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Business Assessment | Sales Audit | Results in < 14 Days

Business assessment means lots of things to lots of people.

Some strategic boards will simply look at Revenue, Margin, and Cashflow as indicators to how the business is doing…and that makes sense.

But what about what you need to increase sales results and sales performance? And to look at leading factors into sales performance, rather than just the lagging factors like revenue and margin?

Revenue, margin and cashflow…all rely on your sales team maximising daily, every single sales opportunity…no missed margin opportunity or lead conversion…but ONLY looking atg these as success indicators means you can’t go back and change the results.

Today, I’d like to talk to you about how to change those critical metrics whilst you have the opportunity and before the final score is called

How do we do this?

The good news is there are 135 opportunities to improve sales…

The bad news is that you have at least 135 ways to get it wrong too…

Protect Your Sales Improvement Efforts with our Business Assessment

The Morton Kyle Sales Audit gives you all the insights you need to ensure you work the right levers in the right way, and at the right time to get the sales uplift you need

  • Whether you’re struggling to hit sales target, or wondering what jewels are buried in your sales CRM or you want to sense check that you’re making the most of your sales potential…. then there is a Business Assessment / Sales Audit for you.

Business Assessment | Sales Audit  | Results in 14 Days

Want to dig into varying performance across your team?

  • Looking to remove the peaks and troughs across the sales calendar?
  • Increase conversion rates?
  • Get a handle on sales forecasting?
  • Sense check your next year/quarter sales projections and get a head start?
  • Build a high conversion sales process (maybe just with your worst performers)?
  • Reduce sales cycles?
  • Minimise the customer acquisition costs?
  • Get rid of the ‘constipated’ sales pipeline?

Your Sales Audit can cover all or just one of these issues.

Call to discuss exactly what sales problems you’d like to solve and sales levers you’d like to flex – 0779 002 1885

Let’s talk about your ‘what if’s…’

Business Assessment | Sales Audits to Empower Sales Leaders

Start at £1,495 plus VAT

Our Sales Audits give you the answers you need, when you need them.

Sales results don’t improve on their own, sales performance doesn’t improve without intervention.

Time can increase urgency to improve, especially if you’re looking to make up for a poor quarter, or finish the year strong.

Don’t leave it too late.

Your sales audit is tailored to you and results can be back on your desk within 14 days…

Business Assessment | Sales Audit Success

Recent sales audits yield the following results

Software Company

  • x3 AOV within 3 months
  • Conversion rate from 1:27 to 1:3
  • Increase attendance rate to demos by over 70%

Purpose Driven Org

  • 300% increase in sales rev in 12 months
  • Increased AOV by 58% in 4 months
  • Increased conversion rate by 6% in 6 months

BPO – Global 

  • Introduced new pricing strategy
  • Improved profits by over 50%
  • Up-graded the client profile to increase business stability

You can uncover more details here – The Morton Kyle Sales Audit

You’re in Control | Book Your Sales Audit

All sales audits are designed to suit your needs and budget.

Book your call to discuss how a sales audit can help your team unblock their sales potential

Call / text 0779 002 1885 to book your call

Not all business assessment criteria is revenue. margin and cashflow – sometimes you need to dig deeper – this is your chance to build a sales improvement model, adopt best practice as well as introduce positive performance management.

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