Account Based Selling & Account Management Training for Ambitious B2B Sales Teams

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Account Based Selling & Account Management Training for Ambitious B2B Sales Teams

Account based selling is more important than you may think…

Here’s why…

Imagine you walk into a party.

You look across the room, you spot the bar, first things first after all, you see where all the fun people are as you stroll towards the coat check area.

As you skim the room your gaze connects with a few friendly faces.

Seeing nods of acknowledgement, a couple of waves, welcoming smiles and two people beckoning you over to their table, eager to chat …you take a closer look at the other attendees.

Of the people who aren’t openly welcoming, you realise there’s nothing to stress about.

You know who they are, what they do, what their interest are and why they’re there at the party…you’d like to meet them and you’re confident that someone you already know at the party who will happily introduce you around and allow you to make a few low key connections…

Now you understand…

Account Based Selling

Get ready for total immersion selling.

It’s switching your focus from chasing the same sales prospects as your competitors, those low key sales prospects in organisations who can give you one order every three months, which you have to fight for, negotiate over and drop your prices to win.

You’ll move out of the battle to get to the bottom fastest, where you’ve been working harder on £50k deals than you do on £500k deals.

It’s moving from a one to many to one to few sales model.

It’s selecting and focusing on each of your prospect organisations as if it’s the only organisation that you need to exceed your target that year.

Account based sales means you’re working at your most strategic.

Deciding which organisations you will choose to spend the bulk of your time in.

Whilst some sales people (and some businesses) will shy away from Account Based Selling, and want to continue chasing every single inquiry that comes their way, there is a growing trend to pursue the Account Based Selling method because it typically favours the trifecta of efficient and effective selling:

  • Higher Average Order Values
  • Shorter Sales Cycles
  • Longer Client Retention

So you can see, being selective is a winner when done properly.

The stakes are high, not just to win the business, but the added challenge that you must create raving fans, because that’s the easiest way to build bridges across to other decision makers within the business.

Other the quickest way to destroy your credibility, reputation and sales pipeline if you don’t get it right.

It’s selling for grown ups, mature, strategic and long term.

Hit and run sales tactics don’t work in Account Based Selling.

Account Based Strategy

This requires applied intelligence, institutional wisdom, information evaluation and market insight.

It means full-on sales commitment.

Commitment like going into a target sales prospect firms a mile deep and 2 miles wide. Plotting out all the key decision makers, their influencers, the referrers, the end users, the financial players and the advisers.

Networking your way around the business.

Educating, entertaining, enlightening…

Critically you’ll need to understand what your Perfect Prospect looks like…

You’ll need insight into their psychological and behavioural profile.

That means profiling prospects beyond turnover, sector and job title, working instead with their values, pain points, experience, evolution, challenges, legislative position, drivers and ambitions.

In fact, the greater the detail, the greater the matched message potential.

Being there at the inception of the ‘what if’s…’. Sharing ideas around the business based on your immersion, your experience and your insight in their industry.

Taking into consideration their preferences, their communication style, their priorities, their operating style.

Your success hinges on you understanding them, and their problems.

To win you’ll need to deeply connect with the competitive and organisational challenges your prospects faces every single day.

Account Based Selling Framework

The Morton Kyle Account Based Selling Training course provides you with a Selling Framework specifically for breaking down Account Based Selling into key activities and task to ensure you succeed.

The aim being to build a sales framework so you work your target organisations effectively, efficiently, quickly and thoroughly

Key Outcomes in Account Based Selling

The course is designed to show you how to:

  • Create a solid sales pipeline of high quality, well qualified sales prospects
  • Network effectively within your target organisations
  • How to build up momentum in your sales efforts within the selected target
  • Territory / Account Planning – Where so you spend your time, how do you build interest and need, building buying / influencer groups
  • Opportunity Identification – Understanding the Perfect Customer Profile
  • Creating the Best Sales Process that Converts
  • Qualification – Positioning / Timing / Authority / Budget / Need / Appetite to Change
  • Building the Sales Pipeline and Moving Prospects Through the Sales Process
  • Maximising the Sales Conversion Rate at Every Stage
  • Developing the Solution to Match
  • Proposals that Win Business
  • Selling the Price, Value, Risk
  • Maintaining Engagement Through Long Sales Cycles
  • Competitor Elimination
  • Proposal Presentation
  • Effective Transition from Prospect to Customer
  • Account Development

This is an intensive 2 day course.

The sales training course can be tailored to suit the needs of experienced sales professionals and those who are new to account based selling.

Account Based Sales professionals maybe looking for a refresher or are seeking to use some of the updated selling frameworks and presentation decks.

It can also be used to up-skill sales teams who are relatively new to this concept but who need to move into Account Based Selling to protect and develop their sales pipeline

What’s Next

To check availability – call 0779 002 1885.

Account Based Selling Skills and Account Management Training is delivered globally and is fully supported by follow up coaching.

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