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Fill the Sales Diary with High Quality Sales Appointments

Welcome! Looking to fill your sales diary with high quality sales appointments that convert? Great, you’re in the right place

Fill the Sales Diary with High Quality Sales Appointments | B2B Sales Lead Generation

Fill the sales diary with high converting sales opportunities means not booking sales appointments for the sake of it!

Make this mistake and there is a world of pain waiting in terms of no show’s, cancellations, prospect ghosting and collapsing sales forecasts.

Plus – it’s not much fun…working that hard to build something that’s designed to generate revenue and bonus …that won’t deliver either!

There is nothing worse that a sales diary that has the required number of sales appointments booked in BUT the chance of them closing is next to ZERO !

Plus, how to you explain that, whilst your KPI’s are on target, your sales pipeline melts like ice-cream in June?

Online Sales Training - Fill the sales diary with high quality sales appointments

Break the Cycle Now! | High Converting Sales Meeting | 3 hr Online Training Course | £275 plus VAT

In just 3 hrs discover how to book high converting sales meetings – fully qualified, high quality and reduce…

  • No shows
  • Cancellations
  • Ghosting

If you’re working in sales and responsible for a sales team

  • Booking sales meetings
  • Working in lead generation
  • Converting cold contacts to meetings or
  • Qualifying and converting inbound leads

Then this training will:

  • Energise
  • Motivate
  • Upskill

So that booking high quality, high converting sales appointments becomes easy, and fun!

Fill the diary with high quality sales appointments that close - B2B Sales Training

Are you read to solve the biggest problem affecting under performing sales teams today.

Start Today  | The Hard Truth Gets Harder the Longer You Wait!

No matter what your lead generation strategy, your lead nurturing process, your content marketing, your sales process …at some point, you’ll need to secure either an online meeting or a physical meeting with your potential customers.

And, as diverse as your marketing strategies may be, this is where the rubber hits the road because either all your lead nurturing efforts get converted into real live opportunities or they don’t!

Anything you can do to:

  • Improve the quality of the sales appointments you book
  • Increase the quality of the sales opportunities
  • Reduce the friction in the sales process
  • Save prospects from cancelling, failing to show up or ghosting you post appointment
  • Gain sales opportunities that mean you win and your competitors don’t

Will all pave the way for a more profitable, stable and predictable sales output, which means less stress and pressure, and much more fun!

Start today – Call Carol on 0779 002 1885 to check diary availability – you could solve your biggest sales headache in just 3 hours!

B2B Sales Lead Generation | The Cost of Doing Nothing

Imagine this: based on a recent client

220 leads per month from inbound marketing – sales results

Old conversion rate – 3%

Post training conversion rate – 11.2%

Average order value 4.9k

Post training average order value 7.8K

All because they fixed how they booked how their sales appointments – want to find out how they did this?


Time to Quantify Your Losses?

Let’s imagine you have 200 prospects on your hit list – either inbound or on your target hot list – all sales prospects you’d like to book a meeting with

5% conversion gets you 10 appointments

You appointment to close rate is 10%

Every 200 prospects gives you one sale – that’s a huge wastage right there – this training can help you fix that straight away!

Now factor in this

10 empty diary spaces per week = 1 deal per week your team DON’T SIGN.

Do you have more than 10 EMPLTY DIARY SPACES PER WEEK?

That’s the equivalent of a deal per week you MISS OUT ON!

Now take your average order value and multiply that by 52 – because that’s the sales revenue you’re missing out on by having those 10 empty diary spaces FILLED.

If you need more proof – than forget about the average order value and look at the customer lifetime value or customer spend per year – are these numbers starting to get scarily big yet?

That’s missed revenue because either the QUALITY or the QUANTITY of your sales appointments is low, and you’ve got spare capacity in your sales diaries.

How long do you want that to carry on?

How long can you afford for it to carry on?

Fill the Sales Diary with High Quality Sales Appointments - building high converting sales pipelines

Stop the Sales Drain | Discover How to Fill the Sales Diary with High Converting Sales Opportunities | Lead Generation

Stop wasting time, opportunities and expertise – discover how to qualify prospects and convert to high quality meetings that close!

