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How High Performing Sales Teams Close More Sales

High Performance Sales Closes are like Unicorns.

They exist, but no-one really sees it while it’s happening.

Sadly, too many sales leaders thing that being able to close is the difference between hitting the sales target and missing it! This is not the case, lack of closing skills is responsible for very few lost sales…

The difference between the sales target hot or miss is more to do with what happens before the sales close.

The truth is – really successful sales people ask for the business, of course they do, but they never, ever

  • Hard close in one mic drop
  • Shock the prospect with the ask
  • Pre-empt the agreement
  • Put all their sales closing ammunition in one basket

Because they:

  • Don’t need to
  • Know these hit and run tactics just done work
  • Appreciate that good sales closers have do first execute a series of micro-closes

High Performance Sales Pro’s Don’t Use a Single Lock and Load to Close 

High performance sales teams – I mean those teams that systematically close business, have accurate sales forecasts and deliver in line with their sales key performance indicators, have a totally different way of seemingly, effortlessly closing more sales.


  • Don’t rely on the close to secure the business
  • Don’t leave it all until the end.
  • Remove all risks as they go through the sales process.
  • Weight the odds in their favour at every stage in the sales call
  • Always assume the answer will be ‘yes’ so all they need to do is to ensure it’s going to be a fast and confident ‘yes’

And, what’s more…

They don’t ask for the business until they know the answer will be YES!

In fact, some of the sales high flyers will wait for the buyer to ask…where do I sign?

How do they do this?

They angle their prospect interaction so that during the sales process the buyer is selling to themselves…and, when the time is right, the buyer is so commited to their own decision that they are begging the sales person for the opportunity to buy.

Talk about turning the tables.

You know what also happens?

  • Sales people who sell like this close faster.
  • Typically discounting less.
  • Have a more stable sales pipeline
  • Can worry less about making target
  • Close more sales, more often.

High Performance Sales Teams Rely on One Thing

And it’s not the close!

Think of it like this…

Your ability to create a ‘sales no-brainer’ for your prospect is directly related to your sales success.

If it’s not a no-brainer value proposition for your buyer then the sales process won’t be a fast, easy close. In fact, it might not be a close at all…and you may even need to discount and…. surprise, surprise you’re in a world of sales pain!

You ability to close the sale, close fast, close profitably (and enjoy the sales process!) are all directly related to how much value you can create for your buyer.

What is valuable for Buyer A maybe of little value to Buyer B, and Buyer C might need a different type of value too.

And that’s the think with ‘value’ it’s highly subjective…it can only be seen via the lens of the specific buyer…and that what typically splits the sales field, separates ok sales people form high performance, world-class sales professionals

How much you can make you prospect really WANT what it is you’re selling!

First things first – you can’t make anyone WANT anything!

But you definitely can enage with the art of influence a nd persuausion in order to help the buyer open up their mind wide enough and for long enough for you to help them understand their current position versus an alternative and potentially better position!

And this is the very specific route high performance sales teams will take to engage with buyers in an economically and resource efficient way.

They will structure their sales process that way so that it delivers a safe and sharing environment where a peer-to-peer exchange of information and fruitful conversation can take place.

And so that the sales person can fully understand what a ‘value’ based proposition will need to look like for that buyer.

Is that what you do?

Create a high value proposition, directly positioned to solve all of your buyer’s pain points, with a strong ROI demonstrated – what can the sales prospect possibly say ‘no’ to?

If this is not how you build your sales structure or create your value proposition then maybe know you can see why you might not be getting the sales results you need, want, and feel you rightly deserve?

How to Sell More, More Often!

So, now your sales pitch is not about closing but it is all about creating a value-heavy no-brainer!

If you can create a situation where the buyer has to conclude – ‘well, I’d be mad not to do this’ …then you have an order.

And if you can get the buyer in such a position that the buyer can’t help but start selling your solution back to himself then…


The world is your oyster and you can start writing your very own commission cheques!!

So, how close to ‘no-brainers’ are your sales pitches?

Because ‘nearly there’ just doesn’t cut it.

Selling ice in a hot place with a water shortage – name your price. That’s no-brainer.

Even the national/state lottery…for some people, it’s a no-brainer to buy a ticket. Sure the odds are crippling, but for such a small amount, it’s worth a go. Plus it’s easy.

Still not got that Value Based No-Brainer Sales Structure ?

Then don’t bother wasting the sales prospect’s time.

You’ll do far more harm that good.

You’ll be entering a competitive sales race that will exhaust you and tie up your resources with no guaranteed reward.

And you will burn an opportunity!

Why would you do it?

The 6 Key Element of a No-Brainer Sales Pitch

You must show the prospect/buyer:

  • That you fully and completely understand their current solution, and what it delivers for them as an organisation
  • A ROBUST ROI for your product/service vs the incumbent
  • The true cost involved in him saying no to you
  • How his current thinking can be improved. To do this you need to respectfully challenge him so as to reframe your product/service as the solution
  • An easy way to do business with you, at reduced risk and increased payback
  • How your product/service is without competitors or competition

If you can’t do all of the above, then you’re just one of the many mediocre sales pitchers out there.

Don’t be those guys.

High performance sales closes don’t exist.

High performance sales people do.

It’s your choice.

Now You Know that High Performance Sales Closes Don’t Exist…What Next?

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Happy Selling


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