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The Perfect Sales Recipe – What Sales Metrics To Use

The Perfect Sales Recipe – What Sales Metrics To Use

Sales Metrics and sales KPI’s matter,for lots of reasons.

Having the right team sales KPI’s and the right individual sales metrics means your chances of achieving sales success are already increased.

The following will help you identify some of the challenges around this area, and for a more step by step guide you can download our free guide. See the link at the end of the article.

What Sales Metrics to Use?

That really depends on what you want to achieve?

And that’s the easiest way to start.

For example, if your primary aim is to drive activity then there are key metrics that will impact that:

  • How much data is available?
  • How much of that data has been called more than 7 times?
  • Average call duration?
  • Average admin time per call?
  • Contact rate for your industry – i.e. ratio of decision maker call/gate keeper call

This is not an exhaustive list, but you’ll get a picture for how you create your very best sales metric template for you.

BUT don’t set up metrics for the sake of it.

Ask yourself; if you had to identify the most critical sales improvement, profit improvement, sales performance improvement sales metric then what would it be, then monitor that by reviewing the intrinsic parts.

Often one of the first and biggest piece of work done in any sales turnaround or sales performance improvement is to agree to measure those sales metrics that have a direct relationship to sales success.

The sales metrics you can control.

The sales metrics you can influence.

Why Use Sales Metrics?

Lots of reasons, primarily it’s an indicator for the sales management and the sales people that you’re all on the same track.

It’s a way of measuring sales progress when the month, week, day is still in play. Check out more on this here

If you’re a sales person, you know you’ll earn bonus, and if not you’ve got some idea of what to do to change that.

If you’re a sales manager, you know what skills to re-coach and with who.

And if you’re the business owner, you don’t have to wait 2 weeks after the month end to discover how much money you’ve made, or not made, as the case may be.

Agile use of your sales metrics is the easiest, quickest and most efficient way to improve sales skills, sales people, sales function performance and bottom line profits.

The key to continuous sales improvement.

Plus, it engages everyone.

Whether you’re using a league table, a weekly sales meeting, a daily sales huddle, everyone is following the same road map.

Everyone is working with the same sign posts and with a supported and directed mission to get there!

When to Proactively Use Sales Metrics?

That’s simple, every day.

Both the team sales metrics/sales KPI’s and the individual numbers.

This is the top of the tree in hands on sales management and sales leadership.

It will focus everyone’s attention on what’s not happening.

Not so you can blame anyone but because now, as a sales leader, you can make it right.

But it helps if you launch that months sales metrics at the beginning of the month. Explain why you’ve selected these metrics. Explore what success looks like, what disaster looks like. Highlight what support the business is providing to help everyone get where they need.

Then you’ve set the premise of expectations, it’s your management guide map for the month.

These sales KPI’s can then be reported/reference daily via huddles, emails, leader board, office screen, 121 sales coaching.

How to Use Your Sales Metrics?

Your selected sales metrics and sales KPI’s are also part of every sales persons sales review.

They form part of every performance management and sales development plan, personal development plan.

Used to drive performance, striving for continuous improvement.

They can also highlight areas where sales training, coaching, shadowing, mentoring or additional support is required.

To foster team spirit and collective sales team focus for the good of the individuals and the business.

A reason to celebrate sales success.

To foster team spirit and shared focus, as well as giving a team platform for discussion and suggestions.

Collective learning, ideal for targeted buddying.

Sales Metrics Matter…but that’s not all

Of course, it’s not all.

No-one manages solely by numbers any more.

Numbers, sales metrics, sales KPI’s well they’re just the foundations. Keeping score.

The real winning benefit is how the sales leadership team use these metrics. Great sales leaders use them to interact, develop, coach and motivate the team.

Having worked with thousands of sales people, I know for sure that the fastest way to improve sales performance is to spend more time coaching and mentoring the sales team.

Having great clarity and shared ownership of group and individual sales metrics/sales KPI’s is the easiest way to do just that.

To get more details on what sales metrics you could monitor in your team, download this free guide 7 Sales Metric You Need to Measure, Manage and Monitor 

Also if you’re really serious about improving sales results within your business, hit the links below:

TurboCharged Sales – for when you are ready to embed a continuous sales improvement framework into your sales team

The Sales Improvement Workshop – the fastest way to refocus, re-energise and improve sales results – one day course inhouse or open – check dates and locations

Sales Audit – for when you want to improve sales results, turnover and profits, but have no idea where to start.

And, if you’re great at getting sales quotes out, but your buyer’s all seem to disappear when you follow up the sales quite check this out Buyer Gone AWOL – Following Up Sales Quotes

To discuss your specific sales training and sales improvement needs you can contact us on 0779 002 1885 or email

Remember, having the right sales metrics is critical to any sales function wanting to outperform competitors, drive margins and foster continuous sales improvement.

