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Sales Challenges Made Easy | Get A Sales Accountability Partner

I know I do my best work when my back is to the wall, the clock is ticking and I don’t have the time to mess about scrolling through streams of nothing…

But I also know once I’ve got the job done, everyone’s happy and I get a chance to reflect I realised the sheer hell that’s just passed that I wasn’t always as smart as I could have been.

Classic example, Spring 2014. I was coming to the end of a big sales turnaround project, I was in the last three weeks of hand over to the internal sales leadership team, and a new head of sales…so the pressure was on – they were on their own and I was about to become a remote, but accessible support function…

Playing out along side that, I was also prepping for my next contract, another fairly intensive project to launch a sales improvement drive in a sales team that were doing ok, but, as a previous sales audit had identified, they could be doing much, much better.

So, you get the picture…

Time Was Tight…Thinking Space Was Even Tighter

Add into this, I was just on the verge of handing in my final dissertation for my MBA, and whilst I loved doing this, it was hard work…it all paid off though as I now use the research to feed Fix & Flow – 90 Day Sales Sprint.

Anyway, 3 major projects, the cost of failure was huge, and failing was not an option.

Not even a consideration.

I delivered.

Everyone was happy.

I lived to tell the tale.

Would I ever do it again?

Not in this world or the next!

Did I learn a lot?


I Learned What Not to Do!

What I should have done is schedule contracts better – but I didn’t.

And I never considered trying to rejig dates to suit me better.

I should have time blocked – rather than do something on each big goal every day.

But I didn’t.

I should’ve used video, voice recordings to get down all of the hand across material – and sent the clients the video, the required transcripts and all the key information.

But I never thought of doing that. I sat at my keyboard and I typed.

I should have asked the client leadership team to review all the info we’d amassed throughout the project and let them tell me the gaps THEY’D identified, and where they needed me to focus my time for them, so they got the best outcome, but I didn’t.

Instead I typed, and typed….

I worked all night.

Lost sleep.

Lost my temper.

Looked like hell!

I should have done soooo many things which would have made the job easier – but I didn’t think.

And no-one dared approach me with a better idea because I was head-down busy and I knew what I needed to do.

Didn’t I?

Just suffer and get it done!


Not smart.

What a turnip-head (look it up, it’s a technical term) I was

Especially not smart when I am, and have been, the accountability partner enough sales leaders to know how valuable it is just spending 45 minutes evaluating priorities, getting some focus and rejigging the to-do list!

Meet the Not-So-Smart-But-Very-Experienced Sales Accountability Partner!

Yep – I know everything you shouldn’t do if you want to get through some major sales challenges!


And, I’m also very experienced in helping sales leaders and business leaders understand what it takes to make a great sales organisation, one that thrives and how to get from where they are today to where they really need to be…

But you don’t have to trust me with everything.

See, I know what you’re thinking…

Why should I risk talking to this woman, I’m busy enough…or

How can she possibly help me…or even

Nope, not got the time, and I bet it costs a fortune

Any of those near the mark?

Well, maybe you could think again….and check this out Sales Accountability Partner Special Offer

Sales Accountability Partner | Special Offer

I’m not here to twist your arm.

But I do want to give you another way…a different option maybe?

A way I wish I’d had when I was going through the deep, dark tunnel, with my eyes closed and a blindfold on!

And that other way is an opportunity for you to just be – to off-load, to decompress, rethink, reorder, redraw the lines and start again.

Start again knowing that you’re on the right track, to the right place, in a way that’s productive and positive for you.

You’ll feel better immediately, energised because you know you’re on the right track, and that brings it’s own spurt of focus and energy.

What Do We Cover?

Absolutely whatever you want!

You set the agenda – these are your challenges, not mine.

Just bring the challenge, I’ll bring ears, eyes and a sounding board, a few sign posts…just for you.

And we’ll look at what you can achieve, being fully supported, committed to action and in control of your own destiny…the level of accountability is up to you

You might be facing a career challenge…

Perhaps you’re looking to grow your team and want to avoid some of the issues you’ve faced in the past

Maybe you’re struggling with a team that’s unproductive, unresponsive and unmotivated…

Or are you trying to gear up for your yearly appraisal, a job opportinity or asking for a pay rise…

Perhaps you’re facing a challenging situation at work, or

Looking to introduce a sales improvement culture, rework the bonus structure, change the sales process…or just maybe, you’re like I was and….

Carrying a work load that would stun a large animal if you dropped it on it’s foot, and you’d really like to get some clarity, to clear the decks and start again…

The choice is your’s.

All your’s.

How simple is that

Sales Accountability Partner – Making Decisions Simpler

I know the last thing you need is to have made to make another flipping decision, so I’ve hopefully made this decision super easy for you…just check out the link below, and stop suffering on your own

You can find out more detail about how this works.

Here’s the link Sales Coaching – Special Introductory Offer, or you can email me on or call on 0779 002 1885

I’ve deliberately set this at 5 sessions.

Most things can be sorted out in 5 sessions if those sessions are used properly.

So, you bring the sales challenge – I’ll bring the rest.

Call or email to book now.

Having a sales accountability partner is like having someone permanently in your corner, who’s going to be your very own reality check, mirror and sounding board, so, don’t make the mistakes I did, let’s talk soon

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