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Just in Time | Online Sales Training | Budget Friendly & Fast!

Online sales training delivered LIVE, by an experienced trainer, just when you need it.

And without blowing your budget!

Or having to wait 6 weeks to get it booked in….

Why? It’s simple…I have run sales teams, I still run sales teams!

Sometimes that sales team, or even just one sales person needs a little bit of help, they need to master a skill, build some confidence, flex a sales muscle, get a bit of a refresher in a specific area…and that’s perfectly normal.

Thing is….how do you address this while:

  • Not taking too much time out of the sales day?
  • Not blowing a small fortune?
  • Getting value for money?
  • And have a live sales trainer who could interact and take questions, rather than watching a video?

After all, it’s a relatively quick fix, you know the value in having an experienced sales training deliver the solution, but you just don’t want or need to book a full day or even a half day really…

  • Maybe even if you could just book by the hour perhaps?
  • And not have to wait too long to get it booked in?
  • And maybe even if you could have 1 person on it or perhaps even 20 and still pay the same price per hour?

Would that be too much to ask?

Not at all!

Online Sales Training | You Pick the Time, the Place, the Duration | Problem Solved!

This is your perfect online sales training solution.

And I know it is because at certain times in my live I have been in your shoes!

I didn’t need a sales trainer to come in an revamp the whole sales world, I just needed a persistent problem fixed by someone who knew the drill, could talk from experience and not take all day about it!

It’s the ultimate plug and play online sales training to solve those annoying sales challenges.

Allowing you to solve your sales challenges fast….so you can all get on with doing what you need to do, just slightly better now you’ve had some direct, relevant and to the point sales training.

Super fast, convenient, time and budget efficient…and very effective… so you can quickly move on to your next sales opportunity.

Knowing you’re unstoppable!

Why Morton Kyle Sales Training?

At Morton Kyle, we understand that live online sales training has so many wonderful benefits for sales teams who are genuinely looking to thrive rather than simply survive!

I also know that time = money. And training that takes longer than it should is an expensive luxury…in more ways than one.

I also know that working in sales is a tough job.

And it’s a job where you need to be at the top of your game every time you engage with a client, the team, the business.

If you’re a sales person, or run a sales team you know that the prospect you sit in front of deserves the very best version of you.


Because you may only get one opportunity to make a first impression.

And, because you’ll probably have worked really hard to get in front of the prospect…

And you may not get a second chance.

Because prospects have expectations around what they get from you in exchange for their precious 30 minutes,

And finally, in case you’re wondering…you need to have your A-game in play…

Because your prospects will definitely be at the top of their game when it comes to getting a great deal from you!

Don’t waste a single sales opportunity by showing up for your prospects half prepared – you don’t need to!

Just in Time and On-Demand!

Sitting in a training room all day, wading through sales text or scanning videos on youtube might not work for you.

You want sales insights to solve key and critical challenges NOW.

Insights into how to cut through buyer resistance.

Exploring answers to your specific questions.

You want a dynamic fix for your sales challenge as it crops up.

That’s the same whether you’re managing a sales team, running a sales desk, fighting to hit your sales target or wondering how your sales forecast got into such a tangle!

Time is not always you’re friend.

Everyone wants answers and so…

Where do you turn?

Morton Kyle is your Just in time, on-demand sales trainer.

Online Sales Training and Sales Improvement – Here to Help Today.

Whatever your sales challenge – whether it’s grabbing a prospect’s attention fast, being positively different from any other sales callers, getting over specific sales objections, sorting out your sales pipeline or simply building sales confidence…

Then the Live Online Sales Training available form Morton Kyle will help you get where you need to be.

When you work in sales, at whatever level, over time you’ll realise that you are better at handling some parts of the business development process and not so great at handling other bits.

You might see your sales pipeline fail completely or just get sluggish, your prospects continually bumping you for cheaper and lesser competitors or you realise you’re avoiding picking up the phone to new prospects…

As a sales leader you realise that your team are challenging in 20 different ways and that if you could just sort the issues out, it would make you a better leader, your team a better sales function and your business a stronger force in your market…

Whatever those challenges are…if you don’t sort them fast, it will cost you.

Inconsistencies in Sales Skills, Sales Performance, Selling Methods, Sales Systems Cost Money

No one person or team can be brilliant at everything, every day on every call.

Inconsistencies in sales costs money, and even worse, wasted time.

You and I know that only half of your team will hit target in a month, and the next month, it’s still only half, most likely though, it’s a different half!

The struggle is real!

But here’s the thing, there’s a couple of key elements that high performing sales teams strive for: Predictability and Continuous Improvement

High performance sales and business development functions know that if they can identify and resolve a weakness then they are getting stronger.

Becoming more formidable.

Infinitely powerful in the quest to build market share, margin and critical mass in the competitive space they exist in.

They sell more because they continually seek out their own weaknesses and systematically destroy them….

Not everyone makes the bold move to identify their sales weaknesses and do something about it.

After all…

Everyone Struggles With Selling At Some Point Don’t They?

Of course.

But not every sales person/sales team has the self awareness to make the effort to reflect on their own performance.

To analyse themselves and their performance.

Seek feedback on what they need to improve or…

Care enough about the opportunities they’re setting up for their competitors to steal from under their nose…

Not everyone has the will, drive, ambition or commitment to succeed in sales and play their best sales game.

