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Sales Training Sheffield | Sales Training for Smart B2B Sales People | £97pp | Making Selling Fun & Effective!

Sales Training Sheffield | Sales Training for Smart B2B Sales People

I love Sheffield, arriving for University and never leaving.

Sure, I worked all over the place, but Sheffield had always been home and I owe Sheffield a lot. More than I could every repay really…

I stayed, and I’ve never questioned that life decision, staying because I love the people, the humour, the city, the heritage and the opportunity.

It was the early 90’s and Sheffield was coming out of a tough time. But the spark was bright, the will strong, the ambition fierce and I just knew Sheffield would be a place to thrive…and I wanted to be part of that.

My first job in Sheffield put me at the sharp end of selling.

I was a trained Chemist…selling was not part of my future, or so I thought…but there I was…

Working on behalf of some of the biggest and best world brand – selling B2B products and services to all levels of business decision makers. Sometimes I’d be selling the same product for weeks, sometimes days and occasionally hours…I learned a lot about sales, selling and how to bring in business fast.

My success depended on being able to learn products, services, markets, objections. competitors and sales pitches super quick.

When the pressure is that high to succeed, you get cute at selling really really quickly…But more important you get super sales cute at cutting through the noise.

5 Simple Sales Questions

My favourite questions before I got on the phone to sell a product I didn’t know existed that morning was to ask:

  • What makes this product special?
  • Why would someone want to buy it?
  • What problem does it solve?
  • Who is the biggest competitor?
  • What is this product/service better?

Simple, very simple.

And you know what?

They worked like a dream.

And even better – they work like a dream today too!

Join me and I’ll show you how they’ll work just as well for you, whatever you’re selling…

These 5 questions combined with the most up to date, relevant, meaningful insights into how to engage prospects, sell to senior decision maker and convert those prospects to raving customers, these are all covered in the Sheffield Sales Training Workshop

Sales Training Today…in Sheffield, South Yorkshire

My sales style has as evolved a lot over the last 20+ years, but I still stick with these questions as the basic framework for anyone selling anything in a B2B setting…whether it’s a complex or simple sell, a software or service well or a product or subscription sell, a product or service sell.

These questions are still the basic framework.

Because if you can answer these questions, you can have a sales based conversation, a door opening sales conversation….

But more importantly, you can start the sales process in your head as you try to understand the prospect’s point of view…

Of course, now I can also share with you the other 25 sales based consultative sell and solution sell questions that take you form a door opener to a sales closer.

It’s selling made simple, easy, effective!

Struggling to Develop Your Sales Pipeline, Engage Sales Prospects, Sell, Structure a Sales Call, Handle a Sales Objection, Close a Deal?

Why is that?

  • Don’t think you have the skill?
  • Struggling to keep sales results stable and consistent?
  • Don’t like selling?
  • Competitors too strong for your product/service?
  • Your product/service is too expensive?
  • Prospects don’t need what you’re selling?
  • You hate it when prospects throw objections your way?
  • Hate asking for the order?
  • Struggle talking about money?

Who knows what your reasons are, but whatever those reasons, the truth is this:

You’re running out of sales time!

Every day that you’re not selling at your peak, is like a lost hotel room.

You can sell last weeks hotel room today – that night has gone, never to return, that sales revenue is lost to you forever.

Just like selling…the faster you learn to sell well, sell smart, cut through the noise in your competitive market space the sooner you’ll enjoy your role, earn the rewards you deserve and excel in your career…

So, max out the impact of your Sales Time as fast as you can…

What’s Sales Time?

Sales Time is exactly what it says…the time you have to sell.

You see, every sales opportunity that goes by where you don’t cross sell, up sell, demonstrate value, create reasons for the prospect to buy…every single one of those opportunities is missed.

It’s unlikely to come again. And, if it does, it’s already cost you because you didn’t nail it the first time around.

Sales Training Sheffield – The Sales Improvement Workshop – Full Cycle Business Development and Sales Conversion

You’ll get sales skills you need to really test the limits of your sales capability.

The Sheffield Sales Improvement Workshop covers everything you need to take you from hating cold calling to…. loving cold calling because you’re going to be so great at it.

It takes you from a door opener to a full cycle sales closer.

In fact…

  • Never again fear a sales objection
  • Discover how to engage anyone on the telephone, or face to face, and start a value based sales conversation (without feeling like a sales sleaze ball)
  • Have your prospects want to listen to you..
  • Get through to decision maker who will want to buy what you’re selling
  • Save yourself from wasting hours every week chasing prospects who will never buy from you
  • Learn how to manage your sales time using key sales management techniques that work for busy sales professional
  • Use a proven business development and sales conversion structure that consistently creates a stream of solid warm leads

And so much more – you can see the full run down of the course here – Sheffield Sales Training Course

And even better – it’s just £97 per person plus VAT. Just for you…because you’re in Sheffield, South Yorkshire!

And it gets better.

Sales Training Sheffield

My advice?

Take control today.

Sign up now…

It’s your sales career.

You have ambition.

You’re in sales.

One of the best professions in the world!

It’s the fastest way to (legally) make as much money as you want…

If you decide you want to put in the effort.

That’s your choice.

Complain about your sales role only if you’re prepared to do something about it!

Something, like learn how to sell so you blow everyone else out of the water.

So you can continue to complain, continue to waste your Sales Time or you can do something about it.

That’s your choice too.

Before you make that choice let me ask you one question…

How will you feel, one year from now, if nothing’s changed for you, you’ve not grown in your role, not got a pay rise, not been praised, not been promoted?

Still want to make the same choice?

The Sales Improvement Workshop – Sales Training Sheffield

Hit the link here – The Sales Improvement Workshop – and take your first step to a bigger, brighter, better sales future.

It’s your one and only sales career!

Do you really want to waste it running at half speed, using unproven sales conversion techniques that were taught in the 1980′ s and still expect your bank balance to over flow and your sales manager to cry when he writes your commission check?

That’s never going to happen.

Sales Training Sheffield – The Sales Improvement Workshop

The great news is…you only need to learn this stuff once, so whether you’re new to sales, been in sales a while, managing a sales team, training a sales team or simply wanting an injection of sales motivation and sales insight into what’s new in selling and how to sell…the join me.

Here’s the link – The Sales Improvement Workshop

Plus: you get the chance to enter a free draw for 6 weeks free 121 sales coaching.

And a full money back guarantee.

What are you waiting for?

Hope to see you there at The Sales Improvement Workshop – check out dates and availability by hitting the link


0779 002 1885

Call to discuss your sales challenges and remember, our Sales Training Sheffield Course is just £97pp if you’re based in Sheffield or South Yorkshire…and it’s available as an in-house course for your sales team or an open course (contact for dates)

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