Sales Results Tell a Story…Would You Like to Rewrite Yours?

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Sales Results Tell a Story…Would You Like to Rewrite Yours?

The world is built on stories.

Yours, mine, everyone’s world is based on a collection of stories.

It’s how we make sense of things we don’t immediately understand.

Stories help us learn.

Help us process information.

Hard wire information into our memories.

It’s how we relate to each other and how we get to understand the world and our place in it.

Some stories have a lesson.

Maybe in what to do, what not to do, and sometimes, what to definitely not do!! (Don’t they make the most interesting stories though?)


The Same is True of Your Sales Results.

The sales results your sales team is churning out every day.

Whether it’s dials, connects, gate keeper rejections, decision maker connects, pitches, quotes, demo calls, discovery calls, closes, losses, wins….those sales results all tell a story.

Sales results tell a huge story.

They tell a separate story for each sales person in your business.

That complete set of stories create your company sales results, your turnover, your losses, your profits, your market share, your company value and your reality.

Your reality.

How’s That Story So Far?

Would you change it?

Rewrite it maybe, if you could?

Or would you leave the pen in someone else’s hand?

So they write your story for you?

You have that choice.

I’m giving you another choice.

Take back the pen!



Here’s how:

Sales Results Audit Package

Collate your last 3/6 months sales stats into a pre-formatted sales template that I’ll send you.

I’ll analyse your sales teams performance and show you:

  • Exactly where you sales leakage points are
  • What those sales leaks are costing your based on expected activity levels and conversions within your sales function.
  • What to do to stop the sales leaks
  • A sales leakage template for you to use in your business – meaning you have the key to continuous sales improvement
  • A list of all the key sales metrics you should be monitoring in the business. Key sales metrics that relate back to the sales levers you have at your disposal to rewrite your sales reality at any time. And what those sales leavers could mean to your business

You’ll also receive:

  • Complete and unbiased review of the sales skills within your team, solely based on their results, so you know who to coach and in what area there biggest opportunity for improvement sits
  • Recommendations for each sales person in terms of key development areas and performance expectations.
  • A one – hour Skype feedback session to talk you though the results and recommendations.


From data receipt to feedback – typically 7 working days.


Minimum free for the Sales Results Audit Package is £895 for three sales people.

Thereafter, each additional cohort of 3, is an additional £395.

Fees may vary slightly depending on the format you send your data in.

All prices are exclusive of VAT.

To start your sales results audit contact or call on 0779 002 1885.

The Reality

How you view, analyse and use your sales results today dictates your sales future!

Everything you need to know about your sales function is tied up in those numbers.

The sooner you unravel the story that’s dictating how you run your business, finance your growth ambitions, live your life and how you satisfy your professional ambitions (or not) the faster you’ll be able to write the story you want.

Your sales results and how you use them have the power to make your wildest dreams come true.

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