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How to Recruit Great Sales People. Top 10 Check List

How to Recruit Great Sales People…

It’s a tough one.

When you decide to recruit and interview sales people then you need to know you’ll be dealing with the ultimate smooth operator.

The Professional Sales Interviewee

Highly credible, great communication skills, masters in the art of influence and persuasion, quick to impress, polished.

Well what’s not to like about these guys?

Very little phases them, let’s face it, they probably had far more interview experience that you could imagine. More experience at being interviewed than you’ve had at interviewing maybe?

They’re being ‘interviewed’ every day…they know all the tricks…no wonder you offered them the job.

If you know how to recruit great sales people, I know you’ll have learnt from harsh experience. That’s sometimes really the only way.

BUT, the truth is, on the day you make the job offer, you know about your candidate only what your candidate has deemed they want you to know.

That’s one of the biggest challenges in the process to recruit great sales people.

And the Problem is…

You see,  you’ll never really know if you’ve got a super star or a dud until they’ve worked with your for a while.

Sure, you can do the psychometric tests. You can put them through an extensive recruitment process. You can engage specialist sales recruitment techniques. But, at some point a decision needs to be made.

The process to recruit great sales people carries , I think, a higher risk than recruiting for most any other professions.

And, like everyone else in the position of having to build the sales team, you’ll make the best decision you can. A decision based on the information that’s available to you at the time…that’s all you can do.

Unless you have a crystal ball, because we all do, right??

Do you?

How to Recruit Great Sales People

Often the best way to make that decision is based on gut feeling.

Like many others you can console yourself with the fact that if they can impress you in a one hour long interview, well then they can impress your best clients and prospects too, right?


Please, NO!

Here’s How;

Download this free report How to Find Out if Your Sales Recruit is REALLY as Good as their CV Claims 

It will take you about 10 minutes to read.You’ll discover sure fire ways to find out if your sales candidate and their shiny, sparkly CV are all they say they are. Or maybe you’re sat in front of the smoothest talker this side of the Atlantic…

It’s set out as a 10 point check list – it might just save you falling down the rabbit hole and into HR Hell, Performance Management Purgatory and Dismissal Despair.

Why Risk It?

10 minutes well invested. You can download your copy using the link here Send me my Free Report now please.

You don’t need me to tell you all that glistens isn’t gold…you know that.

There are some super sales people out there.

Professionals who are a credit to the industry, themselves and their firms. People who are highly credible, trustworthy, commercially astute and great problem solvers. Sales superstars with a huge commitment to over delivering and ensuring delighted clients.

However, unless you have a super-robust sales recruitment and interview process, you won’t realise how great, or not, your sales recruit is until they’re been with you for a while. That’s too late. By that time, they’ve met your key clients, done some visits, soaked up their slice of the training budget, and taken a chunk out of your time.

Therein lies the rub.

Now You Don’t Need To

Getting the sales candidate wrong is costly. Those costs extend well beyond the recruitment costs, salary and expenses/bonus.

Opportunity cost that’s your killer, that’s just the first strike. The biggest fail is the time that’s lost.

That’s why reading this report, just 10 minutes is all it’ll take. It will give you 10 very quick ways to increase your chances of recruiting a sales superstar. Saving yourself the 100k estimated costs involves in recruiting a second rate sales person.

100k loss, and that’s just the first three months costs…see how here

Download your copy now. Here’s the link 10 Tips Check List – Find out if your sales recruit is really as good as their CV claims

How to recruit great sales people because you don’t have to rely on just your crystal ball!

If you’re really want to recruit great sales people then download this additional free guide, it’s totally free. It explains how to build a sales talent pipeline and goes into more details about minimising all the costly risks involved in the process to recruit great sales people.

Grab your copy here – Beware of the Twins  it’s your fast track guide to recruit great sales people.

PLUS – The Advanced Business Achiever – great for proven and practical sales insights for growing your sales results, maximising efficiencies and being profitably effective.

Check out our FREE Sales Improvement Reports. All available via instant download – here’s the link – Free Sales Improvement Guides

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