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Sales Detox | There is No Sales Unicorn Unless You Create One

When Did Sales Get So Complicated?

Simple sales plan?

Does anyone still run one of these?

It’s a rare day now, on opening my inbox without getting a flood of information on new sales techniques, tips on how to be a better influencer, how to close every deal first time and make all your prospects swoon at the thought of getting a call from you…

But hasn’t it always been this way?

Sort of…20 years ago I read quite a bit of this stuff.


I was a proactive sales person.

Keen to be at the top of my game, every little bit helps and you can’t out earn your learning right?

So I dutifully got stuck in…

Some of it worked.

Most didn’t.

I learned a lot…how to test new approaches.

Elements needed revising.

Some ditching totally…but the new insights pushed me on so it was all worth while.

Now, today…could I do the same if I was an ambitious sales person?

Not a chance.

There’s just too much information.

Swamped in it.

And that’s coming from someone who can scan and speed read with the best!

Too Much to Concentrate On?

Absolutely too much to concentrate on.

But should it really be that complicated?

Especially when all we’re really looking for is a simple sales plan that works.

And that’s the same whether you’re:

– A lone sales person looking to get a higher level of sales output (MORE BONUS), or

– You’re a sales leader building a sales function that delivers deals (MORE PROFIT, MORE MARKET SHARE. MORE CUSTOMERS).

So, after all this time, I think there are three strands at the crux of this idea of making sales simple again:

  1. There is no ONE universal simple sales plan…once we get over that it’s easy to stop seeking the unicorn
  2. The only simple sales plan is the one that works for you
  3. You need to build it…and keep building it

Does that make you feel any better?

Any more motivated?

Hopefully, both.


The Very Best Person to Create Your Simple Sales Plan is You

Because it’s about what you want.

It’s about delivering your ambitions.

It’s your life and work road map.

Whether you’re a lone sales person wanted to push through the next level, a sales director running a team or a business owner wondering how to build the sales engine to deliver the ambition.

You should create the simple sales plan that delivers for you.

So…I hereby give you – full and total permission to create your best ever sales pitch, your best ever sales process and your world class sales funnel which will deliver the financial rewards you need, and because, well, if you don’t do it then who will?

Make the Most Important Thing THE Most Important Thing!

My personal sales mantra…

But to achieve that focus you need total and absolute clarity on what it is you’re doing and how each activity relates to your ultimate one and only goal…because that will dictate YOUR simple sales plan.

Once you can isolate every single element of your sales recipe and the activities that sit behind it, you’d be surprised at how simple sales really is…and therefore how simple sales improvement really is.

Once you have that total and absolute clarity then you can start the improvement process AND see results.


As an individual sales revenue generator,  knowing your sales recipe, and how that relates to your results and ultimately your bonus will dictate your every action. Your every revenue generating action.

The same is true if you are a sales leader – but this time it’s reflected in the activities of your whole sales team.

To fully understand more about the Sales Recipe and what it means for you – check this out The Sales Recipe – What Sales Metrics to Use

The Simple Sales Plan

Once you’ve understood your very own sales recipe (and if you need help – check out our Sales Improvement Workshop) and  developed your simple sales plan, the plan that works for your, gives you the sales results you want, when you want them, as often as you won’t them…then

You’re in danger of becoming legendary.

Now doesn’t that sound better than the alternative?

p.s. If you’re looking for a massive step up and embedding this in your business you can check out Sales Insight or you can hit the phone/email on 0779 002 1885 or

A simple sales plan is all that’s needed to deliver the revenue, profit and ambition targets you wish for.

Understanding how to work the revenue levers in your simple sales plan is where the magic happens.

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