High Performance Sales Pro’s Consistently Achieve Sales Targets. You?

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High Performance Sales Pro’s Consistently Achieve Sales Targets. You?

The first rule of being a sales professionals is that you achieve sales targets, consistently, ethically and predictably.

That’s the basics, just to be in the sales game.

But it takes effort.

The very best sales pro’s make it look (almost!) effortless.

Some get there by sheer hard work, some by talent and most by a hefty does of both.

Some may rely on luck and win occasionally, most who rely on luck fail often.

Sales is one of the few professions where you get to watch your personal stock value rise and plummet daily, in some B2B sales roles, even hourly.

So what do high performing sales professionals know about how to consistently, ethically and predictably achieve sales targets that you don’t?

  1. Optimise the Sales Recipe – sales pro’s what activity they need to do. They know for what time, in what volume to achieve their goals. Whether that’s about profiling 3 new decision makers per day. Starting 15 new prospects in the sales funnel per week. Arranging 6 face to face meetings per week with decision makers in the sales funnel who have demonstrated they fit the right sales behavioural profile to indicate they might be ready to engage in a more detailed conversation. Do you know your sales recipe? If you’re not sure – get an insight into using the right sales metrics at the right time in Winning Sales Metrics
  2. Work the Sales Pipeline – you can tell a lot about the calibre of the sales person just by looking at the state of their sales pipeline. Do you still carry aged prospects that should be ditched, but instead are being pushed from one sales quarter to the next? Records on there who you haven’t contacted for 18 months…don’t do it, clean up your act. Get clarity and throw the rubbish out so you can really focus on the good stuff. Want to know the rules of running a great sales pipeline – check this out – Building a Sales Funnel 
  3. Get Clarity on the Simple Sales Plan – high performing sales professionals know what works for them. If you do the same you won’t get distracted by the shiny, sparkly new sales fad. Sure, you’ll try new things. But not to such a degree that you’ll lose track of what makes you successful. Do you have that focus – check out The Sales Detox

You Can’t Achieve Sales Targets without a Winning Mindset

A success mindset.

Sure you can blag it, you could fake it until you make it.

If you can handle the stress.

Or you could be the expert you pretend to me.

Learn, invest in your own development by being an endlessly curious sales person. Deep dive into your industry, your clients industry (one of the biggest reasons for vertical market specialisation if you really want to ramp up sales results).

Get involved in building your own sales skill set.

Understand your competitors – shred them on paper so you know your proposition is better.

Today, as far as the buyer is concerned, HOW you sell is as important as WHAT you sell! Are you sufficiently different from your competitors to make your buyers sit up and take notice?

Are you meeting your sales prospects as an equal in a peer to peer value exchange or are you a winging it sales pretender? Still wondering? Check out 17 Things Your Buyer Wished You Knew About Sales 

Expect to close the deal, when the time is right, when it’s a real win-win, and when you have shown the buyer a suitably realistic Sales ROI from working with you.

It’s Easy to Achieve Sales Targets!

No-one ever said that, and if they did, you’re a fool to ever believe them!

It takes effort and time, and it takes work and learning.

But, here’s the one statement that’s stayed in my mind since I started in sales.

Some sales guys wing it. Some sales guys work it. But their working and winging usually take place in from of the prospect. That’s the only time they develop their skill.

How about that?

That would be like a theatre actor going on stage without rehearsing.

Sure his last night of a 100 day run would be marvelous.

But what are is chances of the performance getting past the third night if the guy is so poorly prepared?

Ok sure, he was great in his last play…but that’s old play is not this new play.

Great sales people, high performance sales professionals work hard to achieve sales targets.

And what happens?

Because they’re good at it, they tend to enjoy it.

That enjoyment leads to it’s own positive motivation.

Success breeds success.

Achieving You Sales Target is the Fastest Way to Achieve Your Sales Targets!

You only need to learn how to sell professionally once.

Start your journey to sales success and achieve your sales targets by joining us on The Sales Improvement Workshop 

This is run as an open course and an in house B2B sales training course.

You’ll discover how to achieve sales targets and enjoy every single minute.

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