New Starters Sales Training

New Starters Sales Training

New starter sales training has to take in so many things.

First of all, these people are new.

They may not know heaps about your products, services, competitors, industry trends, jargon, key players…and the list goes on.

And, they might not have a great deal of sales experience.

Maybe you’ve recruited people who have a great attitude. People culturally aligned with your business values. People with great energy, drive and ambition. Maybe you’ve decided to ‘grow your own’ sales talent…

So, it’s definitely not about polishing existing skills.

It’s about building the rock solid sales foundations so that the new starter can thrive in their new environment.

It’s as much about confidence, motivation, freedom to fail, learning to dance with the prospects.

Having some good quality, no hassle, no pressure, personable sales conversations.

So, Where Do You Start?

First of all, acknowledge that Rome wasn’t built in a day!

This means critically thinking about how the new starter can be of value to the business from day one whilst they’re learning the ropes, and all the time moving towards that front line sales role you’re recruited them for.

But even more important than that, is getting the new starter to feel confident and motivated in their new environment.

Quite often this means giving them a sense of purpose. A very specific set of self measuring tasks so they get to take in relevant and valuable information whilst being of value and gaining a sense of their contribution to the sales function.

And that looks like?

That depends on you, the firm, the team structure.

Some firms chose to have the new recruit doing lead research and gate keeper type list building tasks.

Other firms have new recruits list cleaning.

So do lost sales calls – very simple market research questions about current usage, number of users, next chance to quote, what would be need to do differently? Why didn’t we win it type of carefully structured calls.

It all depends upon the circumstances in your business.

And this is important.

It’s important because no one gets to be a sales super star in one day.

So, the worse thing you can do in taking on new sales recruits is to take them on, give them a desk and hand a target around their neck. That’s not good for them, and it’s not going to be good for your business either.

Fly or die isn’t a line I hear very much at all, and if I do hear it in a sales function, I only tend to hear it once.

What Else to Consider in New Start Sales Training?

Well, the first sales you make should always be to the sales person, right?

Because if the sales person is not sold on your product/service then there is no way your prospects will ever be sold on them. That’s just a simple fact of sales life.

So start with very simple product knowledge, competitors, strengths/weaknesses, trends/fashions.

Sell you to new sales recruit like they’re the most important sales prospect in your sales pipeline.

If you’ve picked the right person, they will be hungry for knowledge and have tonnes of questions.

And if you’ve picked the wrong person, shucks, here’s where you find that out too!

Find a Champion

Find the new recruit a mentor, someone in the business who has the time, tenacity, intelligence and communication skills to guide the your investment through the early stage angst, self doubt and steep learning curve.

This mentor can also ensure you don’t keep the new recruit in the nursery pen too long.

You see, there is no universal solution, no universal plan, and if you try to impose a one size fits all solution, you’ll lose the best people, you’ll just not be moving fast enough for them. You know what that will leave you with right?

Well what about sales training…when does that start?

First of all reflect on why you recruited this person.

Then recognise that trying to get them to be the sales person you want them to be by following highly scripted call flows is just one way to go, the other way would be to see what sort of sales skills they develop once they are immersed in the sales function and being mentored by a responsible leader.

Then it’s time to look at the new starter sales training. After all it’s a big investment and any business would be wise to play to the new recruits strengths and not try to impose some meaningless generic sales sales course that has no context or relevance.

Also, be flexible on what you new starter sales training looks like.

Some people work better using a sales coaching model. Others like, and respond well to directed self learning and peer discussion.

If that’s not available then why not reflect on the self learning and self development culture you have in your business.

The Bottom Line

Sales has come a long way in the last 2/3 years, so have the routes to increasing the sales skill sets and building sales intelligence in your teams.

Good sales recruits are harder to find, although they are out there. However, more and more firms are looking at ‘grow your own sales talent’. That’s great, as long as you realise that it’s a huge commitment, with an extended pay back when done correctly.

If you’re looking at adding to your sales team and want to explore the new starter sales training programs, you can contact Morton Kyle on 0114 236 1221 or email

New starter sales training could be the answer if you’re business is tired of paying over the odds for jaded sales ‘professionals’. You know, those who have done the obligatory circuit around all of your competitors. If you’re looking to create a sales function where you don’t need to waste time unpicking the unhealthy sales habits, or you’re simply looking for the business culture you know you can create when attitude and enthusiasm means more that sales experience in your industry.

Happy Selling

p.s. To get free sales, business development and sales improvement tips straight to your inbox, perfect for sales meeting, daily sales huddles and sale coaching – hit the link Advanced Business Achiever


If you’re looking for a sales improvement program for your existing sales team – you can check out Online Sales Training – TurboCharged Sales, or come along to our Sales Improvement Workshops, running monthly

And if your sales function is performing below expectation – we have a range of tailored Sales Assessment and Sales Audits available to suit all firms and challenges.

