sales Diary with High Quality Sales Appointments

Fill the Sales Diary with High Quality Sales Appointments

Fill the Sales Diary with High Quality Sales Appointments | B2B Sales Lead Generation Fill the Sales Diary with High Quality Sales Appointments and you know you'll always be able to hit your sales targets, plus your sales process will be free flowing, and if you're in sales management then your sales team will be productive and take less time/effort to manage. Result! But what happens if you can't get the carefully nurtured sales leads to convert to the next stage? When your sales pipe

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Results Based Sales and Business Development Support 

A range of views from current and past clients who have partnered with Morton Kyle Limited and enjoyed results based sales & business development support in order to improve sales, increase profits/turnover using a sustainable sales model had this to say…

CEO – Outsourced Partner

To Who It May Concern

Carol Griffiths and her team worked as consultants to my company for almost 2 years.

In that time she ;

Established KPI’s for each staff member
Trained their line-managers to monitor and motivate
Performance managed poor performers
Introduced an appraisal system for all staff
Introduced an employee engagement program
Interviewed and selected new management
Re-structured client contracts
Refined operational procedures

I would not hesitate to recommend Carol for any business activity – she has flair and commitment which is rarely matched.

Managing Director – Engineering Firm

I can confirm that on all the occasions we have engaged the services of Carol she has proved to be invaluable in imparting her knowledge in a way that enables us to make clear and measurable decisions regarding our development of a sales and marketing strategy.

We could not have set-up our telemarketing office without Carol’s input on everything from how and who we should recruit including where to recruit from through to running scenarios on the number of people to start with.

Having someone who has the answers to the big issues as well as all the little ones has made the whole process go a lot more smoothly. I believe her coaching skills would be of benefit to most businesses requiring support in their sales and marketing activity.

CEO – Charity

I employed Carol Griffiths recently when I reached a crunch point in the development of my business. The challenges I face as a non-profit training provider in a highly niche market baffle many but having worked with Carol in the past I believed she had the insight I needed. I wasn’t wrong.

After briefing Carol grasped the crux of the issues and developed a well researched, coherent strategy for growth of both Grief Recovery UK and me personally.

Carol was challenging in a way any good coach should be, helping me define the scope of the work needed and what could potentially be achieved.

Carol is an excellent coach/mentor, I have seen her work with many personality types in my previous dealings with her and she absolutely knew how to get the best response from me.

You can always count on well researched answers, never glib off the cuff comments. I would recommend her to any business person wishing to see results.

Managing Director – Consultancy

I met Carol in March 2014, I was immediately impressed by her warm, sincere no nonsense approach to the task in hand and her ‘can do’ mentality.  Her credibility has built her a strong professional business with a fantastic reputation.

For my own business she enabled me to dig deep and gain clarity on a particular issue I was struggling with at the time.

She has the ability to assimilate the facts and take a long strategic view on both the business and the person(s) involved in it.

Carol definitely walks the talk as she is constantly updating her skills, knowledge and business contacts all of which she freely shares.

After six months when I found myself struggling again with a project; Carol came to the rescue. We are now seeing those same results.

Morton Kyle under Carol’s leadership delivers a timely, professional service that delivers measurable results.   Her approach is to ask focused questions, gain insight into the industry and sift through what is important. The results  achieved are about creating collaborative working and she takes you through all the steps however difficult.

Her experience, pedigree and strong network has enabled her to deliver a bespoke solution based concept that will and does work.

In summary, I’m enjoying working on my business instead of in it.   I cannot recommend her highly enough and have; as she has a dynamism that is unsurpassed.

Client Services Director – Outsource Partner 

To whom this may concern

Carol Griffiths of Morton Kyle has provided and delivered a number of training programs to our company over the last few years and is a preferred supplier of our company.
I worked closely with her whilst she delivered a Team Leader Development program at our consumer site earlier this year and witnessed the extremely positive impact the training had on each employee and the department as a whole. Employee retention levels rose, performance increased and the Team Leaders adopted a more empowered presence following the training delivered to them.
Carol is enthusiastic, utterly professional, knowledgeable and versatile to work with as well as having the ability to engage with employees regardless of their calibre, and train them to the standards a company requires.
I would not hesitate to recommend Morton Kyle as an excellent training provider and look forward to a long working relationship with Carol and her company.

Director – Creative/Design Company

Carol’s skill is in raising the bar for the people she helps. She is constantly challenging them to be all that they can be; and when they cannot see it for themselves, she lifts them up and shows them the view. Overall I found the process valuable in being able to take a step back from the coal face, reflect on issues and focus on action.

Director – National Recruitment Company

We hired Carol to effectively remove an impasse to growth in The Interim Register. The business had reached a ceiling in terms of sales and we needed an expert third party opinion to help us look at the business from a new angle to regain momentum. Carol’s core ideas formed the basis of subsequent restructuring which has been a great success. I would definitely recommend Carol!


Carol is the most dynamic and energetic Consultant I have ever worked with.
She has helped me re-shape our entire sales process which resulted in a 50% leap in profits!
Carol has the flair and imagination to add measurable value to any business.
I look forward to working with her until the day she retires!

