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Software Sales Training Courses for Tech and SaaS | Book, Demo, Close!

Software sales training specifically designed for Tech and SaaS sales professionals who want to move th prospect seamlessly from cold to sold AND minimise customer churn.

This is for the tech savvy SaaS and software sales reps who want more sales, bigger sales, more frequent sales…so that no lead gets wasted, every contact form gets a conversation, and you get a solid sales pipeline that converts!

Tech Sales is Tough!

You know you’re in a competitive space, and your prospects know that too.

  • Whilst your features and benefits may be unique, you’re having to fight for attention, budget, commitment and interest with your prospect group, even though….

Your SaaS / Cloud / IT / tech product is great.

Your testimonials back it up, you’ve won awards and got investors on-side too

In fact, what you’re offering is better than great…so,

  • Why aren’t people saying yes to booking a demo?
  • Why do those that DO book a demo, then go AWOL straight after?
  • Or fail to even show up at all?
  • Why is your  ‘Closed – Lost’ pile as big as your ‘Closed – Won’ pile?
  • Why is a less competitor eating your lunch most every day?
  • Why are competitors getting fat off the sales opportunities you’re dropping?

All of these questions and more! Because they are valid questions, and if you could solve these, let’s face it, you’d be flying!

The good news is, we’ve heard them all before, we’ve answered them too!

And we can do the same for you…

How to Book More High-Converting SaaS Demo Calls

There are a few things that you just need to get spot on when you’re booking SaaS demos, and commonly, it’s failure to get these things right that kill the opportunity to get a signed order.

Even worse, these things happen right at the very beginning of the sales / get-to-know process with the prospect!

Which means a few things:

  • They are easily fixed once you know what to do
  • It’s often more about mind set and thinking, rather than lack of hard sales skills
  • Putting the fixes in place will, most likely, remove a tonne of friction from the sales process for both the sales person and the prospect
  • The sales pipeline and sales forecast will be MUCH cleaner
  • As will your CRM
  • Churn should also take a nose dive too

So, how will you know that your sales team need help?

Apart from their sales results, take a look at some of these issues that potentially could be killing your ROI, not just wasting money, making your competitors rich, but probably also indicating that your sales team is bigger than it needs to be, your sales forecasting is more guess work than in should be and your sales CRM could be called a data dump!

If  any of that rings a bell, then check these out!

How many of these are you SaaS sales team guilty of?

Not Nailing the Problem!

Not nailing the problem your tech solution fixes! This is criminal and lethal. Starting a sales pitch without total clarity on what problem you’re solving will mean the disconnect between the sales person and the prospect will be huge….in my book, it’s an opportunity burned before you get out the gate, In fact, the more time your sales person spends scoping the issue, the greater their chances of success…

Dodging the Tough Questions!

Not being prepared, brave enough or savvy enough to ask those tough questions! Without the tough questions, without the digging, then two things will happen, and neither of them will be good for the seller. Firstly, the prospect can disengage and dodge your attempt to build a meaningful set of reasons why s/he should look at your product 2, And, secondly, even if you did get the prospect on a demo, the seller would be hard pressed to get any traction because they haven’t assesses impact, the cost of doing nothing or the legacy problems…It’s not a win

The Long and Boring Road!

The seller takes the prospect on the whole harbour cruise – showcasing the ins and outs of every single feature – yawn-fest and what a waste of an opportunity to nail the deal! No-one wants to sit through the whole pitch, no prospect cares that much…they just want to know what’s in it for them. Nothing else! But, as your seller didn’t ask the tough questions – they are either forced to give a pedestrian pitch (which annoys buyers) or they just go through the same old pitch because they don’t know any better. Either way – it’s the fastest way to create bored and confused, angry and disengaged prospects….ouch!

Not Reading the Room!

Being precious about the decision maker – this one is the easiest one to fix and should be Sales 101 but sadly isn’t! Everyone wants to talk to the deciosn maker – and that’s fine…but you can have a myriad of conversations with other people within the organisation before you get to the decision maker! Conversations taht can really improve the impact and quality of exchange with the decision maker – when you finally get through to them. Yet, surprisingly, so few sales people do the background stuff, like talking to users of the current system or referrers/recommenders/influencers who will all, at some point, have a point of view on whether to sign with you or not. Stakeholder management, stakeholder engagement and building a cohort of raving fans is a must – and often missed out by sales people dialling and smiling but not really engaging with the process…

Not Building the Real Value Position

Finally, for today anyway, the seller things everything is about the price! Wow! Disaster. What about selling the value, really selling the very specific value? Selling the value across risk, guarantees, impact on the team, resource allocation, stress (!!), competitive advantage, Maybe moving into exploring the risk profile of this prospect? Understanding their reservations outside of price?

Ringing any bells?

Are your sales team struggling?

Now, can you spot why that might be the case?

If you think your sales team are unclear about what good looks like when booking SaaS demo calls that convert then let’s have a chat – you can get me on 0779 002 1885 and I’ll talk you through the sales improvement interventions and sales training we’ve done in the IT / Cloud / SaaS / Tech space to help teams just like yours to build high converting sales pipelines that close using the cold telephone outreach, great sales demo formats and a highly differentiated sales position.

