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Sales Coach | Sales Coaching to Improve Results | Special Offer

Your Sales Coach | Flexible, Focused, Fast | Supporting Your Sales Growth

Two heads are better than one!

If they’re the right heads!

As an experienced Sales Director, CRO, Head of Sales and Marketing, and Inbound and Outbound Sales Specialist with over 30 years experience in the sales growth, business development and sales improvement arena, then it’s fair to say I’ve experienced the full spectrum of sales and marketing highs and lows across a number of sectors.

Challenges from recession to competitor attack, crumbling sales forecasts to marketing teams changing strategy overnight, and from losing cash every month to trebling the average order value and conversion rate in less than three months…the list goes on

And it’s this experience I bring to you in my role as Sales Coach and Sales Mentor

Do you need a Sales Coach?

What Do YOU Need? It is all about YOU….

Deciding to engage with a Sales Coach can be a very personal thing, perhaps you’re…

  • Looking for your next role and want to get prepared
  • Not sure what your personal options are moving forward and want to explore your thoughts
  • Going through a very stressful period at work and need some additional support / sounding board
  • Dealing with conflict in the workplace and need a safe space to organise your thoughts

What Do YOU Need? It can be all about your JOB…

Alternatively, maybe you’re looking at engaging with an experienced Sales Coach because you’re…

  • In a space or position where you need a impartial external discussions
  • Being asked for a skill set that you don’t feel confident in
  • Being challenged to deliver at a level you’re not comfortable with
  • Having to negotiate an intense period at work

It can be both, or it can be TASK focused…

Alternatively you might feel that a Sales Coach would give you a little more support, be in your corner for you, help you protect who you are at work, and help you develop to the next level.

In that case we might start off talking about things like:

  • What’s been on your sales ‘to-do’ list for longer than 3 months?
  • Why is that?
  • Is it skill, time, or focus, or even interest to get sorted?
  • What’s on that sales to-do list that’s critical?
  • What’s on the sales to-do list that, once sorted, would make a massive difference to you… your sales performance, your team, the business, your career, your stress levels, your finances, relationships
  • What’s the short, mid and long term ambitions?

As an experienced Sales Coach, our Sales Coaching solutions are totally flexible, meet you where you are in your journey and are tailored so you get the outcomes you need in the time spans you need

Here are some of the ways I help:

Sales Coach for Experienced Sales Leaders and Directors

There is a lot riding on your ability to get stuff done!

Hurdle blockers, dissolve problems, keeping the board happy, the bank happy, keeping the investors on side and calm, the team motivated and engaged…the list goes on. All whilst maximising the right numbers, and reducing the rest….and hoping your competitors have more bad days than you do!

I know, I’ve been there!

Sales coaching at this level is often more about:

  • Acting as a peer sounding board
  • Being a mirror
  • Sense checking where you are
  • Tackling a specific skill set or potential blind spot ina safe space
  • Being able to off-load, re-order, reset the focus
  • Exploring options around growth and strategy
  • Dealing with performance bumps in the road

Working with a sales coach, is one of the fastest and easiest ways to address what is important to you in real time. Getting the stuff done that matters to you!

Typically, at this level, you’re needs are specific, challenge focused, and urgent.

Our sales coaching service is designed to address this.

Past clients have found this the fastest way to move the needle.

You can address what needs to change, so you can move on quickly and without missing a beat.

Whether it’s 3 sessions or 10 sessions – planned weekly or more flexible to suit you….at this level, sales coaching and support might not ne a long term plan, just something to help you when you need it most.

Your choice!

Sales Coach for Non-Sales Professionals

This is for you if you’re a Managing Director or Leader who is new to sales leadership and management without having come up through the sales channel…

Leading a sales team can be a lonely place.

Maybe you’re doing the job you’re doing now because it’s your passion, you’re great at what you do but all of a sudden you find yourself in a position where you need to

  • Bring in sales
  • Manage a sales team
  • Interrogate a sales pipeline
  • Prepare and present a sales forecasts
  • Set realistic targets
  • Challenge poor performance
  • Develop a sales strategy
  • Build a sales forecast
  • Maintain a credible sales narrative to others / investors / bank

This can lead to a sense of exposure at having to deal outside of your comfort zone.

Your sales coaching session will be use do help you navigate these specific challenges. offering support and guidance to ensure you’re on the right track, looking at the right things and asking the right questions…

For non-sales professionals sales performance coaching will be a critical path to develop a rounded view of running a sales function.

This is a great starting point.

All without any hefty commitment in time or money

Sales Coach for Managers

Sales coaching for managers can fall into two areas:

Helping managers to adopt a sales coaching style of their own

Sales Managers make get that critical role for lots of reasons. Being able to performance manager the sales team is often a skill that gets overlooked when there are so many other plates to spin, yet research shows that sales teams who receive regular, high quality sales coaching will typically do better than those who don’t.

