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Sales Appointment Setting | For Sales Hunters | From COLD to SOLD in Just 2 Days!

Take Your Dream Client List | Prospect Like a Pro! | Demo Like a Demon | Close!

Sales appointment setting is where the magic starts….

The Sales Improvement Workshop – a sales training course is for FULL-CYCLE SALES REPS that will take you from COLD to SOLD.…and every stop in between!

It’s a two day program designed SALES HUNTERS committed to booking more, better quality, highly qualified meetings with their TARGET PROSPECTS

You’ll discover how to build your OWN SALES ENGINE delivering the sales you need, at the rate you need them.

Dream Client Creation! in Just 2 Days

The modern buyer is tough.

They’re good at hiding and avoiding you,

Defences are high, engagement low, time poor.

With all that it takes something (and someone) special to grab their attention.

Plus, your market is, most-likely, crowded.

You’ll have cheaper competitors every single day.

So, being super smart about how you engage the modern buyer, qualify them, and get them booked in the diary, and past that fatal ghosting stage would seem a skill set to pay some attention to if you want a sales team to play at the top of their game!

If you’re stuck in sales appointment drought, or sitting appointments that don’t close – join us on The Sales Improvement Workshop

Wave goodbye to :

  • Cancellations
  • No-shows
  • Ghosting prospects
  • Empty sales diaries
  • Weak sales forecasts
  • Difficult conversations
  • The stress of under performance

Instead, welcome to lots of high quality and well qualified and high quality sales appointments…that convert to sales!

Which Means – More Raving Fans!

  • Which means there is a steady stream of sales opportunities to convert into orders and invoices., and…
  • Into turnover and margin.
  • Into market growth.
  • Brand awareness.
  • And great reference accounts.
  • A more relaxed workplace
  • Easier to forecast
  • Greater stability
  • Less stress
  • More security

More High Quality Sales Appointments = More Sales Fun

Instead of…

A half empty sales diary, and lagging billings, is just that little bit more stressful.

In fact, seeing a half empty diary, I’d take it as a flashing red light that something needs to change.

Why Focus So Much on Booking High Quality Sales Appointments?

Because when you get this part of the sales process right, then everything else works.

Every sales rep I meets tells me that they have no problem closing once they get in front of the right person.

The universal sales blocker for over 90% of sales reps today is that they are just not spending enough time with the right people.

Fix that are we’re off to the races.

The Sales Improvement Workshop solves just this challenge.


You bring your list and to the course – let the magic begin!

Perfect Your Full Sale Cycle Selling Skills | Start By Building Strong Foundations

No-one loves doing something they’re not sure about, or where they get rejection on an ongoing basis.

Anything you can do to get that 90% rejection rate down to 70% or less will make a massive difference to how you feel and thing, act and work to get those prospects qualified and booked!

Especially when the run on conversion rates – from meeting to quote, and from quote to signed terms starts to rocket.

Understand this, practice doesn’t make perfections, but practice does mean progress.

At the end of the workshop, you’ll be a strategic sales engine.

But, understand this, you don’t need to be a million times better than the other sales guys out there who are also trying to book that sales meeting and close deals with the exact same prospect you’re chasing…

But, you do need to be just a bit better.

Just a bit!

Avoid the common traps! Never again avoid cold calling because you:

  • Lack clarity around how to wow the prospect
  • Struggle to see why the prospect would want to engage with you
  • See the call as a massive interruption.
  • See little value in what you sell
  • Have no idea what the prospect actually needs
  • Feel intimidated by the last 12 rejections!

So, whatever kind of sales appointment setting nightmare you’re suffering from, fear not.

Help is here.

Because in just one workshop you’ll discover how to really boost the quality and quantity of sales appointments in your sales diary….and the conversion rates to quotes and orders!

High Performance Sales Lead Generation – Delivering Sales Pitches that Convert  – High Close Rates 

This Sales Improvement Workshop is ideal for you if you are ready to discover how high performance sales reps sell!

  • Better quality sales meeting – every time!
  • Engaging, bespoke sales prospect meetings
  • Buyer orientated quotes
  • A sales closing system to ensure you remain in control

The Sales Improvement Workshop | What’s Covered?

You’ll develop your thinking around:

  • The Profile of a Perfect Prospect.
  • The Psychology of Buying.
  • Pre-Call Preparation to Lower Defences.
  • Creating Confidence, Credibility and Curiosity.
  • What Are You Selling?
  • What Are They Buying?
  • Getting to Yes.
  • How to Qualify the Prospect in Call.
  • Becoming an Industry Consultant.
  • 6 Stages of Qualification.
  • 6 Key Objection Handling Techniques.
  • Trial Closing and Testing Commitment.
  • Minimising Cancellations.

And so much more – check out the full agenda on The Sales Improvement Workshop

Sales Appointment Setting | Sales Pipeline Building | Sales Conversion Course – Course Outcomes

At the end of the course you can go back to your desk focused, motivated and with the skill set to book high quality appointments whenever you want.

You’ll be able to:

  • Negotiate gatekeepers professionally.
  • Present yourself as an industry consultant and not ‘just the appointment setter’.
  • Engage in a well constructed conversation rather than a sales pitch.
  • Build high levels of value
  • Quickly establish the needs of the buyer.
  • Fine tune your sales message depending on the buyers needs.
  • Test their commitment to addressing their needs.
  • Use trial closes to build commitment.
  • Identify and create buying signals to validate commitment on key criteria.
  • Gain referrals, even when no appointment is made.
  • Successfully remove or minimise any objections.
  • Use the weaknesses of the competition to capitalise on your company strengths.
  • Close the deal!
  • Minimise no shows.
Course Availability | Sale Appointment Setting and Beyond!

Contact Carol on 0779 002 1885 to check availability.

This is the fastest way to improve your FULL SALES CYCLE SALES SKILLS – focusing on your ability to prospect and fill your sales pipeline with high quality, high converting sales opportunities.

From COLD TO SOLD – Sales Hunters only!


This program is delivered on an in house, totally bespoke basis – call to check availability and rates.

Happy Selling!


0779 002 1885 

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