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Free Sales Training Needs Analysis

Free sales training needs analysis when you book your sales training with Morton Kyle Limited

Sales training budgets are not infinite – so we know that you need to get real results when you invest in any sales training for your team. We know that your investment needs a strong return on investment mapped out, and some key metrics that need to be hit.

That;s why all of our sales training courses come with a free sales training needs analysis – to help you get the sales results you want, so you get the sales behaviour changes you need, and so that the training makes a difference to you, your team and the bottom line metrics.

Your Sales Training Needs Analysis is so much more than you might think.

Not only do we c are about your budget and your results, we also want to show your people that you’re investing in them and the right kind of training.

In any sales and business development function, everyone will have different needs, be at different stages in their careers, face different challenges and learn in different ways.

Our sales training is designed to accommodate these varying needs, helping your people to enjoy and engage with the training, making your sales success guaranteed!

What is a Training Needs Analysis?

Your free sales training needs analysis looks at several key elements of your sales team. Prior to any training being designed we review:

  • Sales Callls
  • Sales Activity
  • Sales Management Information
  • Sales Results
  • Sales Pipeline
  • We also conduct an extensive survey across all the sales staff and
  • Interview the sales leaders, team leaders and sales coaches is available

What this means is, on concluding the above, we have a really great understanding of why you’re getting the results you’re currently getting and what you need to do to change those results for the better!

It’s only at this point that we start to design the perfect sales training course for you and your team.

Your Sales Training Needs Analysis Lives On!

Yes, it exists way past when the sales training has been completed.

This is the same template we will use to run again after the sales training course has been delivered and the new skills assimilated in to the team.

That way you can monitor the shift in skills, behaviours and the mental software!

This is often used extensively by the sales team leaders, sales coaches and internal sales teams to continue the great work the team have done during the training period.

Which means the value and benefits you and your team get from spending your precious sales training budget with Morton Kyle linger long after the training is done.

The return on investment is ongoing as your sales leaders re-enforce and continue to measure the improvements from the training.

As some organisations have found, this is the start pof the continuous sales improvement journey!

And this is why we include this free sales training needs analysis in all of our sales training courses.

Because it’s important, and it makes a marked difference in the value we give our clients!

Making a difference matters to us!

Our aim is to help you to really impact the sales results and rapidly improve sales performance as a result of spending your budget with Morton Kyle.

So, if getting the most from your sales training budget is important to you, then check out our range of sales training courses or contact us on 0779 002 1885

Especially if you’ve ever thought that Continuous Sales Improvement wasn’t possible within your business. Think again!

Ongoing weekly Training Needs Analysis is the fastest way to target growth using our Sales Training Needs Analysis template

How Ongoing Training Needs Analysis Works

Armed with all the right sales performance data, you, as the sales leader, manager or coach only spend time on key areas of sales performance improvement.

You’ll get continuous alerts to the worst skill set within the sales team. This is broken down by individual, so you are acting with laser precision when you deliver coaching/mentoring/training.

Which means any sales turnaround is fast.

The sales team don’t feel over managed.

The rate of development of the sales team and the individual sales people is rapid.

You create an environment of self regulating and self managed sales professionals.

You have scalability within your sales function…once you know how to build a strong and stable high performance sales team using continuous sales improvement methodology.

And, it’s well within the scope of any sales leader to spend some time everyday coaching. Especially with lazer focus to address what will bring in the easiest wins fastest. It is possible to achieve a lot more in a lot less time!

To discuss your sales training needs, contact me on 0779 002 1885, you can also check our the Morton Kyle Sales Training Charter

Your Free Sales Training Needs Analysis

Don’t forget to claim your free sales training needs analysis dashboard when you book your Sales Training with Morton Kyle Limited

Your free sales training needs analysis will future-proof any future sales improvement interventions and act as a personal monitor and guild to how to layer in sales skills, sales motivation and sales growth into your people.

Happy Selling


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