Relevant Sales Activity and the Equal Odds Rule

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Relevant Sales Activity and the Equal Odds Rule

In Sales YOU have as much chance of winning as losing.

Where you engage in meaningful and relevant sales activity…

You have as much chance of getting a customer as getting a rejection.

You have as much chance of succeeding as failing.

Your chances are equal.

Need more proof?

The Equal Odds Rule was published by a Harvard psychologist, Keith Simonton in 1977.

Check out James Clear for more information.

Here’s my 3 line take:

  • Sales is actually a numbers game.

So get dialing! Get talking! Networking! Profile Building!

  • You have to be in it to win it!

If you’re not dialing, talking, networking, profile building you’re not in it!

  • Your chance of failure AND success increases with your level of activity

Extra dials, the more rejections you’ll suffer, therefore the more success you’ll enjoy.

So What?

The Equal Odds Rule is simple.

You’ve as much chance of success as failure, and it’s really that complicated, or that simple, depending on how your brain is programmed.

BUT too many sales people aren’t even in the game, not at all.

They just think they are.

And that’s where it’s dangerous.

For them, their employers and their sales forecasts.

They don’t believe that their activity is directly related to their success.

They just don’t get the Equal Odds Rule and it’s predictor of their fate… or their success

Cutting to the Chase

There are a million reasons to avoid maxing out in terms of activity.

What makes it easier to avoid going all out on dials, connects, handshakes is the absence of relevance.

So, how about if you think of it like this:

Maxing Out the Level of Relevant Sales Activity

Activity = Failure/Success can be replaced by Relevant Activity = Failure/Success

What Does Relevant Sales Activity Look Like?

What’s your WEEKLY relevant activity schedule look like?

For example…

How much time do you spend

  • Talking with customers to get referrals?
  • With customers building relationships?
  • Engaging with new prospects?
  • Searching out new decision makers?
  • Looking at who is changing jobs in your target firms?
  • Chasing up contacts you worked with years ago?
  • Re-engaging with old contacts?
  • Saying that you to new customers?
  • Adding value and insight to your most loyal buyers?
  • With influencers in your industry?
  • Encouraging dialogue and courting referrers?
  • Nurturing relationships in your social media sphere?
  • Scouring LinkedIn and other such data sources to build comprehensive family trees of suitable organisations with relevant contacts?


  • What efforts did you invest in working towards being recognised as a ‘go to expert’ in your industry?
  • How many educational posts did you put out this week?
  • Count the people in your personal/professional network your helped this week?
  • How much goodwill did you create via referrals/introductions across your network?
  • Did you spend enough time leveraging your personal network for your benefit and for the benefit of people who know you?

It’s not my job to point the finger and tell you what you should do or even what your Relevant Sales Activity should be, because I have no idea about you, your ambitions or how you currently work.

Instead I’d ask you to reflect on how you spend your time and how you could better spend your time to make sure you weight the odds in your favour in the Equal Odds Rule.

You have as much chance of winning as losing…you just have to be in the game.

Fully in the game.

Are you?

Here’s the Truth about Relevant Sales Activity

Whether you believe the Equal Odds Rule or not, just think about it, there is an inevitable fact.

The more you are out there as a proactive sales person, the better you will get at your craft, the greater your skill, the better your professional profile, the higher your status, the better your sales skills will be.

You’ll get all of your ‘failures’ out of the way, by default, you’ll improve your chances of winning.

Work the Equal Odds Rule because you can’t lose.

You can take control of your own sales career now and focus on the absolute and critical sales success factors, and create your own relevant sales activity – just hit the link here – tell me more

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