Cold Calling Skills | The Top 9 Rules Rich Cold Callers Know…(and you don’t!)

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Cold Calling Skills | The Top 9 Rules Rich Cold Callers Know…(and you don’t!)

Cold Calling Skills | Make or Break in the First 20 Seconds 

It’s true.

As a cold caller, if you can make it past the first 20 seconds in a cold call, you’re at least half way there!

And…in a world that’s awash with information, then B2B Cold Callers with low-grade and old-fashioned cold calling skills have no excuse for mindless dials.

Yet still I’m getting cold calls.

5-6 a day.

Whilst I’ll fight the urge, for the moment anyway, to name and shame those firms hosing money down the drain because of their cold calling strategy, I do wish they’d wake up to how, just by changing a few things, they can get a much better result from their sales efforts.

Whether you’re a manager running a team of sales reps doing cold calling, or you’re a cold caller yourself, consider the following and let me know how you get on:

The Top 9 Rules Rich Cold Callers Know…and you should too!

Try these out – see how you get on.

Don’t be a like all the other Cold Callers.

In fact, don’t be a Cold Caller at all….be a helper, and advisor, a prospect wake up call, a facilitator, a sounding board….but a cold caller who relies on luck and finding someone sat at their desk with nothing better to do than talk to you….don’t be that sales rep!

Research your prospects before you cold call them.

Research their industry, their profile, their remit and their peers in their firm and their peers outside their firm. Rich Cold Callers who earn their living from cold calling every single day, will do this research outside of core selling time. Or as I call it BET (Bonus Earning Time) – make sure your target prospect knows you’ve done your research! Bomb your prospect with something you know about their industry that they won’t….and watch your conversion soar.

Don’t try to sell via email.

So google and gmail will hit you hard now if you’re sending spammy emails, so if there was ever a time to upgrade your cold calling game – then this is it. Spammy emails that take 5 scrolls of the screen to digest won’t get past scroll 2 before being ditched. Rich Cold Callers work their network to generate referrals, introductions, common purpose and word of mouth references, and written endorsements. Want to get rich from cold calling? How about your try this for just one week and see how you get on…

Don’t use generic sales pitches in cold calling.

Rich Cold Callers add value when they are cold calling. Using their research they add huge amounts of value to any sales interaction. Proper value. Industry insight. This means they grab and hold the prospects attention faster and for longer…this is where poor Cold Callers make their biggest mistake. Cold calling is all interruption, so you need to be great at grabbing attention fast and keeping it.

Ask difficult questions when you are cold calling.

Rich Cold Callers want to know they are dealing at the the right person, at the right level, at the right time, with the power to make things happen.

Qualify fast. Rich Cold Callers don’t waste time. They don’t waste time with the uninterested, the blinkered, the comfortable or those without vision. They spend time with prospects where there is mutual respect and value to be exchanged.

Don’t stalk the uninterested prospect.

Rich Cold Callers will spend a lot of time engaging with highly qualified sales prospects who can buy, they do this because they qualify hard and fast and early. Poor Cold Callers will talk to anyone, about anything. Cold calling with high intent, focus and purpose is chat distinguishes the sales super stars from the thoroughly miserable sales reps who hate their job!

Display, radiate, exude high energy. Rich Cold Callers play, all in.

If you work in cold calling and you want to be rich, then you need to bounce out of bed wanting to do the work. It’s not for everyone, but when you do it right – it’s the best feeling in the world – and the most fun way to out earn your pals.

Welcome rejection.

Rich Cold Callers know the fastest way to get to yes is to get the first no out of the way.  Cold calling is strange like that, often the really selling starts after the prospect has said ‘no’….I have no idea why gthat is but I figure it’s got something to do with ‘no’ being a directed stance, which usually means there is a ‘why’ that a sales person can unpick! So, if you want to get rich from cold calling, then work hard to get the objections out in the open and to explode any rejection…so they can get on with the real job of selling

Have a sales system and use it!

Work a sales system of prospecting, nurturing, progressing prospects though a well documented sales process, maintaining a tight sales funnel and sales pipeline.  Rich cold callers are not afraid to ditch dead prospects and they don’t treat all business leads equally. Cold calling is about maximum impact, shortest time, least waster effort.

Cold Calling  – Lucrative and Fun….It’s Up to You…

Being a Cold Caller can be the worst job in the world, the endless rejection, the Groundhog feeling. But, guess what? If that’s what you expect, that’s what you get…

But if you have cold calling skills that suit the modern buyer, then your job can also be the best and most rewarding job in the world…if you’re GREAT at it.

That’s where you have the choice. It’s a choice.

Our cold calling training is proven to work across any B2B sector, with senior and mid level decision makers…this is you opportunity to stand out with your buying audience for all the right reasons!

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Be like all the others, or be a pro! Make the job your own. Get good at it.

Out Smart others doing the same…it’s not tough.

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Happy Selling


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