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At Morton Kyle we offer a range of sales training and sales improvement solutions specifically for ambitious B2B sales teams and their Sales Leaders.

It’s sales training, business development support and sales improvement made simple for businesses who want to smash their sales targets, reverse some negative sales trends, out perform competitors and give their business development prospects a much better, higher value sales experience.

Why Morton Kyle Limited?

With 25 years + experience in the world of B2B sales across industry sectors like: SaaS, Professional Services, Business Services, Engineering, Manufacturing, Consulting, Training, Recruitment, contact centres and BPO…we pride ourselves on being able to increase sales results.

And we’ve done this with sales functions on the brink of failure, running out of time and money.

We’ve helped sales teams to reverse their sales performance, repair big sales revenue holes in highly competitive and commoditised market space.

Even when the sales team is in a long term slump and has a rubbish sales pipeline!

And, we can do the same for you.

Just book your free consultation and let’s look at your options and form a solution that works for you.

Helping B2B Sales Teams to Thrive

Over the last 20 years we’ve identified that there are 6 key issues that keep sales results depressed:

These are:

  • Being outsold by lesser competitors
  • Having to discount / sell on price to win business
  • Losing prospects because they go cold half way through the sales process
  • Quoting but not converting
  • Poor sales pipeline management
  • Being perceived as exactly like everyone else in your market space

If you’re running a sales team, suffering from any one, or a combination, of these issues, then let’s book some time in to see how you can get a fix.

Take a look at some of our Sales Improvement Solutions

Getting a fix for the Deadly Six Sales Fails above is simple – and you can join us – The Sales Improvement Workshop

Or if you’re looking to really take your sales team performance to the highest level then check out The Consultative Selling Skills Tool Box. This is highly bespoke sales training designed to push your sales teams to the front of any prospect short list.

It does this by teaching sales people to sell just how buyers want to buy, using the most modern and relevant sales engagement process and conversations.

At Morton Kyle Limited –  a leading sales improvement and sales training companies, UK based delivering globally – helping our clients embrace sales success that continues after we leave is our only focus.

Helping Sales Leaders to Get More From Their Sales Team

Sales Leaders have a tough job.

It’s made tougher if the sales team is running a myriad of different sales processes, using 10 different sales structures, with a non-standardised sales qualification process, a semi-adopted.semi-abandoned sales CRM and a sales forecast that is more fiction than fact…

Morton Kyle Limited - Sales Training Companies UK

Any of this sound familiar?

If that’s a ‘yes’ check out this:

Get rid of inaccurate sales forecasts.

Take the guess work out of forecasting

Get the whole sales team forecasting in exactly the same way.

Remove all the drossy sales leads from your sales pipeline.

And discover where you need to spend all your sales efforts, resources and attention – read this – Smart Sales Forecasting

To discover the full sales potential in your sales function, uncover the sales leaks in your sales process, missed sales opportunities and revenue potential…

Plus, just what to do to fix those costly errors – then read this – The Sales Insight Audit

And, if you are genuinely at a loss at where to start to get the sales results realigned with sales targets then take a look at this. You can start a sales improvement process or sales performance management process that you own – starting now – Fix & Flow – The 90 Days Sales Improvement Spring

It’s not simple but it is easy…

Delivering B2B sales training courses and sales improvement solutions across so many sectors and for so long means we’ve probably (most definitely!) come across the problems you’re facing before…we have the fix, or at the very worst, we have the start of a fix and a list of things that you shouldn’t do (equally important don’t you think?)

So, with this in mind, here’s a simple list of what’s important to us

It’s important to us because it what’s been (and continues to be important to) our clients….

  • High impact, just in time, results orientated bespoke B2B Sales Training – Basic to Advanced level for all Sales Functions, covering the whole sales process
  • Highly Practical Sales Training Consultancy  providing a fully holistic approach to sales improvement and sales growth
  • Sales Skills Training Needs Analysis – not delivering heavily padded training. We only delivering training that moves the sales needle. This means our sales training is faster to get into the team. Because all of it is relevant, it has a higher impact. Best of all, the impact can be measured much quicker. All equals better sales results, sooner for our clients
  • Total Transparency – Improved Sales Results – agreeing, with our clients, expected uplifts in sales results before we agree to deliver any sales training or sales improvement solutions. We both need to know this sales gtraining/intervention is going to be worth it.
  • Efficient/Effective Sales Processes – understanding/standarising sales processes and sales structures as part of the sales training solution. This is helping our clients to stop doing stuff that doesn’t create value or win you business!


  • Stable Sales Funnels and Sales Pipelines – any sales training or sales improvement solution should deliver value long after we have left the building. That;s why we deliver full knowledge transfer at all stages of the process. That way, our clients can drive their own continuous sales improvement, hence giving them predictable sales results
  • Clarity of Purpose – only sell to those people who you want to buy your products and services! We get our clients understanding the market, competitive space, competitor strengths in the finest detail. As it is, not as they think it is. This is critical to the success of any sales training or sales improvement solutions. As is our clients having absolute clarity on the value they bring in their market space. 
  • Elevated Turnover and Profits – using strong sales qualification processes, agreed Perfect Prospect Profiling, shortening sales cycles, value driven sales pitches, All possible because we help our client sales teams to become trusted advisers in their field.

But that’s not all…

  • Shorter Sales Cycles – using highly consultative sales processes with differentiation, risk management and value as levers
  • Sustainable Competitive Sales Advantage – our aim is not to simply help our clients thrive in their competitive space. Our aim is to help them elevate themselves above the competitors that also occupy that same space.
  • High Levels of Focused Sales Activity – helping sales management teams to really understand the power of daily sales activities, daily sales habits, results focused performance management and by understanding the power behind sales performance metrics and KPIs
  • Higher Average Order Values – because cross selling, up selling, and generating referrals should be standard practice in EVERY sales team. 
  • Sales Stability, Predictability & Certainty – the three pillars of a first class sales and business development function


  • Objection Free Sales Presentations – why would your prospect ever say no? And how does your sales team get to that position? it all starts with how you position your product/service and to whom you sell. It’s an easy fix and one of the fastest ways to double the output of your sales team.
  • Clear Insights into your Sales and Business Development Levers – sales best practice for results you want. There are over 100 sales improvement leavers you can select to help you out perform the norm.
  • Sales Insight Knowledge Transfer – no long term commitment to us, we share everything with you as we progress

You can get more insights about how we work and our promise to you by reading The Morton Kyle Sales Training Charter

Book your FREE Sales Consult  – – 0114 236 1221 – 0779 002 1885

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Practical, proven and results driven sales and business development support for your business.

No sales waffle, no long term contracts, just high impact results driven sales training, sales improvement solutions and business development support where you need it, when you need it.

Check out our customer testimonials – hit the link above

 Morton Kyle Limited, since 2003, one of the UK’s leading sales training companies, UK based, working globally to deliver B2B sales training and sales improvement solutions.

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