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Sales Improvement Training | Sales Leadership and Management Development

Sales improvement for Sales Leadership and Management is now one of the most critical investments an organisation can make.

In a world when senior leadership teams have having to accommodate the evolving needs of their people, the constantly increasing demands of buyers, the introduction of new technologies and trends, as well as cruise through the challenges around critical skills shortage, training by osmosis now flexible working is here to stay, and the increasing cost of living….then it means that putting increaed efforts into controlling the controllable makes more sense than it ever did before.

Developing senior sales managers and sales leaders shouldn’t be seen as a training luxury, it’s a commercial imperative…

For the good of the business, your people, your customers and your bottom line.

Act Now – Help Your Sales Leaders Plot of True North to Sales Success

The cost of leaving sales improvement development to chance is a critical flaw in many sales led organisations…and an area that’s rarely explored until the wheels fall off.

The trouble is now that, with so many supply change, conflicting agenda issues, and an off-kilter political agendas, where buyers are holding their breath longer before signing, involving more decision makers and pushing harder for discounts, then how is your busy sales leader expected to identify a minor dip in performance from the start of a deep rut, and, saying they can do that, how do they head it off at the pass?

On top of that, who wants to be a sales manager who exists in an exhausting and semi-permanent fire-fighting mode…so no sooner has one fire been extinguished, another one flares up again…

Are you starting to recognise this in your sales management and leadership team?

How Would You KNOW?

Time Your Sales Leadership and Management Team Became Experts in Sales Improvement?

Here are some key tell-tale symptoms that continuous sales improvement is not a high priority in your business:

  • Sales peaks and troughs
  • Zero or negative growth
  • High staff attrition
  • Wide gap between sales forecasts and sales results
  • Overfull yet unproductive / stagnant sales pipeline
  • Lack of confidence in scaling
  • Cost of orders are increasing
  • Sales cycles durations are increasing
  • Spend per client is going down
  • Order frequency is dropping
  • No-one is putting closed-loss records through
  • Orders are coming out of the blue / or not!
  • Hitting sales targets in the last two days of the month (or not)

Recognise any of these?

Sales Improvement must be a Critical Focus for Sales Leadership and Sales Management Professionals

Otherwise you’re consistently dealing with sales problems.

You’ll be dealing with sales symptoms and not the causes of those issues.

It’s the worst kind of Ground Hog Day…

Sales Improvement Training| Let the Sales Leadership Take the Easier Route For Once…

Without a doubt, sales and leadership management is one of the toughest roles in the sales function, and anyone in these role has a tough job to do. 

The wall to wall challenges of managing a sales team, driving the sales numbers, warding off competitor attacks, reading the market and dealing economic uncertainty, it’s a tough gig…

And let’s not talk about the sales staff retention, coaching, HR demands, the list goes on.

But one thing, one event comes along all too often.

But, as a Sales Leader, here is a painful confidence in the absolute certainty that every month, you have to stand in front of the boss and deliver the sales numbers.

Numbers, that are sometimes more a hope and a prayer than a certainty.

Sales numbers that could happen providing the sales forecast doesn’t fall apart like a choc-ice in the June sun at some point in the next 30 days.

Numbers that could happen, with a push.

Results that the team could deliver….

Having Faith in the Sales Numbers 

This is the first sign you’ve started to adopt continuous sales improvement.

Because certainty in the sales numbers is critical.

Ok, last month, now, you might be shaving 25% off any of the sales forecast to protect your sanity and your reputation, but that’s just resorting to a ‘best guess’ strategy – and that brings it’s own challenges.

You can remove that uncertainty immediately, plus you can really help your sales team get to grip with their sales pipeline, focusing their attention on where they can close deals, where they are in danger of dropping opportunities, as well as sign posting them to who they should close-lost.

Check out the details here – Simple Sales Forecasting

You’ll see how forecasting and sales pipeline management makes sales forecasts nailed on, no fear!

Help Your Sales Managers and Leader Get Rid of the Sales Leaks

Once you’ve got a rock solid hold on the sales forecast and the sales pipeline, it’s critical that the next thing you get a tight grip on is the sales leaks that are happening in your sales team.

Once you take a laser focus to the sales pipeline you’ll start to see how the shape of everyone’s pipeline is different, how different people have prospects stay in different stages of the pipeline, you’ll start to see where your individual sales people are losing deals, who is discounting the most plus handfuls of other critical sales insights that mean you can really get stuck in to helping every single sales person improve.

You can find out more about how this works using this link – Your Sales Audit

Discover How to be Your Own Sales Trouble Shooter

There are over 100 sales improvement levers you can use… that’s the good news.

You have lots of choice about how you go about improving sales performance in your team.

But what’s even better is that there are probably no more than two handfuls of reasons why you sales teams are dropping deals they should be winning.

So, to fully empower your sales team, solve all of this simple to fix sales problems take a look at our bespoke sales improvement program.

How Committed Are You to Sales Improvement?

90 days committed?

Committed to develop your sales function to be the very best it can be.

Able to give your sales team all you’ve got for 90 days?

Then join us on Fix & Flow – 90 Day Sales Sprint

That covers all of the above and so much more…check out the link for the full details.

Sales Coaching for Sales Leaders

It’s understandable that you’re nervous, even excited nervous, about undertaking a full sales improvement campaign in your sales team…here’s a really easy way for you to see whether this sort of challenge is suitable for you, your sales team, your business…

Sales Coaching for Sales Leaders Introductory Offer

Sales Improvement Training for Sales Leadership and Sales Management Professionals

All of the above courses and interventions are designed to

  1. Take the uncertainty our of sales management and the sales numbers
  2. Direct the remedial action and attention to areas of the sales function that are inefficient and ineffective and so repairing those costly sales leaks
  3. Set up a sales process, sales engine and sales platform that consistently delivers sales results, allowing you to plan and scale
  4. Introduce standardise sales performance management across the whole sales management function
  5. Develop a culture of Continuous Sales Improvement
  6. Build a sales function that thrives, is high performance and which delivers consistently

If you’ve got a very specific sales improvement challenge you need to solve and build a sustainable solution for – we offer a range of module sales improvement training sessions for senior sales leadership and development teams.

You can check them out here – Solving Real World Sales Problems for Sales Managers

Sales Improvement Training for Sales Leadership and Sales Management Professionals is the only way to ensure you get full control of your sales function, remove all of the uncertainty and enjoy the opportunity to explore low risk growth using firm sales foundations.

To find out more about the Sales Improvement Training for Sales Leadership and Sales Management Professionals via Morton Kyle – you can email at or call 0779 002 1885

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