What’s Your Sales Why?…Why Should the Buyer Buy From You?

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What’s Your Sales Why?…Why Should the Buyer Buy From You?

What’s Your Value Proposition?

Build Your value proposition so that it makes you untouchable!

Build your value proposition because it makes it easier for your prospects to say yes!

Do you need any more reasons?

Creating a compelling Sales Value Proposition means….:

  • Your messaging is strong and meaningful
  • You’ll attract prospects and buyers more easily
  • You can say good bye to competition almost immediately
  • Protecting your margin becomes easier
  • Sales cycle durations will drop
  • Your conversion rate will increase
  • Sales qualification will become easier

So, worth spending some time to build your value proposition?

If you want to get straight into building a value proposition that addresses all of the above and puts it all in a high performance sales structure, then check out our Sales Improvement Workshop – you’ll be glad you did!

What is a Strong Value Proposition?

Simply – your value proposition is a statement or set of statements that means no other supplier or provider can compete with you.

It aligns with solving a very specific problem felt by the prospect, and in being a unique provider, that delivers a higher level of value for the prospect, then you become rare.

That rarity is attractive and appealing.

It commands higher prices and higher margins…

If you are not unique, then you are in a crowded space, and you are in a price war.

Things That will NOT Help You Build Your Value Proposition

Anything that your competitors also do!

Things like:

  • Money back guarantess
  • Free returns
  • 105 off is you sign up to their email
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Ethically sourced

Hear this – if your competitor is doing it or offering it, then, by definition, it can’t form a large part of your value proposition.

Here’s a Value Proposition Test to Help You Build Your Value Prosposition

Write down all the elements of your service that you think make it attractive for your prospect to buy from you…

Now go through this list and cross off all the elements that your competitors offer

What are you left with?

Have a second check – are you sure you have cno competitors also claiming the same?

Once that list is unique to you then you are somewhere near to your value proposition.

Build Your Sales Postposition By Thinking About the Whole Customer Experience

A common error is to assume that this value and uniquness must come from the product or the service alone.

This is really not true…

In fact some of the strongest value propositions are based on:

  • The people in the team – maybe their experince and expertise
  • Your track record in delivering
  • Your results
  • Heritage

(remember – if your competitor can make the same statement then it really shouldn’t be part of yur value proposition)

Why is Your Value Proposition Important?

We assume people buy from people.

It is a very old cliche, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true.

But it’s not as true now as it used to be, and here’s why.

Over the last 10 years or so buyers have started to look outside of the obvious price tag when they are in the buying process….

Now they are looking at 2 additional critical elements as they run their beauty parade of potential suppliers…

Buyers and prospects are now factoring in Value and Risk – you can read more about the relationship between Price, Value and Risk by hitting the link.

Put simply: in addition to price, buyers want to know that:

  • They are minimisinng there risks as much as possible to protect their ego, status, reputation
  • They are getting the best fit and superior solution to their challenges

Cheapest doesn’t mean anything anymore – buyers are more risk conscious and they want to be perceived by their peers as being value driven.

Which brings us back to the question…does your value proposition satisfy the risk and value profile of buyers and prospects today?

Or, more simply, what do YOU bring to the party?

And whilst you’re thinking about it, please be very clear that whilst yourbuyer is dealing with you, he’s asking himself that very same question…

Why You?

Why this supplier and not the one before, or the next supplier?

Whilst it might hurt to accept this, ”Why You?” is a perfectly legitimate question from your prospect.

Build Your Value Proposition to Move the Needle!

You can have the best message pathways in the world but if your message is wrong, then your message is not going to move the sales needle.

Delivery mechanism matters not one jot because unless you know what your message is, well, what’s the point?

If you don’t know what your point of differentiation is, then there is no point being social about anything.

In fact, it’s money and time down the drain!

When you can’t nail absolutely what it is that your prospect wants from you, then forget it.

If you’re going out there saying exactly the same as your competitor, then you might as well walk behind your competitor with a sandwich board saying ‘wot he said’

That’s harsh too.

Simon Sinek is a great advocate of discovering what your WHY is all about.

I think it’s useful.

Very useful.

In fact, I’d say WHY is one of the most powerful words in the business world.


(See what I did there?)

Try this.

Any problem, ask why enough times, and be willing to be honest and truthful and you’ll get to the answer…..why should your prospect buy from you?

If you’ve got a handful of unique reasons – great.

If you can’t come up with any then you have a margin, revenue, market share, and massive marketing budget problem.

Join us on The Sales Improvement Workshop and discover how to solve this sales challenge in just two days – use the contact for at the end of the page or alternatively call Carol on 0779 0021885 to discuss how this will work for you.

Not Having a Strong Value Proposition – What Does That Mean?

It means:

  • Depressed sales
  • Reduced charge out rates and prices
  • Low sales conversion
  • Weak profits
  • Sales instability and uncertainty

The truth is this:

If you can’t work out your WHY, how can you expect your customer to?

You can’t.

You shouldn’t expect them to.

But many sales people do.

They expect the buyer to join the dots.

Lean how to do it differently.

Discover how to be different and communicate that difference to your buyers because when they GET that about you, your chances of doing business increase –  when they get IT and they get you.

The real reason they should buy from you.

What’s My WHY.…my Value Proposition?

I’m tired of mediocre sales pitches – receiving them, listening to them.

And I’m tired of watching sales people leave money and deals on the table.

When they should be in their pocket, and their bank account!

So my WHY is that I get out of bed every single morning, and have done for the last 30 years, with the specific intention of helping people get rich! Rich in choice, with freedom, with assurances that they can earn a GREAT salary, and build FIRST CLASS sales reputation

That’s WHY I’ve created The Sales Improvement Workshop

Build your Value Proposition and Unlock Your Sales Potential

We cover absolutely everything you need to unlock your sales potential and drive your competitors into hiding!

Hit the link above for more details – but here’s a summary of just a few of the areas we cover around Value Propositions and High Performance Selling

Join us to discover….

1. How to create your own competitive sales pitch because you won’t get the extraordinary sales results you want if you just sound like everyone else!

2. How to make your sales pitch so compelling that the prospect will think ‘wow, this is a no-brainer, where do I sign?’

3. How to build a sales pipeline full of HOT sales prospects who want to buy from you…

4. How to maximise your prices using three simple techniques…

5. How to maximise your profits and not leave cash on the table…cross selling, up selling and sooooo much more.

6. Discover handfuls of reasons why your buyers should buy from you rather than your competitors, and how to communicate your sales why’s with conviction and confidence, because that way,  no-one will ever need to ask you what’s you sales why is ever gain because they’ll just know!

Be great to see you discover your WHY…just complete the contact form here and we’ll be in touch or call Carol on 0779 002 1885 and book your seat…

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Contact us to build your sales proposition today!

Because a strong value proposition makes it much easier for your prospects to say yes!

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