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Your Guide to B2B Sales Training UK | Results Driven B2B Sales Training

Morton Kyle Limited design and deliver the most comprehensive, results driven and tailored selection of B2B Sales Training UK wide.

Courses are designed to develop the relevant sales and business development skills in a B2B market place.

How Do We differ?

Our sales training courses are all built on understanding the relationship between daily sales activities that impact sales results.

We design training to move the sales revenue needle.

Our training delivers more sales.

Better quality sales.

Sales that close faster and with higher margins.

No padding allowed!

You can check out how we do this in the Morton Kyle Sales Training Charter

B2B Sales Training UK Wide Courses Covering:

B2B Telephone Sales Training – Direct Sales 

Suitable for direct selling over the telephone. Perfect where you’re ultimate aim is to secure a payment or an order.

This fast paced course follows the whole sales process from opening the conversation with the decision maker to closing the sales.

This includes a formalised sales structure based on the very latest research into current buyer behaviours.

It covers a strong sales structure, building sales value proposition and sales fit.

Focusing on structured sales questions, questioning techniques, trial closes, logical closing, selling the price and sales call follow up.

Typical attendees are anyone in a telephone sales role who is responsible for running a sales pipeline, a sales forecast and carrying a sales target. Especially where they typically own the whole sales interaction from opening the conversation to generating the order.

More detail can be found here – B2B Telesales Training

B2B Telephone Appointment Setting Training /Cold Calling

This is a match for you if you’re making telephone sales appointments for yourself, for your boss, or another member of the team.

Whether you’re booking sales demo meetings, arranging face to face sales meetings or further telephone conversations, there are a broad range of sales techniques to be applied in telephone appointment setting.

This is a broad spectrum course ranging from hit and run telephone appointment setting to high quality senior decision telephone appointment setting.

Typical attendees are hardcore new business generators, cold callers and new business door openers.

B2B Telephone Lead Generation Training, including  Sales Lead Nurturing and Prospect Development

Perfect if you’re responsible for generating high quality, high converting sales leads for other members of the sales team.

If you’re in a business development role where you need to fill the sales pipeline.

The stakes are high when someone else is going to rely on your information.

Relying on your tenacity and your skills to build a sales forecast that delivers.

If you’re in this role, then this is the course for you.

Courses focus on gaining an audience with key decision makers, sales lead qualification, sales discovery questions, scenario building, trial closing and setting up/committing to the next stage in the sales process.

Typical attendees are working on longer sales cycles, with a big element of lead development and sales lead nurturing. Attendees are sales development representatives with targets to feed account executives or business development managers (bdm).

B2B Telesales Training

This is a broad spectrum B2B telesales training course where the role encompasses all the elements of new business generation from setting appointments to closing and getting the order, as well as longer term sales lead nurturing.

Typical attendees are experienced office based telesales executives. Business developers with have a target to achieve, but who also support external sales functions.

Graduate B2B Sales Training 

Check out our Graduate B2B Sales Training Course.

B2B Sales Training UK Wide Courses are all:

  • Bespoke, with specific attention to those key sales issues that are stifling sales conversions in your business.
  • Based on a training needs analysis of the existing skills.
  • Constructed after analysis of the last 6 months sales performance/results across the sales team.
  • Designed to build a strong relationship between needle-moving daily sales activities and end of day / end of month sales results.
  • Support sales coaching to ensure the sales training is embedded in the business, the team, and the sales team leaders.
  • Feedback to sales leaders post delivery.

For information, or to discuss any of the courses above contact Carol on or call 0779 002 1885

For a more generic sales and business development course either as an open sales course or as an inhouse B2B sales training UK wide course, check out The Sales Improvement Workshop

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