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Product Led Sales Training | Is Combining Sales and Product Training Important?

Product led sales training means combining your product and service knowledge with the most effective sales training, or sales training tool box based available totday.

This is based on building competitive advantage, disrupting the current status quo in the market place as well as forging high quality, loyalty based relationships.

Some sales training programs simply focus on improving sales skills.

But this alone is not enough.

It requires, in some cases, a huge jump in confidence for a sales team to then employ those sales skills where they are not 100% confident of the market they are selling in and the competitors they are selling against.

Of course, any sales training can be better than no training.

Plus, when you have the opportunity to really drive the sale performance to a higher level simply by adding a critical dimensions then the ROI on the sales training is greatly increased, as well as visibly higher levels of skills uptake and motivation higher.

So, let’s look at

Product Led Sales Training – Why is it so important?

It’s important for three key reasons:

Is it really Love?

Your sales team need to fall in love with your product/solution.

I mean really get excited about what it can do.

Fully engage with the value it brings to the buyer, especially when the buyer is faced with loads of me too or substitute options.

Your sales team need to evangelical about the real benefits of your products/services before they can even begin to sell to the buyer.

And that means your sales team need to:

  • Fully understand your market place from a defend and attack mode
  • Fully understand the competitor solutions
  • See the options from the buyer perspective and not just from their selling perspective

Articulating the Details – Comparing Apples with Apples

Years ago I worked with a major insurer who was losing heavily to another major insurer.

My client, at the time, was the only insurer offering a courtesy car as part of their breakdown package.

The other major insurer didn’t feel the need to do this.


My client wasn’t making a song and dance about offering this courtesy car service, BECAUSE my client’s sales team assumed every insurer offered the same service.

To them a courtesy car as NO BIG DEAL

SO they didn’t sell the benefit because they didn’t see it as a differentiator to the buyer.

My client was losing on two fronts:

They were giving their competitors an easy sales ride.

And they were allowing them to get away without offering a service that they weren’t set up to offer.

What a waste!

And all because the sales team didn’t know and understand the competitor position.

The first sale – the very first sale you make as a business should be to the sales team.

If they won’t buy it and see the value don’t expect them to be able to sell it to your prospects!

The Buyer Perspective – Walk a Mile in My Shoes

If the sales team can’t see the buyers buying landscape in the same way he does then there is no way from the sales person to ever become the trusted advisor.

The sales person with always be the sales guy.

The guy paid to get an order from the buyer.

Credibility will be low.

Discounts will be expected.

Peer to peer exchange is not an option.

The balance of power is all wrong.

Until your sales team see exactly what your buyer sees when they review the market how do they know how to easily dismiss your competitors as non-option for the buyer?

How will they recognise when your product fit is the best?

And how to articulate that best fit?

How will they know how to signpost the buyer to areas of the competitors product/service offering that need greater scrutiny?

The truth is…they can’t

And there is one more thing…

Product Led Sales Training is Pointless if your sales team don’t understand the buyer journey

Lots of sales trainers will focus on the sales process and the key metrics at each sales gate and how to maximise these.

That’s really important stuff but typically buyers buy to their buying process not our sales process.

Establishing how prospects in your industry buy is critical to success.

Recent research has said that by the time a prospect speaks with the sales person they are often 57% through the buying process.

The internet is a rich source of screening information.

Information that your buyer has access to way before he decides (or not) to reach out to you and your sales team.

Get sales training that includes your product/service knowledge because it will make a world of difference to uptake.

Build in a matrix that covers the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors and how to handle, explore, and expand those strengths and weaknesses as needed.

The bolt on a thorough understanding of how your buyers buy, what pains they seek to minimise, what sort of ROI they need and how to give them the buyer the highest possible feel-good/do-good factor for buying from you.

Finally, run away from any sales training that doesn’t explore what you key sales proposition is.

Product lead sales training is especially critical with a new sales function, a jaded sales team or where they sales team are taking on new products/services.

Morton Kyle offer a broad range of highly tailored product led sales training with Buyer Perspective and Sales Value Proposition modules built in.

To see how our product led sales training solutions will work for you check out our the Morton Kyle Sales Training Charter.

Product led sales training is one of the fastest ways to re-energise the sales team, increase motivation and shorten the time from training to high level competency in the field.

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