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Fixed Price Sales Training | B2B Sales Training Courses

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Fixed Price  Sales Training – B2B Sales Training Courses – Train up to 12 sales people for just £1,450

Book your date ASAP….and get next month off to a great sales start…because that’s how quickly you’ll see improvements if you use the sales skills, techniques and insights you’ll learn during the course.

Did you know that according to CSOInsights, 54% of sales professionals will NOT hit their sales targets this year?


How many of your sales team won’t hit their targets?

More than 54%? Less than that?

What’s the Gap Costing You?

I’m talking about the revenue, profit and market share gap between the sales revenues your sales team should be hitting and where your sales guys are currently landing.

That Gap…what’s it costing you?

What’s it cost you in the last three years?

What’s it going to cost you in the next three years if you don’t do something about it?

Either way…it’s costing you something.

And, even worse, your competitors are benefiting from your gap!

The Fixed Price B2B Sales Training Course will help you close that gap.

Stop the sales leaks and give you a solid sales pipeline BECAUSE, here’s how I look at it.

If 54% of your sales team aren’t hitting target it means that you should be able to double your sales output without increasing your overheads, headcount or wage bill

If that’s the sort of business proposition that appeals to you, then let’s start talking.

We can talk about how your sales team are currently performing and what you’d like to improve that over the next few weeks.

The B2B sales training course is delivered on a ‘sales tool-kit’ format breaking down all of the components of a great sales call and understanding their relationship with sales success.

Each module in the course is based on the very best sales methods available today based on the most up to date research about buyer behaviours.

Attendees will leave understanding what great sales looks like from the sales and buyer perspective.

High impact, highly interactive, practical and results driven B2B sales training for all levels and experiences.

The Fixed Price Sales Training Course – Selling Vs Buying – B2B Sales Training Courses that make a difference!

The fact of the matter is that sales is a fluid industry.

Buyers are now setting the sales agenda much more than every before.

That can seriously damage and challenge some sales people.

Hence the reason why more sales people typically fail to hit sales target than actually hit it.

Over the last 4 years I’ve been studying key reasons for failure or under performance in the sales team, here’s what I’ve found.

Sales people/teams tend to fail to hit their sales targets for a handful of key reasons:
  • Inability or poor attention given to filling the sales funnel with high quality profiled sales leads in the correct quantity
  • Failing to ask the right questions, in the right format, at the right time to allow them to close sooner, with higher prices and a higher level of buyer urgency
  • Leaving the buyer confused at the end of the sales presentation due to inability to close, or reticence around closing
  • Confusing the sales process with a free information and advice service
  • Treating all prospects as being of equal value – failing to qualify leads properly
  • Letting the sales process develop without digging for, exposing and dealing with explicit and implicit objections
  • Being scared of price.
  • Poor sales follow up process…80% of sales will require at least 12 chase stages…
  • Inability to create clear blue sky between their offering and that of the competitor

Our B2B sales training courses, as well as our comprehensive range of business development training courses, are designed specifically to address all of these issues.

The B2B sales and business development training covers all of the key elements associated with:

  • Filling the Sales Diary because every empty selling slot is forever lost
  • Keeping the Sales Funnel Flowing because a slow and congested sales funnel costs money
  • Efficient and Effective Sales Presentations because being able to influence, persuade, entertain and educate takes skill
  • Smart Sales Closing because working hard and not getting the business is just a crime.
  • Increasing Sales Conversions because success is addictive
  • Boosting Prices because being the cheapest is just a race to the bottom
  • Minimising Objections because the best sales pitches have zero buyer resistance
  • Creating Ongoing Sales and Business Development Leads because that’s just plain SMART!
  • Generating Cross Sales, Up Sales and Referrals …every time, because your competitors won’t be doing this
  • Building a Strong Sales Pipeline – Quality and Quantity because that’s how you build a scaleable sales function

Hitting Your Key Sales Drivers

Don’t think this is some out the box course.

Your fixed price sales training package will focus on your key sales drivers relating sales activity to enhanced sales results.

Prior to the course, we explore your key sales issues.

That way you know the training focus is geared to have the maximum positive impact.

These could be anything from losing business to competitors, relying to heavily on discounts, lack of loyalty with your customers or any other sales and business development issue, or combination of issues.

Your fixed price sales training package has you covered.

If it’s affecting your sales results, your profitability and your business performance then we obviously need to do something about it.

The Fixed Price Sales Training course, which is part of our extensive catalog of  business development training courses, runs from 9 am to 5 pm on your site and is:

  • High Impact
  • Practical
  • Full to bursting with proven sales improvement techniques you can use IMMEDIATELY
  • Focused on getting the highest possible ROI back into your business as fast as possible
  • Maximising conversion rates, profits, market wins and time

To discuss your specific sales issues and how the Fixed Price Sales Training course can help you – email or call 0779 002 1885

Recent attendees give their feedback in ‘Client’s View’ section which you’ll find at the top of the page.

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*Expenses will be charged at cost for delivery over 30 miles of S1

Call to discuss our extensive range of business development training courses, or book your fixed price sales training courses today and see what your sales team is REALLY capable of.