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Increasing Sales Results with Morton Kyle Limited

Increasing sales results is one of those projects that’s on every senior managements list.

It’s a big subject.

Invariably it will have different success criteria, constraints and aims in every single boardroom.

That’s why, at Morton Kyle, we don’t talk about increasing sales results until we’ve understood WHY you’re getting the sales results you are.

Most every organisation can get more sales – the question is at what cost? Over how long? With what risks?

Increasing Sales Results | Streamline Sales Improvement

When you’re looking to make something better, it makes sense to understand the mechanics of the operation, whether that’s a Bugatti or a sales engine!

Every sales organisation has sales leaks – points of friction in the sales process that kill the sale dead.

Some leaks will be bigger, or more catastrophic, than other (especially those at the bottom of the sales funnel).

Many sales pipelines will be swollen and bloated.

Sales Leaders will be seeing the same prospect names kicked forward every month.

New business might be low on the priority list.

Sales processes non-standard.

Sales coaching hit and miss.

Motivation and engagement uncertain.

Value propositions weak and open to being shredded.

The list goes on!

Many have CRM’s that are fit to burst with rubbish ‘leads’ and half cooked sales proposals.

If you look at the CRM you might be wondering why sales is so hard…but think about this…

Some of your biggest and best sales opportunities today are buried in that CRM – and finding them is a needle seeking job!

You’ll probably have sales people – 60% of which aren’t consistent and can’t produce a sales forecast you can rely on to give to the board, the bank or investors.

Couples with poor sales management information – all the problems above are compounded!

But here’s the thing…Sales Improvement is not one size fits all.

Introducing any form of sales improvement initiative to look at increasing sales results until you understand the sales levers you’ve got at your disposal, and how those are currently working today

If you’re looking at how you can start increasing your sales results then that’s a clear indication you know what got you here won’t get you where you need to be based on what you have been doing.

Now is the time to call Carol on 0779 002 1885 to book your consultation.

It’s free.

You get to unpack your sales challenges.

To look at what’s feasible in terms of improving sales performance in your organisation, and what support you need to do that,

Increasing Sales Results with Morton Kyle

Increasing sales results - sales transformation using your data to unlock growth

At Morton Kyle we offer a range of data driven sales improvement solutions from sales training and coaching, to sales audits and sales consultancy.

You can check out some of our services here:

The Sales Improvement Workshop

Sales Insights Audit

Sales Coaching 

Done for You / Done with You 90 Day Sales Sprint

Sales Support on Sales Improvement for Senior Leadership Teams

Increasing sales results is a challenge – and it can be fraught with avoidable rabbit holes, when you can use data driven decision making as your true guide.

Morton Kyle is here to help you reduce your risks of wasting precious time and money, by using proven data driven sales improvement strategies for turning around poorly performing sales functions and accelerating growth and profitability.

For further information or to discuss any of the above – please contact Carol on or call 0779 002 1885

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