When Is A Sales Person Not Really A Sales Person?

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When Is A Sales Person Not Really A Sales Person?

Sales fails trip you up when you least need it, they derail even the best of sales people, and they cost you deals, orders, target smashing months and bonus!

That’s the bad news.

The good news is – almost all of your sales fails, prospect objections, buyer barriers, whatever you call them, they are all predictable.

So why do they still trip up the average sales person?

So, let me ask you…

When Is A Sales Person Not Really A Sales Person?

When they can’t deal with sales fails from buyers!

There are some sales fails you can’t avoid.

Your buyer gets whisked away by an alien space ship and is never heard from again.

The prospect wins the lottery 2 days before he was due to send you the purchase order and he’s now only contactable via his broker.

Or even worse, your sales prospect has found a new religion and is giving up the rat race…and to send you the purchase order he promised would cloud his karma for years…

We’ve all been there!

Sales Fails Happen

The real challenge is not the objection, the real objection is how YOU DEAL with the objection.

Most sales people do these things…they repeat what they’ve said, the repeat louder, they get slightly defensive, and they start to feel less relaxed than they did…

Oh dear!

When actually, a sales fail, your buyer’s objection is quite simply an opportunity to learn more. And the last thing you need to start doing is talking more.

As the sales person you don’t need to talk here.

Instead what you do need is a bit of backbone.

A dose of gumption.

Some carefully prepared responses.

Some ace questions that dig into the objection…your aim is to explore NOT explain!

Admit to yourself you don’t have all the control at this particular moment, you need to give the buyer his opportunity to share, be understood, have his view heard, and maybe have his view validated to some degree.

Questions, questions, good quality open questions will save you from failing into a deep dark black sales hole especially reserved for bruised, battered and under performing sales professionals who are ace at getting the decision maker on the phone but fail at the first objection!

Trust me you don’t want to go there…

Do You Deserve the Job Title Sales Person?

Because if you’re falling for any of the prospect lines below then I’m afraid the computer says NO!

Let’s test it out.

Great sales people, professional sales people just don’t tolerate the sales fails…

  1. Send me some information
  2. Call me back on Friday
  3. I need to discuss this with my partner
  4. I have to get three quotes
  5. We’ll buy in two months time, the time is not right now
  6. We don’t have the budget now
  7. We’ve bigger things to sort out now, so we like your product/service, but the time is not right
  8. We like your competitors product better, so we’re going with them
  9. We’ll stay with our current supplier, thanks for all your help and work to date
  10. What discount can I get?

So, are you falling foul to these sales fails?

Hearing these sales lines from your prospects and saying ‘ok, talk soon’, putting the phone down, updating your CRM with the same shoddy sales lines and moving on to the next call?

Are you?

Or are you simply repeating what you’ve already said?

Or, are you slowing the pitch down, putting your pen down and stretching your brain to understand what’s actually being said by the prospect, and what that actually means, for him and for you?

Wake Up. These Sales Fails Are Killing You!

Do you even know how much money you are leaving on the table.

How many ripe sales prospects you’re leaving there for your competitors to pick up, just because they might be a bit more sales savvy that you?

Even worse, you’re burning sales leads. Sales leads that should convert.

And even worse than that, you’re wasting time.

That’s the killer trifecta in sales – Time, Money and Opportunities.

All going up in smoke because you won’t, can’t, don’t care enough to push back.

What the hell kind of sales person are you?

Wow, way to go, broke, time poor and scrambling for sales leads.

Sucks to be you!

Sales opportunities trickling through your fingers…

Stop It. Now. No More Sales Fails

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Discover how to flip the sales fails that are now costing you time, money, opportunities, respect, career advancement and critically strangling your earning potential.

This is for all sales guys who are tired of being messed about by sales prospects and buyers.

Are you ready to say goodbye to mediocre selling?

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Happy Selling


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