Business Development Coaching for Ambitious B2B Sales Professionals

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Business Development Coaching for Ambitious B2B Sales Professionals

Business Development Coaching for All Levels of Sales Professional

Business Development coaching is powerful, strategic and one of the fastest ways to bring about a positive change.

And that’s the same whether you’re a sales rep on the floor, a sales team leader, manager, director or CEO.

Being in a position of not having to face every challenge on your own, have a viable and experienced sales sounding board, and a way of working that is action orientated, solution focused, and gies you room to think, can provide the perfect setting to propelling you through your current situation and out the other side!

Why Do People Use Sales Coaches?

Sales professionals will engage in coaching either for themselves or the team for many reasons, but here are some of the most common:

  • The sales results are typically ok, but there are a number of specific areas where sales results are not as good as they good be, this might be a high level of discounting to get the order signed off, poor cross sell/up sell practices, poor questioning techniques…
  • Where the sales person is struggling with some of the mindset frameworks around the art of selling. For example, maybe feeling phased by competitors, not able to challenge the buyers thinking, shying away from asking the tough questions, depressed activity levels and engaging at sub decision maker level…
  • In preparation for a specific meeting, tender, sales presentation…
  • Promotion to a higher level role, typically from sales person to sales team leader or sales manager
  • Dealing with a delicate issue at work
  • Needing an experinced sounding board

Whatever the reason, and the above indicates just a few ways sales coaching helps.

This kind of 121 sales support works because it addresses a very specific issue, it’s results orientated, there is a high level of focus on a specific area.

Plus, accountability is high and there is a very specific proven set of interventions used.

No wasted effort. No wasted time. Direct and focused.

Coaching is the SINGLE Most Effective Way to Boost Sales Performance

Time and time again, I’ve proved that sales and business development coaching is the single most effective way to improve performance.

Whether that’s side by side telephone coaching, field based sales coaching, talking through a strategy, role play, or any combination of the above, because there is no doubt that two heads are definitely better than one.

Plus: you’d be surprised how much of our working lives we spend in auto pilot.

Unconscious competence is great for short cutting some of the more mundane tasks. Freeing up time to concentrate on bigger challenges. BUT, unconscious competence is NOT so great when it means treating every selling situation as the same thing.

Then unconscious competence is a sales killer.

Coaching and Executive Support is Available for Sales Leaders, Mangers, Directors and CEOs too

In a coaching environment we blast through the barriers that are stopping your getting the sales results you want, need and deserve.

It can also be used to help you step up to a bigger role, deal with a specific sales challenge or to support you in navigating a new situation.

The benefit of coaching in this area is that it’s all about you!

Your Introduction to Sales Coaching – No Obligation / No Contract

I don’t agree with long contracts….in fact, I’d prefer that I’m able to help you achieve your goals in the shortest time possible, so you don’t need me around any more!

Once we start working together, and we’ve achieved your goals – then we can shake hands and say ‘job well done’

No contracts – just an agreement to work hard, work smart and work fast to make the changes YOU want.

Can’t say fairer than that.

Total Accountability

Any you will be totally accountable. No place to run. All out of  excuses. No place to hide.

You won’t want to shy away from the challenge.

I won’t let you.

I want to see you win. Fast.

Because you’ll be getting immediate, real time feedback. This means you’ll know exactly where you need to focus your attention and efforts.

Your Business Development Coaching

Here’s the link to find out more about how to get started with our sales coaching service – Sales Coaching for All Levels – you can fill out the contact form there, or call Carol on 0779 002 1885

What are you waiting for…

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