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Sales Coach  – Luxury or necessity? That depends….

What’s been on your sales ‘to-do’ list for longer than 3 months because you don’t have the skill, time, or focus to get it sorted?
Working with a sales coach, or a sales mentor, is one of the fastest ways to get the right things done in your business, so you produce results that matter

Really…Do I Really Need a Sales Coach?


Are you serious about shifting gears in your business…

Committed to accelerating sales growth…

Tired of seeing the same things on your ‘should do…’ list for, how many years now?


One of the first things a great sales coach does it gets you to work out what’s really, really important for you and your business.

The second thing they do is make a realistic and achievable plan with you.

Then they hold you accountable and work with you to achieve your goals, because your goals become their goals.

Very accountable. Together.

Will a Sales Coach Make That Much Difference to Me?

Yes, they can…and you’ll know that because you’ll start thinking differently.

That’s the first thing you’ll notice about having a great sales coach on your side.

The second thing you notice is that you’re spending more productive time working on the business, because working on your business is critical.

Working on really important things.

Working on things that matter.

The third thing you’ll notice is your ability to make decisions will improve. You’ll become more focused, more action driven and things that would have typically disabled your thinking will be done and dusted in no time.

The fourth thing you’ll notice is that you don’t need a sales coach any more!

Ask yourself this…

Am I Travelling As Fast As I Want in the Direction I Want?

Now ask yourself –

Do I really need a Sales Coach?

Answer NO to that question if any of the following apply to you:

You’re happy working as hard as you are for the current level of reward because you just love doing what you do.

Profit is flowing into your business, you frankly lose sleep wondering how to spend your cash because there’s just so much of it.

You’re way is the only way, because you’re the boss.

You know what you’re doing and you ABSOLUTELY believe that you’ll get there under your own steam, because that’s how you’ve done it before, because you believe you know best.

Excellent…I wish you well.

Could I work with a Sales Coach?

Answer YES, if any of the following applies to you:

You’re doing ok, but you’re curious and eager to find smarter ways to get the sales results you need, because you know you can do better.

  • You’re flying, and you want to make sure it continues…or even take off, enabling you to break through some plateau
  • You want to learn from the experience, mistakes and wisdom of others who have done this hundreds of times before.
  • Short cuts to sales success motivate you to take action.
  • There’s no-one you’re able to bounce your business, ideas, plans and ambitions off, who will help you figure out the great ideas from the total nightmare train wreck ideas.
  • You like the idea of having someone at the end of a phone to call up and say ‘let me just run this past you…’
  • Having additional support against a hostile board seems like a great plan.
  • You want to know what demands you can rightfully put on your sales team, sales leaders, sales departments/divisions and sales functions.
  • Thriving in a target driven environment with high level accountability suits your working style.
  • You might get where you need to be under your own steam. But you know additional support and engagement, encouragement and unbiased feedback from an experienced professional occasionally will get you there faster/easier
In the end, only you can decide if a sales coach is for you.

Having a Sales Coach is not a luxury any more, because to heads are better than one.

If you’re running a business which has serious growth potential and you want to realise that sales revenue and profit, then wouldn’t you want an experienced team on your side? Especially if that was the difference between success and great success?

On the other hand, how long can you afford to have the same money generating idea on your to do list before you finally delete it? Because you will delete it eventually. Either as a job well done or just something you never quite got around to?

Being a sales coach means you and I have to get on because we’ll need to be frank, direct, honest and open with each other, since that’s how I’ll be with you.

You and I know, that doesn’t happen with everyone.

That’s why I offer an initial consultation of 60 minutes at no cost….

Just send a email to this address stating your prefered times/dates and your location:

Right, now you’ve booked your free consultation, you can download our free reports – The 7 Big Business Mistakes.

Check out the Morton Kyle Sales Improvement Blog.

Plus, claim your The Advanced Business Achiever, because it’s the fastest way to get new proven sales improvement insights.

If you have any specific question or discuss any aspect of our services, please call or email:

Carol – 0779 002 1885

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