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Book Great Telephone Sales Appointments

Book great telephone sales appointments and there is no sales target that can trouble you.

And the really great news is…you only have to learn this business and success critical skill once.

Just one time.

Once…and you can rest assured you’ll convert at the highest possible conversion rate from prospect to booked appointment, have a business pipeline of value, and have the opportunity to create a steady stream of high quality, well qualified leads who will buy.

You can achieve what you set your mind to…you have the skills to deliver sales opportunities on tap.

Because being able to book great telephone sales appointments is the number one skill for successful sales professionals…that simple task of filling the sales pipeline with high quality, well qualified sales prospects who want to buy what you’re offering.


Because it delivers results.

It’s the start of the critical sales journey.

It is the key to unlocking the best and most ambitious of sales plans.

So, why isn’t everyone booking great sales appointments?

Good question!

The trouble is many sales people over complicate this task, making it more risky, less rewarding and taking it up far more time than it should.

  • Which means results rarely reflect effort.
  • Precious time is lost.
  • Motivation drops as rejection soars
  • Success is rarer than it should be
  • They, sadly, run out of steam before they see any rewards for their efforts!

The combination of those 5 factors alone destroy otherwise very capable sales teams.

But ask yourself, how do you stop the downward cycle?


  • Stop randomly dialling ‘job titles’ with a generic sales pitch.
  • Prep compelling reasons why the prospect should / would engage with them.
  • Don’t take the first sign of resistance as fatal.
  • Stop selling way too early, instead build the qualifying / trust-building / relationship conversation.
  • Don’t burn through data and potential opportunities – instead ask the right questions to engage in a value based exploratory conversation

And, ask yourself….

Are You Playing the Numbers Game to Fill Your Sales Pipeline?

You won’t need to play the numbers game anymore – but you can if you want – let’s just get very specific about the types of leads you’re playing the numbers game with!

That’s the double win.

Here’s how some sales people view their role…

They see it as their job to drag unwilling prospects through a tortuous sales process, discounting, cajoling and persuading all the way.

That’s not selling…that’s robbery.

So you won’t be surprised that, given half a chance most prospects will flee at the first opportunity.

Flee and hide and avoid you like the plague!

Instead, a successful sales person will focus their precious time and skills on identifying and building commercial relationships with people who have a qualified appetite for what you’re selling.

See the difference – the sales person does the rejecting, the sales person only progresses with the opportunities he creates with people who are willing and able to buy.

In short – spend your time hunting, collecting and building a sales proposition with a warm prospect rather than ……

Dealing with the ‘not interested’ or ‘sounds interesting;, ‘send me some details’, ‘I’ll speak with my boss about it’ or the inevitable ‘not looking’

Because these all become something of a rarity when your sales pitch is value laden, relevant and delivered with an expert understanding of the prospects industry and challenges.

In short, and you have a proven fix for them.

So, if you really want to avoid getting the brush off when supposedly ‘warm’ prospects disappear off the face of the earth, them simply don’t put yourself in a position where that will happen.

Start prospecting smart – qualifying in and out as you go, creatively building sales pitches that attract and repel those prospects that you need to attract or repel.

It’s low risk, high reward sales prospecting at its best.

Morton Kyle B2B sales training courses are designed to help B2B sales teams succeed fast…by showing you how to prospect hard, fast, smart and with a proposition that puts you in your Kill-Zone.

A sales lead generation system that’s proven to help lead generators, appointment setters, telesales and telemarketing teams become highly skilled in converting cold prospects into high quality, well qualified sales opportunities that close.

Delivering a steady stream of high quality customers when you need them.

Putting you in control of filling up your sales pipeline whenever you need.

You see, success in sales is that simple.

We show you how to start the sales relationship.

That means:

  • Having a great sales lead generation skills set so you know who to qualify in and out and how
  • A crystal clear idea of who your Perfect Prospect is, and why they’re perfect for you
  • A passion, drive and creative problem solving mentality that allows you to see through the hurdles prospects present and cut to the chase.

Master these, so you can book great telephone appointments, build a first class sales pipeline, have value laden sales conversations…

You’re well on your way to sales super stardom!!

Discover how to book great sales appointments – the telephone is the fastest, most effective and controllable way to consistently bring in new sales.

If you know how to use it!

So, whether you’re currently using the telephone to pull in business, want to start to use the telephone as a serious business channel or you’re a serious operator who wants to up the game in the sales arena – we’ve got the results focused telephone sales training course to suit you.

All based on the most up to date thinking around:

  • How to build trust with prospects, so you can educate, entertain, advocate and appeal…and so they listen
  • How buyers like to be engaged, qualified and sold to.
  • Why your prospect wants you to talk about risk, value, price and their competitive advantage.
  • How to use differentiated sales positioning to ensure you don’t get seen as ‘just another vendor’.
  • Building urgency into the sales process using the only thing you have and your competitors don’t!

Generate Sales High Quality Sales Leads…that convert to orders

Well, that’s just the start of it…

Maybe you want to clean your CRM records, build a targeted list, fill the sales teams diary, secure online demos, start the sales lead nurturing process, conduct research, open up a new niche, target competitor’s clients, follow up after an expo, set up meetings at an expo…

Wow, the list is endless…

And so are the opportunities.

Opportunities to build a real sales and revenue platform that delivers consistently.

The telephone starts a conversation, you get to the people who delete your emails and ignore your LinkedIn requests…


Plus you learn heaps of valuable information along the way…every call just gets better, more engaging, more compelling and more effective as you go.

Fortune Favours the Brave Lead Generator

Nothing makes me happier than a clean, flowing and ever expanding, profitable and sustainable sales pipeline…

It means safety, security, stability and success for the sales person, the sales team, the business.

Using the telephone as a key part of the sales and business development journey is critical to building a sales pipeline that delivers the right sales results when you want.

Building that kind of sales pipeline takes effort, skill and a winning mindset.

It takes confidence, willingness to move outside of the comfort zone, ambition, clarity of mind, drive and vision.

That’s what you get from the Sales Improvement Workshop

Start today – make your commitments to Book great sales appointmnets and leave your competitors to deal with the rest.

Discover how too book great sales appointments, use a sales methodology that works and build your own high converting sales funnel…so you take control of your sales order book and revenue streams once and for all…

Talk to Morton Kyle about how our telephone sales training has helped sales teams just like yous to book great telephone sales appointments that convert.

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