Sheffield Sales Jobs

Sheffield Sales Jobs

Sheffield Sales Jobs

Thanks for checking out our page Sheffield Sales Jobs – if you’re looking for your next sales role with professional, well established and highly respected businesses, register here.

These jobs get changed on a regular basis, so book mark this page and check back.

To get a first alert on incoming Sheffield sales jobs – email your CV into to with your preferred job title and salary package and we’ll ensure you get first warning of jobs that would suit you.

28th Feb 2017

Sheffield Sales Jobs – Field Sales Manager – Insurance – External Sales – Sheffield S10

Salary – competitive basic salary depending on your experience, up to 55k, uncapped generous commission structure with an estimated yr 1 on target earnings of around 75k/80k, plus car, plus all the perks associated with a professional and well established business.

Working across the UK, my client is a specialist in the provision of specialist commercial and general insurance products and services.

They are looking to recruit a field sales insurance specialist to the team. You will be covering very specific sectors across the UK.

You will be inheriting a sales pipeline of around 2k prospects and will be working this pipeline with a sales support function to who will provide you with high quality and well qualified sales opportunities for you to visit.

I would be interested in talking to you if:

You’ve experience in selling commercial insurance products to MD/CEO, owner, director, manager level decision maker.

To register your interest in this job, send your CV to using reference MK0935


20th Jan 2017

Sheffield Sales Jobs – Sales Director – International – Home Based

Starting salary DOE 120-150k – ote 180k+ with additional perks including car and all the benefits associated with a professional, established and stable organisation.

My client is seeking a UK based international sales director to drive the performance in the sales teams across EMEA.

You will have a proven track record in developing sales channels, building sales functions, improving performance in market and addressing the day to day business and revenue generating activities across borders.

You team is based though out the EMEA region and a domestic sales support function within the UK to feed the international sales pipeline, generate appointments, leads and deal with administrative opportunities.

My client has recently gone though a period of change due to acquisition and integration of another similar size business and is therefore seeking a challenging individual to complete the integration of the two sales functions.

Whilst industry experience is in no way critical in the role, my client expects that you can demonstrate:

Commitment to change programs

  • A drive to out perform targets – revenue, profit, market share and % improvement yr on yr
  • First class people skills
  • Excellent performance management abilities
  • Flexibility in work style and location (when required)
  • Strategically, operational, commercially and financially astute

You will report directly to the CEO and work closely with the cross functional management team.

You will be supported by 3 regional sales managers and be expected to contribute to their development as part of the business growth/future expansion and succession planning.

This role would suit you if you are an existing Sales Director operating internationally and seeking your next position with an ambitious firm.

Close date: pending

CV’s to:

Ref: MK0938


18th January 2017.

Sheffield Sales Jobs – Business Development Consultant – External Field Sales – Sheffield S10

Starting salary – 18k with potential to rise to 20k/22k on completion of training/probation. Commission structure is uncapped, year one estimate is 28-30k. Plus car allowance of .45ppm

Business Development Consultant – my client is a leading national provider of professional services within the UK.

They are looking for an ambitious, highly motivated and professionals sales and business development executive.

This role is a mix of lead generation, new business creation and account management.

You’ll be joining a friendly sales team of just 6 others, so you’ll never just be one of many in this sales team!

The hours are 8.30 – 5.15, with a central Sheffield location, parking is available.

I’d like to speak with you if you:

  • Are ambitious, professional and possess first class communication skills
  • Like presenting new solutions, consulting with senior decision makers
  • Can demonstrate a minimum of 18 months in an outbound B2B sales environment
  • Love sales, love talking to people and solving their problems
  • Are positive and forward thinking

Successful applicants will be given full product training and ongoing coaching and mentoring.

If you have an appetite for progression, there are ample opportunities to progress.

To register your interest in this job, send your CV to using reference MK0934



Sheffield Sales Jobs – Field Sales Manager – Insurance – External Sales – Sheffield S10

Salary – competitive basic salary depending on your experience, up to 55k, uncapped generous commission structure with an estimated yr 1 on target earnings of around 75k/80k, plus car, plus all the perks associated with a professional and well established business.

Working across the UK, my client is a specialist in the provision of specialist commercial and general insurance products and services.

They are looking to recruit a field sales insurance specialist to the team. You will be covering very specific sectors across the UK.

You will be inheriting a sales pipeline of around 2k prospects and will be working this pipeline with a sales support function to who will provide you with high quality and well qualified sales opportunities for you to visit.

I would be interested in talking to you if:

You’ve experience in selling commercial insurance products to MD/CEO, owner, director, manager level decision maker.

To register your interest in this job, send your CV to using reference MK0935



Sheffield Sales Jobs – Field Sales – Professional Services – External Sales – Sheffield S1

Starting salary 25k. OTE 50k (the commission structure is uncapped), plus car plus perks associated with a professional and responsible organisation.

