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Are you looking for a Sales Training Courses in Sheffield for your B2B Sales Team?

Great – because I’ve got a great offer for you to help you improve the sales results, selling skills and profit generation in your business development team…

Sales Training Sheffield

I want to talk to you about a sales training course to help you build a stronger sales team, helping Sheffield thrive, selling Sheffield goods and services, creating jobs and bringing wealth and prosperity into the Sheffield and South Yorkshire region

And, because you’re based in Sheffield / South Yorkshire I’m making this course available to you at a rock bottom price – details are at the end of this page…but you might want to take a minute to read a bit more before you find out what the offer is…

If you need a bit more insight into what this sales course is about them read on…

You don’t need me to tell you that how we buy has changed.

What happened the last time you wanted to make a business purchase.

You didn’t call your boss for advice did you? 

Did you make a call to anyone for advice in the first instance?

I bet you dived on google, typed in a few words, clicked a few links, viewed a few pages, bookmarked some pages maybe, fired off an email or too, made a list of possible options…

Buying now is totally different, and it’s evolving all the time.

So, it would make sense that selling needs to change to, how we engage prospects, how we sell to them, and how we persuade and influence then to buy from us.

How we talk to them about price, value, risk…and how we help them make the best buying decision for them.

Tall order huh?

It is, but it’s not a total mystery is it?

There are enough high performing sales teams around to model.

Sales teams that have made all the crazy mistakes (so you don’t have to) in pursuit of their own sales improvement.

So, let me ask you…

Have you ever wanted to know how successful business development teams and high performing sales professionals get the sales results they do?

I bet you have.

How do they do it?

  • What’s their sales strategy?
  • How do they get those results, it’s like they’ve remove their competitors from the game
  • What’s different about how they engage with the sales prospect to convert that much business?
  • How do they do that so effortlessly?
  • What are they doing that my sales team aren’t doing?
  • How do they smash target with such consistency without creating another two working days every week?
  • What do they do differently, which means they are signing business up at such a rate?
  • Plus being promoted on a regular basis….look how fast their team has grown and their business has grown…
  • What’s their key strength…marketing? Business development? Feeding the sales pipeline? Culture? Management? Bonus structure?

What Can We Learn from Studying These Sales Teams and their Business Development Skills? 

If you’ve ever thought how unfair your sales target is and how you’d need to be Super Sales Person and Super Sales Leader to hit those numbers, then you can relax, the answer to all those questions and more is here.

Join us in Sheffield and discover how:

  • High performing sales professionals get the sales results they do, AND
  • How you can enjoy the same target smashing sales results using all the skills, techniques, insights and systems they use.

Join us on one of our most popular Sales Training Courses in Sheffield – The Sales Improvement Workshop.

It’s a Business Development Masterclass for Sales Champions!

Join us and find out what the SALES WINNERS DO!

And what you can do too!

Here’s where you can claim your seat – Save My Seat

All for you. In just one day!

It’s a wicked cycle, wanting to attend sales training courses but not having the time to get away from the field for long lengthy sessions.

That’s why this sales training is completely different.

It’s sales training designed for the busy, time-poor sales professional who needs a rapid injection of skills, motivation, clarity and insight…to push them to the next sales level.

Designed specifically to remove those common sales hurdles that derail the sales efforts of ever the very best sales people.

You can find more details here…


Sales Improvement Workshop in Sheffield.

No Paddling, No Waffle, Just Straight to the Point – Sell How Your Prospects Want to Buy!

Just hit the link and head on over to book – just £97 pp (plus VAT) and enjoy the ONE day that will revolutionise how you sell forever.

It will change how you think about sales, about business development, about filling and managing your sales pipeline, plus, you’ll never look at prospects in the same way ever again.

  • Prevent sales prospects going dark on you half way through the sales process.
  • You’ll discover how to remove your competitors from your space.
  • Understand how to talk about price with confidence
  • Never have to have the ‘discount’ conversation ever again
  • Learn the one thing that 99% of sales people hate talking about but is the winning element of most sales pitches

So,  here’s the link, just hit Save My Seat and get your place secured to join us because if you don’t do it now, your competitors will.

If you’re still wondering if this Business Development Sales Training Course is for you, then ask yourself these questions…are you

Satisfied with your current sales numbers?

Happy with your current sales pipeline?

Having the sales success you think you deserve?

