BASIC B2B SALES TRAINING COURSE – Being Brilliant at the Sales Basics

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BASIC B2B SALES TRAINING COURSE – Being Brilliant at the Sales Basics

Basic B2B sales training courses are not just for people who are new to sales and business development.

Sometimes, especially when sales results are less than ideal, it’s useful to go back to first principles and review current practices, update those sales skills for the modern buyer, revitalising the sales team and their sales pitch.

Sales has changed a lot in the last few years.

Buyers buy differently.

Their thinking around risk versus value versus price has changed.

The sales / buying journeys have changed.

How buyer make decisions has changed, and the executive signatures needed to get sign off is now looks like the roll call or a small village!

Recently one client has seen all other sales metric stay fairly stable except 30% increase in average spend per customer and a sales cycle duration has increased from 28 days to 51 days….simply because that higher spend needed more signatures!

All in all, sales teams and sales leaders need to take that into consideration these changing factors when looking at sales performance, sales strategy and sales forecasting…and sales team motivation

Critically, we’re finding, underperforming sales functions are still relying on sales techniques, tactics and training that was useful in the 90’s but don’t quite stand up to the job today.

Time for a refresh?

How to Sell Today!

When you get the basics of B2B sales and selling right, then everything else flows.

At that stage you have the prefect sales engine – predictable, stable, and risk free. You can measure what goes in the engine, what comes out, and when.

You’ve can build a super, highly qualified sales pipeline of good quality prospects who will close.

Forecasting becomes easy.

Performance management a breeze.

And buyers enjoy engaging with you because it’s fun, low pressure and friction free.


So, it’s worth spending some time and effort to get the basics right?

Instead of being a busy fool, running around like crazy, chasing every prospect who breathes in your direction and wondering why you’re still struggling to close.

During our Back to Basic B2B sales training course we help you to focus on how you can show up and roll out your sales A-game for your perfect prospect so they close! Showing you where to laser your time, resources and efforts to get the best result in the shortest possible time.

Why Do We Run the Basic B2B Sales Training Courses?

We run the Back to Basic B2B Sales Training Course because monthly, we conduct about 10 in depth sales audits on failing sales functions.

You know what every single one of those sales teams have in common?

Yep. You’ve guessed it.

  • No or poor sales processes.
  • Hit and run sales techniques.
  • No sales structure that fits buyers buying cycles.
  • No follow though, treating all sales leads the same.
  • Poor qualifying questions.
  • Huge sales pipelines but no-one hits sales target and lastly.
  • Many (not all) don’t know what great salesmanship looks like…

And the real top three killer symptoms of failing sales teams are:

  1. They don’t know what they are really selling, and it’s rarely what the buyer wants to buy…
  2. Inability to map a buyer’s buying process so they can never close the deal effectively
  3. They have no clue about the competitors, and all they do know is that the competitors are cheaper and that’s why they can’t hit sales targets.

Basic B2B Sales Training Courses – Being Brilliant at the Sales Basics

Being Brilliant at the Sales Basics is a two day sales course specifically designed to look at the foundations of successful selling in any environment.

This course is a must for anyone who wants to improve their sales performance over a very short time. With increased motivation and confidence, attendees will be able to proactively take responsibility for their sales pipeline, sales forecast and sales figures.

It also acts as a great refresher and a strong spring board to launch any sales growth initiative. Perhaps around a new quarter, a new product, merging sales teams. Or simply re-affirming the sales function, goals, revenues and making everything on the sales agenda achievable for everyone.

In Basic B2B Sales Training Courses we look at how to;

  • Qualify prospects – meaning the pipeline is filled with quality, qualified prospects
  • Removing hurdles to get to the decision maker – make more sales presentations per day
  • Secure the decision makers interest – make every pitch a winner
  • Maximise the cross sell and up sell opportunities in every call – increasing average order value on every call
  • Arrange appointments where there is a high level of interest in purchasing – no more wasted visits
  • Powerfully present the sales proposition in exactly the way the buyer wants to hear it – minimising the sales cycle and the time taken to close
  • Remove objections – using the prospects objections to increase their reasons to buy
  • Maximise profit from any sale – it’s about doing more with less – greater return on your sales efforts
  • Delay closing until the buyer will say yes – most sales fail because the sales person pitches too early and with the wrong proposition
  • Use these same principles to reactivate lapsed customer – re-engaging lost customers is one of the quickest and easiest ways to build a solid sales pipeline
  • Effectively sell against the competition – building your market share whilst diminishing the competition has to be a sales strategy in this economic climate where survival alone is not enough
  • Influence and persuade at all stages of the communication – sell even when you’re not selling
  • Build a loyal relationship based on trust, transparency and honesty – build and maintain the status of trusted adviser
  • Get referrals from every call – even where you don’t make a sale
Fully Bespoke Basic B2B Sales Training Courses

Yep, fully bespoke.

Not a hit and run B2B sales training courses here. This is a new way of selling.

And that’s for one reason.

No one ever made a consistent improvement in their sales teams results by having a one day sheep dunk of a sales training course.

If only it were that easy.

So, we will take a deep dive into your competitors, your industry.

Looking at your specific sales challenges and objections, all so we make the training as relevant and real world as possible.

We will speak with your sales team before we deliver.

We’ll look at sales stats for the last 12 months.

The peaks, troughs, average order value, discount levels.

We’ll look at discount orders versus full price.

And review sales cycle duration, a myriad of sales conversion rates, for the team and for individuals.

Then, when we’ve designed your course, delivered it, we’ll work with your sales leadership function to ensure it’s implemented and embedded in your sales culture.

Because that’s the only way to bring about long lasting positive change.

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Basic B2B Sales Training Courses – perfect if you’re serious about improving sales skills, unleashing the potential wrapped up in your sales team and dominating your market sector.

B2B Sales Training Courses, the most up to date sales training available, delivered in a sales tool kit format to ensure all training has a direct relationship with improved sales results, increased sales conversions and higher average order values.

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