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B2B Sales Prospecting Training | How to Engage High Quality Sales Prospects |Sales Lead Generation Training

B2B Sales Prospecting Training is the foundation of a high converting, highly qualified sales pipeline.

Take Control – Don’t Confuse Sales Activity with Sales Success

You can’t make 30 decision maker calls per day and at 5.30pm claim it’s been a good day because you’ve loaded 30 no value leads on to a CRM system!

Sales prospecting with a very clear focus in mind around the type of prospect you want to engage with and the kind you want to throw back is a critical part of sales success.

If you’re struggling to define the difference between who you should be engaging with versus which prospects ares simply chewing through your valuable selling time, then check out the Perfect Prospect Profile.

A key foundation of business development in high performance B2B teams is knowing who you should be chasing after and who you should ditch fast!

If there is no thorough, regular and perfect prospect orientated sales prospecting then how does the sales pipeline ever get refreshed with new sales opportunities?

Where do you find those high value, life changing sales opportunities?

How do you create those golden sales opportunities so you’re there first?

The deals where you’re the only one standing at the end?

Or, are you relying on exhibitor inquiries?

White paper generated email addresses?

Bought lists?

Scrapping the internet?

Collecting business cards from random networking events?

Is this your best attempt to fill the sales pipeline?

Then you are WASTING time and money!

At some point any social generated sales lead needs a telephone conversation.

Cyber to real world is often the toughest of sales connections to make.

At some point, you’l get tired of waiting for your dream clients to come to you.

You’ll want to make contact with them.

How equipped are you really to do that?

B2B Sales Prospecting Training | Lead Generation Training

Made easy.

So you get results.


With no stress.

And you get a sales pipeline worth having.

A well qualified, high converting sales pipeline!

A high quality sales pipeline that gives you profitable sales when you want them.

If you’re looking for that one sales lead generation system that guarantees results, a reliable sales generation system that is under your control, then here it is.

NOW – It’s also available as an in house B2B Sales Prospecting Training with your specific sales targets in mind.

This is the B2B sales prospecting training that gives you the skills to be a master sales person.

In truth, this course works if you do!

The Sales Improvement Workshop – is available as an open course in Sheffield.

Just call 0779 002 1885 for details, or email carol@mortonkyle.com

First Class B2B Sales Prospecting Skills

These skills are so important they deserve to be continually refined, up graded and coached.

In The Sales Improvement Workshop we develop these skills as well as ensuring the targets you are chasing actually fulfill all the criteria you’ve identified you need your Perfect Prospect Profile need have.

That way you spend your precious time, effort and money engaging only with those choice, dream clients you’d love to work with.

Plus, you’ll discover how to engage with your Perfect Prospect, how to build their curiosity, how to structure your sales questions to ensure you get them talking to you instead of putting the phone down.

Then, you’ll see how high performing sales people secure the business they do.

How they build the margins they do, and ultimately how they do more by doing less.

Sales is tough, so why make it tougher than it needs to be.

Talk to us about building the one skill that if you have it within the business will keep you safe in stormy waters, and if you don’t have it, will be your ultimate down fall.

Remember The Sales Improvement Workshop is now available as an open course and an in house B2B sales training course.

Plus: if you’re looking for an sales and business development system to embed into your own business, check out TurboCharged Sales

Don’t let your poor B2B sales prospecting skills be the only reason you don’t smash your sales targets.

Our B2B sales prospecting training will unlock your real sales potential and give you the firm foundation you need to drive increased sales.

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