Does the thought of rapidly improving the quality of sales opportunities in your sales funnel make you excited about selling and converting?

If you’re looking to radically change your sales outlook, sales skills, sales pipeline and sales order book…then I look forward to meeting you soon.

If not, then let’s be very clear on one thing.

Your pay cheque is a direct reflection on the value you bring to your company…and your prospects!


That applies whether your’re a sales person, sales leader, sales manager …

Therefore – if you want a bigger pay cheque, better promotional prospects, a bigger office, nicer car, business recognition, a more stable and certain then you need to deliver more value to your clients and your business.

So, ask yourself…

Do you have the sales and business development skills to do that today?

Can you deliver that extra value without piling on the hours?

Do you KNOW what that extra value looks like to your customer?

Do you know what extra value looks like to your boss, the board?

If you’re even asking yourself this question then you need to book on this sales training day and find out how to become the best, highest performing version of you that you can be, because, you know what?

It would be such a shame to wait a minute longer to find out if you’re the best sales version of you.

In fact, put yourself to the sales challenge, because if you’re not playing at the highest level then that’s just time and money wasted isn’t it?

Plus; the fact that you’re even considering these questions, let’s me know you think you’ve got more to give, so here’s where you start your journey…

Join us.

This is sales training specifically designed to propel your sales results to the next level.

What else?

Join me, I’ll show you how you can:

  • Build a truly compelling, influential and persuasive sales pitch
  • Create an endless stream of high quality leads meaning a more stable and secure sales future
  • Fill your sales pipeline with good quality business prospects and hungry customers which means they’re easier to close
  • Remove your competitors from the playing field by creating clear blue sky between you and others
  • Build such value that your prospect thinks it’s a NO-Brainer to sign with you, without looking at your competitors
  • Use price and positioning to ensure your get only good quality business and can walk away from the rest
  • Manage your activity levels so you’ll never have to worry about hitting target again
  • Discover how to get better quality business, more often so you can sign bigger deals
  • Manage your time to ensure you’re top of the leader board without working 24/7
  • Use an objection free sales pitch that works with every prospect
  • Be a highly consultative, trusted expert, value provider rather than a sales rep
  • Ensure the prospect will enjoy and benefit from the sales process
  • Progress leads through the sales process faster so you’re at less risk of competitor attack
  • Explore value, risk and price in line with the buyers needs and their deepest fears
  • Plus…so much more…

So, that’s 14 good reason for why you should sign up now…

Reason number 15?

This is it…

Attend for a full day and it’s just £97 pp plus tax.

And if that wasn’t enough….

Sales Training Sheffield and Business Development Training Sheffield South Yorkshire. Sales Training Courses Sheffield
Sales Training Sheffield and Business Development Training Sheffield South Yorkshire

You’ll learn at least 20 sales game changing business development insights to boost your sales performance today.

At least 20 ways to get your prospects in a state of wanting and needing to buy from you.

That means at least 20 ways to get better sales results today!

The fact is – you have to put in the hours and the hard work anyway…every single day.

So, why not take every single advantage you can, and get the sales results you plan for, not the sales results you get left with.

Yeah right, well I can understand why this might be tough to believe, you’re a sales pro right? I get it, well how about this…

Reason 16 – Money Back Guarantee

Ok, so here’s the deal, if you attend the sales training and you haven’t learnt at least 10 new things before 10.30 am on the day, then you can leave and I’ll give you your money back straight away. No questions asked.

How’s that for a money back guarantee that’s worth something, so, what are you waiting’s the link…Save My Seat

After all, what do you have to lose?

What do you have to gain?

How much longer can your sales team be expected to achieve outstanding sales results using sales methods that no longer fit with how your prospects are buying?

When a sales prospect tells you ‘no’ or even worse, just leaves you hanging despite your telephone calls and answers…just know that you had your chance and someone else got the deal…

You never have to legitimately feel that way ever again!

Let’s start today…here’s the first step…Save My Seat

Sales Training Courses for Sales Champions in Sheffield and South Yorkshire.  

Sales Training for YOU!

p.s. If you’re looking for your own sales improvement and business development course – check out TurboCharged Sales

Our sales training courses in Sheffield are proven, results driven and action orientated, join us and watch your sales results grow.

This offer is for the delivery of The Sales Improvement Workshop only.

The special rate is for firms in Sheffield and South Yorkshire only.

Sales Training Courses, Sheffield Selling Strong!

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