Working nationally – my client is seeking a B2B New Business Development specialist. You’ll be responsible for nurturing a pipeline of business, setting appointments, presenting, and closing business.

This is 100% new business role and you will be supported by an appointment setter/lead generation function.

You will have the full support of a lead generation function, an administration function and the backing of a great team of customer account management and customer service specialists.

To be considered for this position you should be able to demonstrate:

  • A commitment to a career in B2B sales
  • At least 2 years experience selling face to face
  • A passion for new business development
  • Great communication, presentation and pipeline building skills
  • Commercial acumen
  • Flexibility to work nationally

To register your interest in this job, send your CV to using reference MK0936



Sheffield Sales Jobs – Telesales Executive – Internal Sales – Training/Consultancy – Sheffield S10

Starting salary 16.7k – 24.5k (depending on experience) OTE 35k+ (the commission structure is uncapped), flexible working/working from home, part time opportunities may be available for the right person.

Small training and consultancy service requires a professional telesales executive to work on a number of lead generation opportunities from building sales pipelines, qualifying sales prospects, setting appointments, and in come instances closing business.

This position would suit you if you are upbeat and positive with existing sales experience, understand and are able to work with senior level decision makers over an extended sales cycle.

To apply for this role, you should be able to demonstrate:

  • A minimum of 3 years B2B sales experience dealing with senior decision makers
  • An ability to close B2B business on the phone
  • Working with multi-relationship stakeholders over an extended period
  • Professionalism, commercial acumen, self motivation and the ability to manage your own time and priorities
  • Your ability to work autonomously and with little intervention

To register your interest in this job, send your CV to using reference MK0937

Remeber to check back regularily to see new sales posts registered on Sheffield Sales Jobs.

Morton Kyle Limited is a Sheffield based sales consultancy offering ambitious B2B firms the opportunity to improve their sales results via sales training, sales audits, sales coaching, sales turnaround and sales builds. Based in South Yorkshire and working nationally Morton Kyle’s team focus on the optimising sales results via short term interventions, sales knowledge transfer and sales guidance on a flexible basis.

To discuss how this could work for you call 0114 2361221 or email


Not Just Sales People – Value Added Problem Solvers

Not Just Sales People – Value Added Problem Solvers

Changing Times

Sales and the art of selling is changing….just like everything else.

New theories, practices and reworked ideas come around again and again.

Some of them stick, some of them fade.

Many work, some don’t.

Some we’ve seen before, maybe under a different name, and some are genuinely original, just check this out regarding B2B sales

One thing that’s been around for ages, but always there in the background, as something that good (and great) business development professionals have know is this.

Sales Is Not About Selling…And It Never Has Been

And that’s even more true today than it’s ever been.

It is not about taking the order, being a walking brochure or even pitching harder than the competitor.

Customers, Buyer, Prospects and Procurement teams have no use for that sort of sales person any more.

The sales person that succeeds today is the sales person that out performs his competitors. Who secures the business. Whot leaves his sales persona at the door and picks up the position of the Buyer’s problem solver.

That means your business development and customer facing target carrying team may need to have a slightly different skill set than you’d imagined.

Instead of thinking about the value of their address book, the length of service in your industry, the length of their business development career, maybe there are additional things to think about.

The Sales Skills Tool Box

Critical thinking skills – their ability to grasp complex situations, issues and constraints and see the Buyer’s issues for what they are and the impact they have on the Buyer

Team building – to build cooperation around creating a suitable solution with the relevant internal and external parties

Problem solving capabilities – the ability to see the real problem and it’s implications as opposed to just seeing the manifestation of that problem

Rapport building – to gain trust quickly and establish expert status with the Buyer and their influencers

Listening skills – genuine listening skills, listening to understand and not listening simply to sell

Communication skills – how good are they are respectfully pushing boundaries in the Buyer’s thinking. How good are they at being able to coherently present ideas, discuss scenarios whilst having all parties keep an open mind

Ability to prioritise – their ability to differentiate between the urgent and important and respond accordingly

Negotiation skills – their ability to compromise and to broker compromise across different parties, different solutions

Resilience – in the face of challenges, objections, resistance, nay-sayers and group think

Creativity – seeing solutions that are not evident to the Buyer. Conveying those solutions with high levels of confidence and credibility

Belief – do they have it, can they convey and transmit their true belief in their solution

The Future of Sales People

Business development might have historically been thought of as a trade that people ‘fall into’.

Ask any 5 year old what they want to be when they grow up and I’ll bet few of them say ‘sales person’.

Sales people can be nurtured to be better business development people, that’s true.

What’s also true is that most great sales people are born with a certain skill set that they invest in to make better.

So, anyone can be a business developer?

I don’t think so.

What do you think?


0779 002 1885

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