We’ve helped sales reps have their best sales months ever, increased their AOV, and boosted ARR for organisations that struggled to fill the demo diary, saw high drop out rates, sales deals abandoned half way through, and high churn…so

Let’s chat….0779 002 1885

Improving Sales Results: Morton Kyle Cloud, SaaS, Software Sales Training Courses…

Covers the sales and business development needs of ambition SaaS or Software sales teams within new start ups right through to the more experienced and established sales functions within Cloud, IT, SaaS or software businesses..

You might be:

  • Expanding your operation from selling only products to also sell value based services along side those products.
  • Changing your pricing model from contract to subscription, so you’re chasing annual recurring revenue(ARR) and monthly recurring revenue (MRR)
  • Looking at a more token based solution where value and usage are closely linked
  • Launching a new software or cloud based solution
  • Looking to revamp your existing sales playbook.
  • Aggressively seeking your next profitable niche.
  • Streamline your offerings in line with buyer needs
  • Fully embrace value based selling, solution selling and consultative selling as a way to differentiate and grab market share
  • Want to take your current sales pitch for a test drive, clean up what works and ditch what doesn’t, and incorporate some modern and high impact, prospect friendly sales strategies

Whatever your current situation, if you work within IT, software, cloud SaaS or software based sales, and if you’re looking to boost sales performance then our software sales training courses will work for you.

The Complex Role of Sales People Selling Software, SaaS or Cloud Products and Services

The role of the sales person in these industries is critical and complex…nothing happens until the seller makes that conversion…and if takes a lot of work to make that cold outreach and nurture it through to an order.

As a sales person in a SaaS world the stakes are high…and skill sets requirements even higher

  • They need to be technical enough to gain trust.
  • Commercially savvy to spot opportunities.
  • Possess the communication styles that allows them to sell their solutions in a way  prospects want to buy.
  • Be sales-y enough to get the job done, but consultative enough so the prospect doesn’t ven realise they are being sold to!

Mix that in with a:

  • Typically educated and savvy buyer group.
  • Big focus on being budget conscious
  • Competitive market space
  • Oodles of information and insight available at the click of a mouse,
  • Vocal users groups
  • Lots of competition / substitute products and solutions
  • Risk aversion / fear of making the wrong investment no matter how good the ROI looks on paper

Considering all this, it’s easy to see why some deals stall, get undercut, disappear totally or simply get swamped in ‘too much information’ and ‘decision paralysis’

As well as all of the above, here are some of the biggest challenges we’ve over come in pursuit of improving the sales results for our clients using our SaaS Software Sales Training Courses:

  • Booking SaaS demos that convert!
  • Super efficient, value-based sales qualification – this saves days of selling time and boosts efficiency no-end
  • Getting prospects to show up to SaaS demos
  • Booking sales demos that have value and impact with the prospect
  • Building relevant business cases for the prospect to engage with early on in the sales cycle
  • Building value based selling into highly functional (often technical) using consultative selling
  • Dealing with pricing changes and challenges, issues or mental blocks in the sales team
  • Building no-brianer sales pitches
  • Dealing with pricing based on usage challenges
  • Prospects ghosting you half way through the sales process
  • Deals getting verbal sign off but falling at the final stages
  • Reducing churn by selling smarter
  • Building value based sales solutions to directly out sell the competition
  • Engaging non-tech users in a tech based product
  • Bringing together the broader buying group of influencers, users, finance, procurement and anyone else who may be involved.
  • Dealing with evolving pricing models from contract plus service and maintenance to straight subscription sell, to token, pay as you go, credit based usage….mindbogglingly complicated to sell a combination of these, more so when a company is swapping from one to another
  • Building a high value sales pipeline that converts with predictability and scaleability

Every single client is different.

Every single product/service is different.

Yet the problems they suffer around creating sales opportunities that close have a lot in common.

Morton Kyle Saas Software Sales Training Courses | Designed with Inbuilt Sales Improvement Triggers 

Our SaaS software sales training courses are split into key sections, every section has a direct relationship with achieving positive outcomes in your sales calls, including:

  • Securing the attention of the decision maker and making a positive compelling introduction
  • How to implicitly and explicitly understand the buyers needs using form friendly sales discovery questions in a conversational format
  • Constructing a buyer value weighted sales conversation not a sales pitch, essentially helping the buyer to sell to himself
  • Qualifying the commercial value of placing the sales prospects in your sales pipeline
  • Helping the buyer understand fully the commercial benefit of dealing with you
  • Proven sales qualification screening – in and out – at each stage in the sales process
  • Arrange demos that convert to orders
  • Build a demo sales deck that leads to sales orders
  • Using a sales deck and sales agenda to shorten the sales process and close the deal
  • Engaging fluently around your pricing, your pricing models and how the pricing models work, for you and the prospect
  • Preventing AWOL prospects
  • Reducing ‘no decision’ closed-lost sales
  • Minimising the impact of competitors
  • Asking for the business, and setting the intention at all stages in the sales process.

And so much more…depending on your needs.

