Sales Structure – What You Sell Is Less Important Than How You Sell

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Sales Structure – What You Sell Is Less Important Than How You Sell

Sales structure is not that important is it?

You’ll be fine, just wing it.

Be responsive to the buyer, be in the moment.

It’s fine, everyone knows the end game…

You’ll be great.

Will you?

Some of the time!

What about the rest of the time?

You’ve heard the line…successful people practise until they get it right, professionals practise until they can’t get it wrong!

Which one are you?

A Sales Structure is Your Sales Sat Nav…

Like any journey, you know what direction you’re heading in.

You know the terrain, position of stops to refuel, likely weather conditions.

But there will be traffic, roadworks, delays and all manner of tricky bits…

It’s the same with selling…

And that’s when your sales structure gives you the confidence to stay the course.

Seriously, if you hope to maximise the chances of sales success, not waste your sales opportunities and avoid burning through high quality sales leads, then you need a sales structure.

But, before we get on to that, just answer this one question…

Is your current sales structure designed to help you sell, or is it there to help the buyer to buy?

So how about we start thinking about your sales structure in terms of the buyer experience?

Let’s make it our mission to give the buyer the best sales experience we can…let’s call time on our buyers getting the same sheep dip sales experience they get from your sales competitors.

And today, as you read this, you should know the bar is not high in delighting your buyers by delivering the best buyer experience…you can do better than the rest!

Sales Structure to Impress!

If you think about every sales interaction as being a journey of two (or more) people who want to go in roughly the same direction but are not quite sure if they want to travel together…than a sales structure just becomes, not just the map, but the conditions for travel.

Do you have a sales structure template?

You might also call it a check list.

In my sales training, we look on a sales structure as your guide for sign posting the prospect to what you want them to focus on, and the nature of the journey.

It covers what you need to disclose, at what point, and how to communicate your information, based on what questions and what responses…

You’ll use it to flush out objections before they become sales road blocks.

It’s used to maximise the impact of what you’re offering, minimise the impact of your competitors, build value, create differentiation and drive towards creating a willing buyer.

Who converts then into a raving fan.

You need s Sales Structure if…

  • You’ve ever walked away from a selling situation and realised you have no idea if the prospect will buy or not. I mean real commitment to buy, not a vague, ‘it feels good’
  • And if you can’t deliver at least three solid, proven statements that differentiate your solution from your competitors.
  • If your sales cycle is looooooong…when your sales velocity is more creep than stride.
  • If you lose business you should be winning.
  • Where you’re not collecting referrals from every prospect meeting

If your sales pipeline is bulging from ‘undecided prospects’

Scale-able sales growth relies on a repeatable sales structure

Sales today is all about mind set and less about sales methods.

That’s why I draw the very best parts of all sorts of sales methods into my training.

Is your mind set sales focused?

To find out what you should include in your sales structure, how to engage with prospects so they become buyers and join us on The Sales Improvement Workshop – run as both an open course and an in house program, just contact us for dates and availability.

You can also check out this post on the basic Sales Call Structure here.

A good sales structure is as distinctive as your brand, and just as effective in drawing sales prospects towards you business.

It will help you stand out, set the standard for your industry, be a talking point and a lead magnet.

And it costs you absolutely nothing to execute..just a small shift in thinking and communicating with your buyers.

Is your sales structure working hard for you?

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