This training works whether you’re selling products or services. It works whether you’ve self generated the sales lead or if you’ve got the lead via content marketing or bought in a business list.

Also works whether you’re a sales rep in a large business or a sales person in a small business.

It works regardless of your order value or your B2B market place.

Truth is – this system works if you do!

Anyone attending this sales training workshop can fill the sales diary with high quality sales opportunities.

Just follow this simple six stage process, with a mini 4 stage process that will make the biggest difference in your sales results immediately.

Add this to your current lead generation strategy, and you’ll be able to fill the sales diary with high quality sales appointments whenever you want.

Plus, say goodbye to high costs per lead, and watch your sales lead generation and lead nurturing process get rid of one of the biggest black holes.

I promise.

Plus,  use what you learn consistently and you’ll never again need to worry about not being able to convert your potential customers and target audience sales prospects into well qualified appointments, whenever you want.

After all, if the sales diary is full, the quality is good, then you can guarantee that your business development pipeline will be solid too. So are your chances of hitting sales target!

An empty diary is a bad sign.

So, make sure you never put yourself in that position. Use this simple lead generation and appointment setting business development system. Enjoy the benefits of a sales planner that’s full of high quality sales appointments, all qualified and ripe for you or your sales team to close.

B2B Lead Generation | High Converting Call Structure for Generating High Quality Sales Appointment.

We’ll cover it all, from how to:

  • Handle gate keepers
  • Grab attention fast
  • Engage a curious Decision Maker
  • Get rid of competitors
  • Do a sales diagnostic
  • Check for BANT
  • Create ungency
  • Include additional stakeholders
  • Remove friction in the appointment setting and sales process
  • Build momentum in the sales process
  • Deal with objections before them ocur
  • Build value
  • Minimise cancellation rates
  • Reduce ghosting

Phew – all on 3 hrs!

Fill the diary with high quality sales appointments that close - B2B Sales Training

Fill the Sales Diary with High Quality B2B Sales Appointments | Create Time | Create B2B Sales 

Now what would happen if you could get the same results in less than half that time. Or perhaps you could double your results by spending the same amount of time?

Plus, think of the cost of sales lead nurturing.

Plus the cost of diverse marketing strategies.

Activities all designed to give you a sales pipeline of potential customers in your target audience.

Now you can follow through and deliver on those investments. Or you can carry on dropping the ball at the critical stage.

What would you do with those additional opportunities?

What would you do will all of that extra time?

That extra marketing budget?

Now you can start to see the REAL power of the training.

It’s great, not just in helping your fill the sales diary with high quality sales appointments but also in giving your back huge chunks of your week, your budget to do other productive activities.

With that spare time, you’ll be able to focus on other pipeline or revenue generating activities, maybe chasing quotes.

Or you could spend the time contacting lapsed customers.

Maybe networking.

Focus on social selling/social media.

Boost your lead generation.

Asking contacts for referrals or simply just allowing you some thinking time.

Fill the Sales Diary with High Quality Sales Appointments – Lead Generation Results!

Filling the sales diary with high quality sales appointments need not be hard work…

You can make sure you make the best use of your time. The best use of your leads. Your week. Just by attending our online 3hr Appointment Setting Workshop which outlines the process you need to follow.

Fill the sales diary with high quality sales appointments - B2B Sales Training
Morton Kyle Sales Improvement Solutions | What else do we do?

We are the UKs leading provider of data driven sales improvement solutions


Sales Audits

Sales Coaching – 5 sessions – just £250 plus VAT

Done for You / Done with You – 90 Days Sales Sprint 

The Sales Improvement Workshop

A range of bespoke sales improvement solutions – call Carol on 0779 002 1885 to discuss your current sales challenges and see how we can help

Before you leave this page – remember to book your 3 hr sales and appointment setting session – it’s the fastest way to fill the sales diary with high quality sales appointments – see you soon!