Creating the Perfect Sales Funnel and Sales Pipeline

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Creating the Perfect Sales Funnel and Sales Pipeline

‘Perfect Sales Funnel and Sales Pipeline’ Gives You Huge Untapped Potential

Untapped potential to harvest whenever you like.

Just a steady, solid stream of high quality, well qualified, high converting sales prospects.

Think about that.

Look at what ‘perfect’ actually means to you.

You can’t sell to everyone, the only mistake you’re making is in trying to

Most of my clients define ‘perfect sales pipeline’ as being able to rely on the sales funnel and sales pipeline to produce the quantity and quality of orders they want, when they want them.

That’s because most of them learned their lesson the hard way.

Thinking all leads were equal.

Filling the sale pipeline with anyone with a pulse, a telephone number and an email address.

That’s the road to sales ruin.

The First Rule of Sales Pipeline and Sales Funnel Management

Rubbish in = Rubbish out.

Think seriously about the quality of leads and prospects entering your sales funnel and sales pipeline.

Get some strict criteria in place.

And not just for leads entering the top of the sales funnel.

But also build a criteria framework for establishing when a lead should move from one stage to the next.

There is a real and uncalculated, negative costs of chucking anything with a phone number in your sales funnel and treating it as a lead.

Sales lead qualification looks very different at each stage in the sales pipeline and sales funnel.

Check this post out if you’re unsure about what you should be putting in your sales funnel and sales pipeline – How to Identify the Perfect Sales Prospect

I speak with many sales leaders, who have many thousands of leads on the CRM, and that’s great…

That’s what CRM’s are designed for, to house data and keep it as a working asset.

Asking further about the extent of penetration, I’m often told 5-15%.

Plus, the CRM will house data that’s as old as the company.

Never been cleaned.

Over farmed in many areas and never looked at in others.

Do you know what cash is stored in that asset?

It could be pure gold.

It could be absolute rubbish.

The problem is, there is no way to quickly find out.

But find out you must.

It’s the start of the journey…

Or, if you don’t have a CRM system and a reliable and predictable source of great orders, super customers, high profit transactions, you should simply download our free information pack on how to get started.

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Why is the Sales Funnel and Sales Pipeline So Important?

There is a distinct and direct relationship between the creation and management of your sales funnel and sales pipeline and the success of your sales team.


Having clearly defined protocols around this key area, I know there are many very positive revenue generating outcomes and paybacks associated with spending time on creating a perfect sales funnel and a robust sales pipeline.

Conversely, you not having a clear and defined strategy for creating and managing this very valuable sales asset is one of the key reasons why you’re not getting the sales results they need.

Common symptoms associated with poor sales funnel and sales pipeline management are:

  • Inaccurate sales forecasts
  • Peaks and troughs in sales
  • Static market share
  • Low level growth or even business contraction
  • Poor cash flow
  • Extended trading/excess overdraft
  • Poor sales conversion rates
  • High discount levels
  • Inconsistent order values
  • Shrinking order values
  • Inability to get rolling sales forecasts from the sales team
  • Business instability and uncertainty
  • Competitor growth

None of these circumstances are great for any business.

Many of them will easily put a business in a critical and terminal trading position.

It need not be that way.

In fact, if you’re prepared to change how you regard the key area of sales funnel and sales pipeline management, the difference is almost instantaneous, there is an extended list of benefits associated with you getting very serious about this key business area, including:

  • Increased sales conversion rates
  • Better quality customers
  • Bigger orders
  • Stable average order values
  • Reduced costs associated with order acquisition
  • Shorter sales cycles
  • Reduced discounted sales
  • Stronger margins
  • A higher level of accuracy in the sales forecast
  • Greater business confidence
  • Better business planning options
  • Competitor decline

Your careful management of the sales funnel and sales pipeline is one of the two key areas that can rapidly improve the sales performance of any team or any business.

You’ll find it’s an area that’s often over looked and an area that’s left to the whim and will of the passing sales people and sales management.

Your CRM, your sales funnel and sales pipeline are a huge and very valuable business asset, yet it’s often the most under utilised asset in any business.

Plus – if you think spending a huge sum on a CRM system is the answer – think again. That’s the equivalent to buying a Ferrari and only using it to pop to the gym….you just wouldn’t do it, would you?

Find out more about how you can solve this problem by downloading this information pack, and find our what you can do to create a sales funnel and sales pipeline that gives you the value of orders, profits and turnover you want, when you want them.

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