But not you.

You know better.

Whether you’re a sales professional, sales team leader, sales manager…improvement is its own motivator, solving the sales challenges as we go is a sign of progress, that we’re growing.

It’s good for us…

So if you’re in a position where you know you’re capable of so much more in your chosen profession then we need to talk because your will only even be as strong as weakest skill…

And that’s a scary thought!

Morton Kyle Live Online Sales Training…

This is virtual sales training delivered in a real and dynamic way to suit you wherever you are, when ever you need it and covering whatever sales challenge your currently facing.

Online, live, virtual sales training designed to help you finally unblock those small sales challenges that have a corrosive impact on your month.

That are eating into your month end sales results, your sales bonus, your career prospects and your status within the business…

Morton Kyle Live Online Sales Training is delivered by an experienced sales trainer who will help you over come your very specific sales challenges.

This is not a sales training video…it’s live online, virtual sales training with a sales trainer who’s only aim is to help you get unstuck and power through to the next sales peak in your sales career.

So, this is you interacting with and being trained directly by an experienced sales trainer with over 25 years experience in selling, business development, sales improvement, sales growth and sales management.

Available as a 1-2-1 session or as a group sales training session, our online sales training courses are delivered via skype, google hangouts or zoom (other platforms maybe available)

Whether you’re new to sales and want a fast track insight to how sales professionals smash target and you can too, or you’re a seasoned sales professional looking to move to the next level, or a sales leader facing tough sales leadership challenges, then online sales training is the most effective and efficient way to get the sales and sales improvement training you need when you need it.

It’s Just in Time – the ultimate on demand, live, online training for sales teams.

Live, online sales training is designed to get to the heart of the key issues you’re facing that stop you getting the sales results you want when you want them.

Live, Online Sales Training is for Everyone!

So, maybe you’re looking for a one-off sales training session or something more tailored to your development over a longer period, we’ve got online sales, business development and sales improvement training to solve even the most complex of sales challenges.

Online Virtual Sales Training – We Cover:

All aspects of skills development within the following headings:

  • New business development
  • Sales call structure
  • Objection handling
  • Value based differentiation
  • Negotiation
  • Selling against competitors
  • How to disrupt the market
  • Great sales questions for sales closers
  • Booking great telephone sales appointments
  • How to book sales demos that convert to orders
  • Sales improvement
  • Account management
  • Strategic account management
  • Account based selling
  • Cross selling
  • Lead generation
  • Creating value propositions
  • Smart forecasting
  • Sales management
  • Sales motivation
  • Managing under performing sales teams
  • Smart forecasting

If you’re looking for something not on this list, just let me know.

All of our online sales training courses are live, dynamic and bespoke – we can help when a generic training course or a you tube video won’t!

How Online Virtual Sales Training Works

You select your time and date.

I’ll confirm this booking with you, and arrange a date to have a simple scoping conversation with you, so you get exactly the sales training you need.

During the scoping call, we’ll outline the challenge you’re facing and agree the scope of the training and follow up results we’d expect you to achieve with the new skills.

(Yes, you have to commit to do the work and put the new training into play!)

Then, we get cracking to design a course just for you, turnaround is often within 24 hrs…

It’s not just any old training session either. You do get an accountability buddy as part of your online sales training solution.

So if you think this is a hit and run, tick box exercise then think again.

This is online sales training that gets you where you need to be with the minimum of fuss, effort, time and the maximum return on time, return on investment, sales results and confidence.

Virtual, Live, Online Training Gets Sales Results!

Use our Online Sales Training with a Live Trainer when you need a sales skills, mindset, confidence solution fast, they are perfect….

  • If you’re short of time.
  • When you’re coming up against the same issue time and time again, and it’s costing you.
  • If you want dedicated 121 time to work out your challenges
  • You don’t want an off-pat response – you want to go deep and specific

Virtual, Online Training Fees

We’ve got the costs as low as possible, to ensure you can access the support you need, when you need it.

You only pay per training hour – or part hour. No charge for scoping, design or follow up.

Our sales, business development and sales improvement online training costs a flat fee of £275* per initial sales training session plus VAT.

Subsequent sales training hours are charged at £225 ph plus VAT.

I’m really good at helping all levels of sales professionals get unstuck, helping them thrive, prospect and deliver. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at what you can get covered in 90 mins!

*The initial booking – £275 per initial hour plus VAT includes a preliminary scoping call of 20 mins, the training design, the training delivery (90 mins).

No add-ons, no extras and no stress.

Payment is made in advance.

Just select your time, date and challenge here and we’ll be in touch

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After all, there can be no progress without learning.

How you learn, how you develop, how you gain insight so you can be a better sales person, sales leader, sales professional than you were yesterday is up to you.

The Morton Kyle Online Sales Training service is designed so you can access the skills, insights and training you need, at a time that suits you.

All our online sales training is done 121 and you’d be surprised how much you can cover in 90 mins.

Success is almost guaranteed, you, of course, simply have to do the hard work and employ the new skills!

So if you’ve ever wondered what you’re really capable of in the sales arena, then now is your time to find out.

We look forward to working with you soon because our Live Online Sales Training is designed for you! .

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