Sales Process Design to Support Fast & Continuous Sales Improvement

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Sales Process Design to Support Fast & Continuous Sales Improvement

Sales process design is at the heart of any sales improvement plan

Here are three things you must do if you’re serious about continuous sales improvement, sales growth, low risk scaling of the sales function.

Sales Process Design

Be conscious about this.

Too many sales functions rely on the CRM to map the sales process. That’s a fail.

Instead map the sales process.

Sales process design is a choice.

Once mapped, review the sales process.

What do you need to do more of?

Could you stop doing some of the things that don’t impact positively on close rates?

What do you need to stop doing?

What adds no value to your prospect?

Where are you bottle necks?

Map Sales Metrics into Your Sales Process Design

In the early stages, map metrics on to every single decision in the sales process.

You can always ignore these later but unless you’ve mapped all sales metrics on to the sales process you’ll never get a clear picture.

This may take some time but it will tell you such a sales story, with such sales insight and depth that you’ll see exactly how and why it’s easier to improve sales than you ever imagined.

Look at where your sales conversion rates (at each key point in the sales process) are lower than you’d like.

Focus on improving those figures.

Coach to Your Sales Process Design and Sales Metrics

You’ve identified a short list of key areas of improvement.

Coach in those very specific areas.

Set short term key team targets around improving those specific sales figures.

You’ve now got clear sight of what your sales recipe is, so continuous sales improvement is just about focus, intent and changing behaviours.

Plus, you’ll be able to fully understand the key performers in your team and what they’re doing that lesser performers aren’t. It’s a great way to kick of your performance management initiative.

Summary: Sales Process Design

Whether you’re at the sales process design stage or you already have a sales process in place…this is a fundamental step in looking at what is actually happening in your sales function versus what you think is happening in your sales function.

To find out more about the work we do with sales led organisations who are looking for scale-able growth, to introduce continuous sales improvement or who simply understand what their sales process is and what the sales metrics are versus what they should be you can check out our blog on Sales Audits and Continuous Sales Improvement here.

Sales process design is an ongoing task. No sales process is a fixed entity. It evolves, grows, tests scenarios, might vary depending on your niches, markets, products, services.

Either way, sales process design is a critical factor in sales success.

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