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Failing Now | Do Not Resuscitate | Sales Pipeline Life Support Needed

Failing Now | Do Not Resuscitate | Sales Pipeline Life Support Needed

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Lead Consultant | Sales Trainer | Director at Morton Kyle Limited
Experienced sales trainer delivering high impact and results driven sales training courses covering Telesales, Telephone Sales, Lead Generation, Appointment Setting, Strategic Account Development and Account Management.

I also work with Sales Leadership and Management teams delivering a range of sales, business development, sales improvement and sales growth courses.

All Sales Leadership and Management courses are practical and designed to solve real world revenue draining sales problems, and may involve broader themes of sales improvement, sales turnaround and sales consultancy.

I get the best results working with ambitious B2B sales teams in who want to fill the sales pipeline with high quality, well qualified, high converting sales opportunities...and convert those opportunities to paying customers and raving fans at a good margin!

Also skilled in Continuous Sales Improvement for sales functions in the following industries: SaaS, professional services, manufacturing, insurance, publishing, media, education and contact centres.

Happy to chat about your sales challenges and sales ambitions - you can call 0779 002 1885 or email to get in contact.

Look forward to speaking soon.
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Sales Pipeline Management: Your Sales Crystal Ball or Your Worst Nightmare Sales Pipeline Management is the key to predictable and stable sales performance. A sales pipeline can be the very biggest source of comfort and joy or your biggest nightmare. There is a massive relieve from knowing your sales pipeline is stable because that means…

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