The SaaS Software Sales Training Plan | Sales Improvement By Design

Built for you as the sales leader, your sales team, your organisation, your competitors and your marke place.

This is no sheep-dip solution

Your SaaS sales training plan is your new sales playbook.

Yours to coach against, to onboard with and to embed in your sales team, sales culture and sales operating system.

It will become ‘just how you sell’ in your organisation!

t will fit like a glove because with all of the Morton Kyle Sales Training courses you get a Free Sales Training Needs Analysis For A Stronger Sales Training Result included in your training solution. Check out the link to see what that means for you, and why you get total piece of mind when you trust us to deliver your SaaS sales training

What’s Next?

If you are in software sales, tech sales, SaaS sales or any cloud-based product, service sales or if you are managing any of these sales functions then we have tech and software sales training courses to support you to the next level of selling. The Morton Kyle SaaS software sales training courses are designed to get you the results you need!

Plsu check out our Sales Improvement Workshop – perfect for you if your clients are not responding to your sales pitch like you think they should. If this is happening to you then you are in a value deficit – this course will solve that for your – check it out The Sales Improvement Workshop

Our Sales Training Ethos

As with any sales training course designed and delivered by Morton Kyle we believe that a good sales process with visible leading sales metrics ‎and a proven sales success recipe is the key to low risk sales growth, strong high quality sales pipelines and a predictable sales performance.

And high quality sales orders for your products / services!

And happy customers, who don’t want to churn with you!

We continue this ethos in our proven Software / SaaS/ Cloud / IT Sales Training Courses.

Combining the very best of current sales methodologies you can significantly boost your sales capability toolkit and avoid some of the key stumbling blocks within software sales.

The Morton Kyle Software / SaaS/ Cloud / IT sales training course is high-impact, practical, real-world and specifically designed to help software sales teams to capitalise on their disruptive power and competitive advantage.

This is especially relevant with a new product launch or product relaunch, or simply when sales are struggling.

You can read more about how we build our sales training courses to deliver by viewing The Morton Kyle Sales Training Charter

Why Morton Kyle Software Sales Training Courses / SaaS Sales Training Courses?

Based on the above, working with your sales function we will:

  • Identify buyer needs.
  • Ensure you can clearly demonstrate value to your prospects.
  • Create a compelling sales proposition
  • Meet the buyers / prospects where they are
  • Structure a relevant and meaningful sales discovery call
  • Investigate short and long term ROI models
  • Cross sell and up sell existing products and services.
  • Easily engage sales prospects in sales led commercial and value laden conversations.
  • Fill the demo diary with high quality, well qualified and high converting sales opportunities.
  • Make the leap from selling software based products to software based services.
  • Use model, proven sales call structures to build confidence in the sales team
  • Build a scale able sales engine to ensure high-quality sales demos have been booked…and converted.
  • Minimise demo no-shows.
  • Shorten sales cycles.
  • Increase sales close rates, maximise revenues, confidence and motivation in the sales team.
  • Identify best to contact prospects, profitable niches and perfect prospect profiles.

That way you get total peace of mind that the SaaS sales training courses will work for your team.

Plus, we’ll agree, pre-delivery what you’ll need to do to drive the sales results even higher over the following 90 days.

This is not a typical ‘sheep-dip’ SaaS sales training course. Working with Morton Kyle you’ll be fully supported in your sales ambitions and how to ensure your team are carrying the training back to their day-job.

You don’t get ‘hit and run’ sales training.

Your course will be the foundation of sales success in your team.

It’s the start of your continuous sales improvement journey and focus on out performing competitors in your space.

Plus, attending the Morton Kyle SaaS sales training courses…

…is the best possible and the fastest way to:

  • Enhance wide ranging sales skills
  • Create a value based sales proposition
  • Boost cross selling and up selling
  • Uncover new product service offerings that buyers want to pay for
  • Increase sales motivation and ultimately staff retention
  • Build a top performing sales function and sales team
  • Create the ultimate sales training toolkit based on the very best and most appropriate sales and selling techniques available today.
  • Generate additional revenue stream from multiples sales channels
  • Reconfigure the value proposition depending on high converting niches
  • Change the behaviours of the team so that members of your sales team start to think, behave and engage like sales leaders, fostering peer-to-peer value exchanges with prospects
  • Embed winning sales framework within the sales team
  • Create a clear link between daily sales activities and improved sales results.

To discuss your very specific sales needs – call Carol on 0779 002 1885 

You can also check out our online sales training program – Online Sales

Ongoing Sales Training Support

Morton Kyle software sales training courses are based on helping our clients to implicitly and explicitly understand their buyers needs and communicate exceptional value to satisfy those needs.

In addition our software sales training courses are supported by sales strategy reviews.

This helps ensure only the most effective prospect groups and niches are being targeted.

As well as ongoing knowledge transfer from the sales trainer to the sales leadership team, sales coaching at all levels as well as agreeing leading sales metrics to map sales progress and reflect improvements as a result of the SaaS/ Cloud / IT / Software sales training courses.

To discuss how the Morton Kyle SaaS software sales training courses will improve your sales results, call Carol on 0779 002 1885 or fill in the contact for on the left hand side and we’ll be back in touch

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