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B2B Telephone Sales Training UK

B2B telephone sales training, UK based, specifically designed for sales teams who are responsible for taking the prospect from a sales cold call to the close and the signature.

For B2B telesales teams who are ambitious, yet wanting more.

Or perhaps, the telesales function performance is at a plateau, being attacked by competitors, or simply failing to get the traction they used to.

Before your sales pipeline starts to dissolve, bulge with failed deals or move along like sludge, take a look at this course and give me a call.

Here’s the details – check out how this Telesales Training Course will work for you…

This is a B2B sales training course that works best when your telesales / business development team are:

  • Working from a CRM
  • Building a sales pipeline from cold lists
  • Potentially responsible for sourcing their own leads (or working off ‘cool’ inbound social media leeds)
  • Trying to convert aged / lapsed / lost contracts into fully qualified sales opportunities
  • Working the whole sales cycle
  • Struggling in competitive sectors, commodity based or me-too industries
  • Working solely on the telephone to generate closed leads
  • Are carrying sales targets and not just activity targets

B2B Telephone Sales Training UK

The following agenda is delivered over 1 or 2 days depending on the existing sales skill set within the team.

The greatest success is seen in team who are currently:

  • Struggling to fill the sales funnel with high quality, well qualified sales leads that convert
  • Missing simple sales opportunities in cross sell, up sell, generate referrals from existing customers, re-activate lapsed quotes, re-engage past customers
  • Have a lumpy sales pipeline where deal flow is slower than ideal
  • Have an overly full sales pipeline with low conversion rates from one stage to the next
  • Find that deals typically stall at the same stage every time
  • Tired of having sales prospects disappear mid -way through the sales process
  • Avoid talking about price right until the very end of the sales call
  • Spend ages doing sales proposals, quotes, requotes and still get fobbed off
  • Falling for simple, avoidable sales objections
  • Have poor sales activity habits, meaning not enough time making valid pipeline contributions
  • Lack confidence in talking about price, value, risk
  • Sound just like the telesales team who work for your competitors.

This course, dealing with the very specific challenges faced by telesales teams and telephone sales teams, removes each of these issues and much more….so you get a super-charged telesales team capable of side-stepping the most common telesales pitfalls.

Finally, giving your telesales team all the skills, habits and confidence they need to close business efficiently, effectively and with greater confidence and motivation to convert and close.

Course Outcomes

The course has a number of very positive outcomes.

Telesales teams report, post attending that:

  • They are more in control of their sales success than they though – via careful prospect selection and tailored call structures
  • They feel confident building enormous value in the sales pitch using their enhanced sales skill set
  • Presenting and selling the product / service price is done with ease, confidence and pride
  • Using value, risk, and benefit matrix to influence and persuade prospects puts them in a peer-to-peer exchange rather than a sales pitch
  • Exploring and exploiting all the lapsed customer opportunities, referral opportunities and key decision makers within their extended networks means they have a strong base to start from which means fewer cold calls

Of course there are additional very specific issues that are covered in this B2B telephone sales training course, the aim is to remove or minimise any risks to closing the sale or having a sales pipeline collapse: for example, how to…

  • Differentiate the opening sales introduction from that of your competitors
  • Build value in the exchange
  • Get comfortable with selling at any price
  • Qualify quickly, effectively and commercially so as to protect time and focus
  • Pre-empt typical objections that case sales calls to stall and opportunities to go cold
  • Build a peer to peer exchange rather than a sales pitch
  • Prevent sales prospects going dark half way through a sales negotiation
  • Close, when to close and when to listen, when to walk away…

This is an all encompassing course structured to deliver a real improvement in sales results, it’s a course full of high impact, real life sales performance improvement sales techniques.

The Agenda for B2B Telesales Training

Delivered either over 1 day or 2 days depending of the skill level of attendees:

  • The Sales Process – from connect to close
  • Leaving great voice-mails
  • Activity / Sales Habits Matrix – putting you in control!
  • Identifying Your Ideal Client / Buyer Persona
  • Understanding why the Ideal Buyer will Buy
  • Lead Generation / Creating Sales Opportunities – Referral, Cold Approach, Lapsed Prospect Reactivation, Lapsed Client Reactivation,
  • Building an Org Chart to sell more to the same firm
  • Getting Past the Gatekeeper
  • Building Strong Value Proposition / Opening Statement
  • Selling to an Unknown Need
  • Quick Positive Sales Qualification
  • Building a Buying Case – Viable Reasons to Purchase
  • Solution Selling using Smart Sales Questions
  • Positioning Proposal
  • Trial Closes
  • Selling the Price balanced with Value and Risk
  • Pre-empting Objections for a Frictionless Sale
  • Handling Objections
  • Using a call agenda
  • Preventing the Prospect from Going Dark Half-way Through the Sales Process
  • Cross-selling / Up-Selling to Increase Average Order Value
  • Nurturing the No’s
  • Asking for the order

B2B Telephone Sales Training UK is the fastest way to bring the most up to date sales training to your telesales and telephone sales teams.

Perfectly atuned to deal with how today’s buyers buy, and how they like to be sold to.

B2B Telephone Sales Training UK is available for delivery as a generic course or as a fully bespoke solution.

Just tell us what you’d like, and the types of results uplift you’re looking for and let us do the rest.

For insights on how we tailor our courses to deliver to the specific issues in your team, theh check out the Morton Kyle Sales Training Charter now

To discuss how your team can benefit from the B2B Telephone Sales Training UK course, please contact Carol on 0779 002 1885 or email carol@mortonkyle.com

B2B Telephone Sales Training UK

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