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Sales Systems Thinking | Building Strength and Resilience in the Sales Function

Sales Systems Thinking is the easiest way to begin to unlock the hidden sales potential within your business.

Meaning higher levels of operational efficiency, better sales results and clarity around what is REALLY  happening in your sales function.

The Morton Kyle Systems Thinking Course for Sales Improvement delivers all of this and more

The course is delivered over two days.

It’s designed for sales managers and sales leaders, just like you.

Professional sales leaders interested in getting to the core of great sales performance.

Identifying what it looks like and ensuring it happens in their sales and business development team

Often sales improvement programs focus on the symptoms of poor sales performance, which might be poor margin management, low sales conversion rates, sales peaks and troughs, inaccurate sales forecasting or any combination of associated issues.

However, REAL sales improvement starts when you dive behind the symptoms and start looking at the causes.

Systems Thinking does just that.

Systems Thinking – Root Cause Analysis and Sales Improvement

By identifying key, core hurdles to sales growth, senior sales leaders and sales managers are empowered to really propel continuous sales improvement in their teams.

Furthermore, the systematic nature of the process means that company wide / sales function wide adoption is simple, common aims, language and drivers can be instilled; which means problem solving becomes a function wide, multi-level activity and not simply a strategic backroom discussion.

Typical Sales Problems Solved Via Systems Thinking

You can approach any sales problem using systems thinking.

Big problem, small niggle, multi-faceted problems, cross functional issues…all and any problems benefit form using systems thinking

Right from the structure of the sales function, recruitment of sales people, performance management and reward, inaccurate sales forecasts, messy sales pipelines…anything…

Here are some of the issues we’ve solved using sales systems thinking recently, and some of the results we’ve achieved:

How to increase profits? Client increased profits by 50%

How to increase Average Order Value? AOV increased by a factor of 4

How to increase sales conversion rates? Conversion rate was 1:27 now 1:6

Why Sales Systems Thinking?

  • It’s a fixed staged process, clear in its design and execution.
  • You’re master/mistress of an effective tool box to solve big and small sales problems.
  • It’s a multi-disciplinary skill set that once mastered can be used in any situation with any dilemma.
  • Your skill set allows you to seek and give clarity when there are many conflicting factors.
  • You fully embrace joined up thinking.
  • Everyone in the sales function speaks a common problem solving language.
What Next?

Call 0779 002 1885 or email to discuss how Systems Thinking can work for you

If you’re looking for a ‘done-for-you’ sales improvement service – take a look at the Morton Kyle Sales Insights Audit

Whilst you’re thinking about ways to improve your sales and business development results – you can subscribe to The Advanced Business Achiever – a weekly e-guide that’s great for sales training, sales briefs, sales huddles and brainstorming.

Plus – check out The Sales Improvement Workshop

When you’re ready – talk to us about sales systems thinking to build your internal sales improvement skill set.

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