Sales performance coaching is good for the sales team, the Sales Manager and the bottom-line.

Let us coach your Sales Managers in how to performance manage their sales team, how to set the groundwork for continuous sales improvement, and foster a culture of accountability, responsibility and growth.

This type of sales coaching training has a huge ROI as it helps both the Manager be a better coach and be a better manager.

It also set the standard for what great sales performance looks like in your business.

Coaching skills used in this way, can dramatically improve how the team respond to the manager and subsequently directly impact retention rates.

Being a sales coach for the manager

New Sales Managers may not want to rely on their busy Sales Director for all their insight and development. Being able to source external experience can rapidly accelerate the sales management skills and sales focus of new managers.

At a gift, when there are lots of new sales processes, systems and responsibilities to take on, then having a professional and experienced sales coach in their corner can help migrate those first few challenging months.

Sales Coaching for New Starters

A great way to get your new starters up to speed and selling!

Onboarding sales new starters can be challenging.

So, whilst your competitors are measuring onboarding time in months and not weeks, it’s an easy win to be able to get out the gate first.

Giving your new sales recruits their own call evaluation mentor and sales coach – reviewing sales calls, looking at specific areas of improvement is one of the easiest ways to set sales standards, not burn through leads and opportunities as well as introducing the concept of positive performance management from day 1.

Sales Coaching for Experienced Sales Professionals

Training experienced and seasoned sales proffesionals can often be a challenge.

They’ve been in the business and the sales industry for years, so what can they possibly learn about selling now?

Well, with that attitude probably not a lot in a formal sales training environment!

But that switches completely in a coaching session where they get to showcase their knowledge whilst exploring what the next level of sales performance might look like for them

Sales Coaching for Poor Performing Sales Reps

Too many organisations will use a Performance Improvement Plan at the wrong time.

It’s just heaping pressure on top of misery, on top of failure.

Instead, there is another way – balance the PIP with a few sales coaching sessions.

Make the PiP a positive experience, something they can learn and grow from.

Personally, I’ve seen PiP’s handed out and that sales person left to fight to get better – it’s got disaster written all over it.

Don’t be that employer!

Plus – if you’ve already made sales coaching part of your sales culture, then Positive, Proactive and Professional Performance Management is the only way for everyone to win.

Issue a PiP? Get the sales person some sales coaching

Sales Coaching for the Mystery Sales Person

The Mystery Sales Person is that sales rep that turns up, gets their sales target more or less most months, seems to plod along, and occasionally comes up with some absolute gems!

It’s the sales rep that delivers, but only when the mood takes them.

The sales rep that appears to have all the answers BUT appears to do just enough to NOT get put on a PiP, or get fired!

You know exactly who I’m talking about, don’t you?

That’s the rep to invest in.

That sales rep is probably one deep breath from striking gold on the day’s the muse takes him!

On other days?

Not so much.

Use the sales coaching sessions to dig into the motivation, the drive, the spark that ignites the muse and watch then go!

Sales Coaching for ALL

The Morton Kyle Sales Coaching offer is designed for anyone who needs help with their current sales challenges.

No caveats.

No restrictions!

Just help, support and guidance.

That’s the same whether you’re an aspiring sales professional, new in sales or a seasoned sales leader. Whether you need Sales Coach for 4 weeks or 4 months…just get the important stuff done.

As long as you have a desire to deliver at a higher level in the sales arena, then sales coaching with high levels of accountability will get you there faster.

So you might be asking yourself….

Will Sales Coaching Benefit Me?

You can find out without committing.

Just try our special offer for new coaching clients

Everyone needs accountability form time to time.

With a Sales Coach YOU decide what you want to be held accountable for ….

Where is your focus?

  • Are you serious about shifting gears in your business…
  • Achieving peak sales performance in your sales career…
  • Do you respond well to stretch goals, with high levels of accountability…
  • Are you committed to accelerating sales growth…
  • Keen to see what you’re really capable of…
  • Want a step change in your career…
  • Tired of giving yourself the same old excuses


One of the first things a great sales coach does it gets you to work out what’s really, really important for you and your business, or your career. The very best sales coaching is where you select a very specific problem of challenge to work on.

The second thing they do is make a realistic and achievable plan with you. Your sales coaching sessions are all about you committing to do the work you’ve agreed to do on the plan

We map out what success will look like for you. Your sales coach is there to keep you on track, accountable and to help you navigate any hurdles. Sales coaching increases your chances of getting the results you want when you want them!

