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New Starter Sales Training

New starter sales training is not like any other kind of sales training program, the sales training you provide for your new recruits will be their first step on their journey to sales success!

Get it right and they will fly…confident, happy, motivated and in control.

Get it wrong and it’s almost impossible to recover from.

At Morton Kyle we know that giving new sales people a sales tool kit that reduces stress, gives them a purpose, puts them in control and allows then to contribute early.

We know these factors are an absolute must to ensure the first few weeks with your organisation are positive, productive and build loyalty.

In a world of skills shortage and high migration, we help you keep your new recruits onside during their early stage sales careers with you.

Sales Training for Recruits | What’s Included?

You decide….

Some of the very best new starter sales training plans don’t even talk about sales to begin with!

Instead they focus on understanding the buyer, the buyer’s challenges and the competitive landscape.

This forms an ideal base to start layering in conversations about what your organisation’s specific value proposition is, and how you can strongly position your products and services against the competition!

Being able to engage in a peer to peer sales conversation with your prospects is a true game changers and a critical building block that will make a big difference.


Let’s get your new recruits excited to be on your team and not on the other side!!

Sales is a Transfer of Energy

If, like me, you think sales is a transfer of energy, then let’s make sure that energy is big, bright and positive.

We’ve found in our extensive sales training experience, than the very best sales people have a confidence and resilience that allows them to proactively engage with the sales process whilst emotionally dis-engaging with the outcome.

What does that mean?

It means they are almost 100% resistant to rejection.

And that means they are UNSTOPPABLE!

Jet Propelled New Starter Sales Training

Now is about the right time, after their confidence is sky high and the new recruits are sooooo very desperate to start talking to prospects, to start introducing their sales training.

Just like you’d fertilise the ground, tend it carefully before planting a tree to maximise it’s growth potential, so you do the same with your new recruits.

Whether your team are using a consultative selling model, solution selling, value building or more challenging models, or even a combination of all of the most modern sales structures then this is a really intense period of learning and application.

An intense period of installing new sales software in their heads and hearts and letting them construct, deconstruct and build the sales frameworks back stronger, so that there will never be any need for a sales call structure, a sales script, a pitch cheat sheet or any other sales limiting aid!

That Seems Like a Big Investment in Time and Effort?

And maybe it is…but you have one opportunity to get it right or you’ll lose the new recruit, or, even worse, spend 2 years trying to build a high-functioning, high confidence, super-resilient, target smashing sales genius!

It’s your call!

But presumably, you recruited these people because you saw something special in them and you wanted them on your team?

But wait – there is one step left

Sales Coaching | Turning Your Team Leaders into Sales Coaches

No sales function gets it perfectly right first time, that’s why having the sales team leaders, sales managers and sales coaches in on the training means hyour new recruist get ongoing sales training, sales coaching and skills development.

That’s your investment and your guarantee of sales success, giving value to your team and your organisation long after the training is delivered.

What Do We Cover?

The short answer is absolutely everything the successful sales professional will need to confidently start selling!

From opening the sales door and targeting the ideal client profile, to building a buiness case, from negotiating with gate keepers to CEO’s.

Demonstrating value and strong ROI to using trial closes, the most up to date sales call plan, and building champions and buying consensus across multiple stakeholders.

When you look at how the world of selling has changed in the last 3 then you can see that most of your sales teams time is spend building relationships and making sure you’re the provider of choice whist the buyer is in the early stages of shopping around.

So, for thi reason we also look at the anatomy of the perfect sales process and how to build buying groups that exclude your competitors and dramatically shorten sales cycles.

This is a comprehensive new starter sales training program to give your team the very best chance of sales success in the shortest possible time.

New Starter Sales Training | Our Promise to You

Check out the Morton Kyle Sales Training Charter 

If you’re looking at adding to your sales team and want to explore the new starter sales training programs, you can contact Morton Kyle on 0779 002 1885

Happy Selling


If you’re looking for a sales improvement program for your existing sales team come along to our Sales Improvement Workshops, running monthly

And if your sales function is performing below expectation – we have a range of tailored Sales Assessment and Sales Audits available to suit all firms and challenges.

Did you know – if you’d like to train your existing sales team in how to be better at sales so they can close more business, faster and with higher margins, then we include a full Sales Training Needs Analysis – completely free of charge with every sales training course booked…check out the details here – Free Sales Training Needs Analysis

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