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Sales Innovation and Disruption Sessions

Sales Innovation Disruption sessions are designed to help you see your offering, your space, your value an d competitors through the eyes of your buyer and your prospects.

Too often buyers / prospects views change much faster than the views and perspectives of suppliers.

When the rate of change in the buyers industry is high, then the rate of change in the supplier’s industry must be faster.

Whether you’re leading the field in this change (meaning your causing the change) or you’re being forced to play catch up ( meaning you’ve likely been found sleeping at the wheel) – there will be winners and losers.

Its a vicious circle, costly, time-consuming, and can be resource heavy too….so, getting out of the blocks first makes some sense?

Why Use the Sales Innovation Disruption Sessions?

Because they are great for bringing together different parts of the business to build a customer centric / buyer centric value chain that leaves your sector / niche thoroughly shaken, and your competitors more than a little confused!

Put simply the Sale Innovation Disruption Sessions are designed to achieve 3 critical goals: They:

  • Help you work out what it is you’re actually selling, and to whom – (and it’s probably not what you think!)
  • Create an environment / space that is dominated by you and is competitor lite
  • Build such value that your prospect sees your solution as the most valuable option

Tired of losing business? Being Ghosted? Forced to Discount to Win Business?

Genuinely struggling to educate your prospects as to why they should buy from you rather than your competitors?

Then join us for one day and discover another way.

A less stressful way.

A way that sets you as a beacon for the type of clients, customers, prospects and buyers you want.

And by the time they get to you, they’ll have dismissed your competitors as not quite worthy.

After all, why would you blend in when you are meant to stand out!

Sales Innovation Disruption Sessions

Run as in house course for sales and business leaders to work on their business.

Suitable for reps. for leadership teams, as a melting pot for ideas, to unify sales and marketing functions….

During the day long session you work on your business discovering how to:

  • Differentiate your business, your product and your service from your competitors.
  • Exploit the unmet needs of your prospects and your current customers.
  • Disrupt your market so competitors have to play catch up.
  • Tip the playing field in your favour.

You Want to Disrupt and Innovate Your Sales Space?

Using a collection of creative, problem solving and disruptive thinking frameworks and techniques, you start to view your business and what it offers in a different context.

We help you engage your creative mind, use system thinking and engage a real buyer perspective as you build and rebuild your services, your product delivery, your sales channel, your customer interface, your pricing framework, in fact, any aspect of your business so that it blows your competitors out of the ball park.

It’s Not WHAT You Sell, It’s HOW You Sell

Never has this mean more true.

That means you have the power to change how you position yourself and your business, your products and your service in a very short space of time and without a huge financial investment.

How much longer do you want to wait?

Sales Innovation Disruption Sessions are available as in house courses – contact us – Carol on 0779 002 1885 – for availability

Sales Innovation Disruption Sessions designed to help you stand out for all the right reasons!

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