So part of your sales coaching plan is to agree:

  • How to get there.
  • And in what time frame.

Then we support you.

Become your sounding board, your brain stormer, your sanity check, your biggest fan whilst providing a wealth of experience, expertise and practical know-how for you to tap into.

We also hold you accountable and work with you to achieve your goals, because your goals become our goals.

Totally accountable.


Will a Sales Coach and Sales Coaching Make That Much Difference to Me?

Yes, they can…and you’ll know that because you’ll start thinking differently.

That’s the first thing you’ll notice about having a great sales coach on your side. Sales coaching changes how you look at things, and when you change how you look at things, those things change.

After sales coaching, the second thing you notice is that you’re spending more productive time working on aspects of your role that shift the needle in terms of you delivering in your role, and in line with your aspirations.

Your focus will be on meaningful output generating activities that have a bottom line and direct impact on your goals, your dreams and long term plan.

Whether that’s within your job, your career, your business.

You really get to understand the difference between urgent and important, about activity and results, about boundaries, and about delegation and staying true to your goals.

And true to yourself.

You’ll be working on really important things.

Working on things that matter.

Only the things that matter

The third thing you’ll notice after you’ve gone through a sales coaching program is your ability to make decisions will improve.

You’ll become more focused.

More action driven and things that would have typically disabled your thinking will be done and dusted in no time.

The fourth thing you’ll notice is that you don’t need a sales coach any more!

Now ask yourself –

Do I really need that kind of pressure to deliver?

Answer ‘NO’ to that question if any of the following apply to you….

  • You’re happy working as hard as you are for the current level of reward because you just love doing what you do, because if it’s ok with you, why change it?
  • Profit is flowing into your business, and, you frankly lose sleep wondering how to spend your cash because there’s just so much of it.
  • You’re way is the only way, because you’re the boss, because that’s how you want it to be!
  • You know what you’re doing and you ABSOLUTELY believe that you’ll get there under your own steam, because that’s how you’ve done it before, because you believe you know best.

Excellent…I wish you well.

Could I work with a Sales Coach?

Answer ‘YES’ if any of the following apply to you

You’re doing ok, but you’re curious and eager to find smarter ways to get the sales results you need, because you know you can do better.

  • You’re flying, and you want to make sure it continues…or even take off, enabling you to break through some plateau
  • You want to learn from the experience, mistakes and wisdom of others who have done this hundreds of times before.
  • Short cuts to sales success motivate you to take action.
  • There’s no-one you’re able to bounce your business, ideas, plans and ambitions off, who will help you figure out the great ideas from the total nightmare train wreck ideas.
  • You like the idea of having someone at the end of a phone to call up and say ‘let me just run this past you…’
  • Having additional support against a hostile board seems like a great plan.
  • You want to know what demands you can rightfully put on your sales team, sales leaders, sales departments/divisions and sales functions.
  • Thriving in a target driven environment with high level accountability suits your working style.
  • You might get where you need to be under your own steam. But you know additional support and engagement, encouragement and unbiased feedback from an experienced professional occasionally will get you there faster/easier

In the end, only you can decide if a sales coach and sales coaching is for you…I guess it depends on how important you think your goals are…

Having a Sales Coach is not a luxury any more, because two heads are better than one.

If you’re running a business which has serious growth potential and you want to realise that sales revenue and profit, then wouldn’t you want an experienced team on your side? Especially if that was the difference between success and great success?

On the other hand, how long can you afford to have the same money generating idea on your to do list before you finally delete it? Because you will delete it eventually. Either as a job well done or just something you never quite got around to?

Being a sales coach means you and I have to get on because we’ll need to be frank, direct, honest and open with each other, since that’s how I’ll be with you.

You and I know, that doesn’t happen with everyone.

That’s why I offer an initial offer to anyone who is wondering if sales coaching is for them – you can check out the Sales Coaching Special offer here

Usually prices at £200 per hour, this is an introductory rate to see if you can benefit from sales coaching. There is NO commitment to continue after the introductory offer expires – no commitment at all….part of my secretly hopes you won’t feel the need to bacause that means we’ll have achieved your goals 🙂

For more information, call Carol on 0779 002 1885 to discuss how sales coaching can work for you

Working with a Sales Coach, getting high quality sales coaching and support, is the fastest way to move to the next level in your career or your business.

Unbiased, in your corner, and working to the same goals as you, your Sales Coach is your sounding board, your devil’s advocate and guide.

Still thinking about working with a Sales Coach and enjoying the benefits of sales coaching, then complete the form above and let’s start the conversation today

Start your journey with a sales coach using our special sales coaching offer – just £250 plus VAT for 5 sessions – with no commitment to carry on after the 5 sessions are complete.

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