Director – Consultancy Firm

Before I met Carol, my business was doing well but it was based on referrals from my network. My business is quite specialist in approach and offering, and some of the referrals I was receiving were not really the ideal size of clients I wanted to work with.

I have some great clients, but I wanted to work with some larger and specific organisations. I spent a day with Carol, and then benefitted from some crucial follow up coaching from her and now I am confident directly approaching the businesses I want to help, and it is working!

Corporate Relationship Director – Asset Finance

Carol has work with me to help guide young team members to become service focused and self motivated Account Managers. Carol’s coaching and consultative approach helped to deliver real value to my team and brought the best out of them. I would recommend her as a trainer for anyone looking for personal coaching in a customer service environment. She is a master at unpicking very tangled/complex personalities and setting them on the right path

Director – BPO

I’ve worked with Carol in three different areas – I’ve been a client, worked with her as a colleague and been delivered training from her. As a client I bought what she was selling; as a colleague I enjoyed her professionalism; as a trainee I learnt some good stuff from her. She is committed, focussed, tenacious and driven to succeed. She is also very straightforward and doesn’t waste words – you will know where you stand with her and her with you – important if time is money!

Director – Print Company

Carol has worked alongside me for six months and is still ongoing. If you want to increase your company sales, move processes forward and bring a new lease of life into your company, you need to employ Carol at Morton Kyle.

Director – Consultancy Firm

She is a pleasure to work with as she is always direct, focused and has the ability to see the big picture, whilst still delivering at the tactical level which is a significant benefit when achieving complex business goals. She is a recognised problem solver and respected by peers, management and board members alike. I would strongly recommend her as an asset to any organization.

Director – Insolvency Practitioners

Carol has worked with our company for a number of years, assisting us in our company growth.

Her role has covered many aspects of our business and sales development, and she consistently delivers more than is asked of her.
She is:
An exceptional listener – she has guided my thinking through the challenges I and my business face on an ongoing basis
Proactive in opening doors and spotting commercial opportunities on our behalf
Direct and to the point when delivering what needs to be done
Great sales focus – 1 days work led to three business opportunities, one of which allowed us to expand our business considerably
Helps us to distinguish between the urgent and the important
Valuable sounding board on sales, marketing, staff targeting, presentations and general business approaches
Achieves a great deal in a very short space of time
Always looks for the easy wins

Senior Manager/Divisional Head – Business Advisory Organisation

Carol got to know Medilink well and her understanding of the company allowed her to provide our team with excellent training and advice.
Her application of business expertise, twinned with in depth research yieleded a tailored training package for the business

Director – Civil Engineering Firm

“The sales training with Morton Kyle has been one of the most useful courses we have done. Having no experience of sales previously, we left the training with the confidence as well as the tools with which to become effective sales people. Our success rate improved after the training and enabled the company to move forward in a way that wouldn’t have otherwise been possible.”

Business Outsource Partner

I had the pleasure of working with Carol for 12 months where her contribution and direction helped deliver a double digit growth.

Carol designed and implemented a sales strategy that developed the team that ensured we were targeting the right types of opportunity, delivering the correct pricing strategy and then closing the deal at a success rate of over 80%.

Carol coached the team on a one to one basis, utilised the classroom approach effectively and developed the team by attending prospect meetings.

Her contribution to the success of the business was excellent.

Group HR Manager – Asset Finance Company

We have worked with Carol for a number of years on various career development projects.
Carol has successfully created and delivered programmes which have developed our people. She works very closely with our managers to understand the culture and ideals of the company which enables her to deliver training/coaching with maximum benefit to the individuals. She is highly skilled and experienced in her field.
I would not hesitate to recommend Carol for future work.

PR Consultant

Carol is one of the nicest people I know, which goes a long way in helping her be a successful business woman. Her approachable manner and expertise in recruitment make her so easy to work with. Her connections and networks are exceptional and she never fails to make use of them to help her clients

National Copier Company

“After enduring a lean time in sales for a number of months our company decided that maybe a professional consultation would benefit me, in a bid to increase my sales performance. Even though I was making many telephone calls a day my biggest problem was booking good quality appointments with decision makers at the prospective clients.

I spent a half day session with Carol Griffiths from Morton Kyle Limited at our offices. The session was relaxed and informal but ultimately very beneficial.

Carol asked me to present to her as if I was in front of the client. She then gave me tips on the presentation what I was doing right and to continue doing, and where I could improve. I then did a telephone pitch and once again went through the good and not so good points.
Carol prepared a telephone script for me to work on and also advised the level of activity I should aim for in a bid to get the required number of appointments.

We also went through the best way to do the appointment when in front of the client.

Since the consultation my appointment levels have risen and in the following month since the consultation I exceeded monthly target for units sold and profit margin.

Now I’m not saying the techniques learned work 100% of the time but it WILL significantly improve your performance and results. I remember the first time using the telephone script that Carol had prepared after the consultation, and whilst speaking to the decision maker, I remember thinking to myself “It works!” Also the tips given to me regarding the appointment itself have been a great help with deals now closed with ease!

I would highly recommend a consultation with Carol to anyone who’s sales performance needs a boost. It worked for me.

You can access the privacy policy and terms of business using the link – Morton Kyle Limited Privacy Policy and Terms of Business