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Direct Sales Training | Create 4 Extra Selling Days Per Month

Direct sales training from Morton Kyle Limited is for you if you’re:

  • In charge of the sales process from start to finish, carrying a revenue and/or profit sales target
  • Front line B2B sales or managing a front line B2B sales team
  • Committed to achieving high sales results – margin and turnover
  • Lacking a repeatable sales process that the sales team follow
  • Saddled with sales prospects who are slow to make decisions, too price sensitive, or who disappear after you’ve done all the hard work
  • Keen to maximise your sales conversion and make the most of your most precious sales commodity – your time
  • Interested in introducing best practice and continuous sales improvement into the sales team

Direct Sales Training to Increase Your Selling Time & Sales Results

It’s a cradle to grave activity.

  • You’re filling the sales pipeline at the top via incoming leads and proactive cold calling
  • Qualifying sales prospects to the next level through the sales funnel
  • Conducting extensive discovery and matching value
  • Writing business -winning proposals
  • Chasing sales proposals
  • Negotiating price
  • Closing the business

So, you may get given some leads along the way, but as far as the business is concerned…it’s down to you.

Your time is precious, your skills and your expertise expensive, the skill is in knowing where to employ your skills and experience so that you attract and engage with the best sales prospects and quickly weed out the rest.

Do this and who knows what sort of time you could free up per week…get the right selling method in place and you could be saving yourself at least 4 days per month, maybe even more.

What could you achieve with an extra 4 selling days per month?

Why Morton Kyle?

Because we understand the very simple fact that whilst your sales skills are very good, your industry knowledge and expertise unquestionable, if you’re engaging with everything that looks vaguely like a prospect you’ll be producing just a fraction of what you’re capable of delivering.

And that will hurt.

It will hurt your sales figures.

Your sales performance.

Sales career and promotion

Self respect

And no-one want’s that.

And that’s what our Direct Sales Training course focuses on results, turnover and margin, sales habits, sales mindset, daily sales activities, and sales attitude.

New business development, especially the cradle to grave variety, can be a black hole where too much time, effort and expertise spent on the wrong activity can derail even the most professional and capable sales professional.

Morton Kyle’s sales training is designed to help you understand and exploit where you’re opportunity to close high value, high margin business is the greatest…leaving your competitors to pick up the crumbs.

We know success breed success…and helping you enjoy the sales success you truly deserve is our aim.

The Morton Kyle Direct Sales Training Course for Ambition Sales Professionals

Run over two-days, you get to understand and apply the following:

  • Opening new business opportunities quickly, consistently and professionally
  • Sales discovery, scenario building, anti-friction sales discussions
  • Moving to the next sales steps naturally
  • Setting agendas to prevent sales opportunities being wasted/going cold
  • Building credibility with the key stakeholders
  • Selling your pricing based on value
  • Writing proposals that get signed off
  • Closing the business
  • Gaining referrals, recommendations, introductions

Your Take-Away : Active Selling System = 4 Extra Sales Days Per Month Plus…

Employing the skills we cover here I’d hope you’d free up at least an extra 4 days per month…because even if you have the best sales skills in the world, if you spend too much of your time not in active sales mode then you’re wasting too much time, and that means lost revenue and earning potential.

You’ll get a B2B sales and new business generation method that is up to date, backed by the most up to date research and fully proven.

Accompanied by sales audit templates, sales performance management packs and continuous service improvement kits.

Still Thinking …?

That’s ok, let’s have a chat….

Tell me about what you’re currently doing and the results you’re getting and then tell me about the results you’d like to be getting AFTER we’ve worked together.

I can also share with you how I’ve helped on sales team go from a 1:26 close rate to a 1:4

How a sales team quadrupled their average order value in just 3 months…in a very competitive space

And, then I’ll share how some small changes in pricing positioning lead to a 50% increase in profits

We can also talk about how you can use this opportunity to reset revenue driven best practice in your sales team and what that means for you as a sales leader of a target carrying function

Morton Kyle Sales Training Charter is here…take a look and find out more regarding how we design direct sales training courses that deliver results for you…

How to decide if this is really for you…

Are you tired of:

  • Having a sales forecast that’s more guess work than you’d like?
  • Dealing with sales prospects who take your knowledge, expertise and insights then buy from a cheaper provider
  • Seeing your competitors winning business they don’t deserve and can’t keep?
  • Building an ongoing file of prospects who go silent straight after you’ve given them the price?
  • Working with decision makers who take forever to close?
  • Being given the runaround by multiple stake holders?
  • Having your margins chipped away by your competitors and prospects not understanding the value you actually deliver?
  • Seeing days go by when you don’t achieve anything other that REALLY contributes to the bottom line?
  • Scrambling to offer discounts and deals at the end of a month simply just to scrape target
  • Inconsistent sales performance, one good month followed by two ‘ok’ months
  • Overly stuffed sales CRM where you don’t really know who you should ditch or develop?
  • No accurate means of forecasting sales performance more than 2 months out?

Does any of this sound familiar?

If you’re suffering from even a few of these then you know how disabling it can be…

Don’t you deserve a better way?

The Next Step:

Take this opportunity to think about what you want to achieve with your sales training. what results, behaviours, skills, daily habits. attitudes, mindsets and legacy.

Then lets have a chat 0779 002 1885 or email to set up a date/time to discuss further.

With Morton Kyle your direct sales training is so much more than you can expect from any other training, it’s designed to deliver the results you want, it’s supported so you get to enjoy those results, and build on them for a very long time.

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