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Beat the Competition at Selling NOW

Beat the Competition at Selling NOW

Beat the Competition at Selling NOW, by being super savvy about how you use your skills, abilities, resources and opportunities.

Getting the Sales Results You Deserve?

Sometimes a business isn’t getting the sales results, the turnover, the profits, the market share or the clients and customers it deserves.

There can be lots of reasons for that…maybe it’s due to the marketing message being off centre, or the wrong pricing model, it can sometimes be the right message but to the wrong prospect group, or even the right message, to the right prospects but at the wrong time.

Anyway, you get my drift, it can be a million different things or combination of things…some obvious, some not so obvious.

However there is one factor that lots of businesses just don’t pick up on.

It’s a factor that will cost them hugely in terms of profit, turnover, market share and the absolute pain associated with lost sales and wasted opportunity.

But by far the greatest damage this factor causes is that it forces the business to lose time.

Stop Giving Away Your Most Precious Sales Commodity

Lots of time. I’m talking years and years and years.

Because of this it’s a business killer.

It’s that serious.

Yet over looked so often.


Sales teams give masses of time away, highly precious time, every single hour of every single day.

Simply for one reason…the singular inability that the firm has to recognise that it is being viewed as just one of many by the prospect market place.

If that’s you it means that your prospect’s can see you, or if they can see you, they can’t differentiate between what you offer and what the rest of your competitors offer.

Standing Out From the Competition

When that happens, it means only one thing….the prospect will base their buying decision on the only information they have available to help them to make that decision.

Which means your buyer and prospects make their buying decision based on price and price alone.

How sad is that?

Even more sad if you know you have a better product, a better service, a better solution for the prospect.

Doubly sad if you know your competitors are nowhere near as good as you are.

Beating the Competition at Selling – First and Fast

That’s why learning how to beat the competition at selling is an absolute must if your want to fully realise the sales potential within your business.

And all for one simple reason. Lost time, years and years, depressed sales, profit and turnover. Plus the uncertainty associated with such trading conditions, all due to one factor.

Your inability to create a huge band of thick blue sky between you and your competitors.

In fact, learning how to beat the competition at selling is probably one of the most important skills in business. Yet one of those areas most forgotten.

Many businesses just accept competitor action as collateral damage.

I disagree!

Competitors are a fact of life, but they need not impede or diminish your business profitability. And if you select to let them do that, well let’s be very clear.

That’s your choice. You could have made a very different choice. And you still can!

So are YOU Ready to Beat the Competition at Selling?

Ready to change your business fortunes now?

Download the free report 10 Steps to Out Sell the Competition (…or as I like to call it ‘How to Legally Kill Your Competitors’) will show you how to beat the competition at selling!

Yes, you’ll be able to out fox the same competitors that continue to cut prices, discount and ‘buy-business’ simply to stay busy.

Imagine the looks on their face when they realise you’re not only stealing their deals, but you’re making healthy profits too?

It’s worth learning how to beat the competition at selling simply to see the shock on their faces isn’t it?

So, 10 Steps to Out Sell the Competition

What is it?

It’s a step by step system for creating a clear and thick divide between you and the rest of the providers in your market.

It’s perfect for you:

If you’ve ever wondered why your competitors are still in business despite offering such a shoddy solution.

When you’ve wished you could operate without the competition muddying your market place.

If you’ve contemplated cutting your prices just to get your prospects attention…then you need to download your copy of this report now and discover How to Legally Kill Your Competitors.


Once you’ve read it you’ll realise why cutting your prices is the very worst thing you can do and WHY in fact, you should do the VERY opposite.

You’ll see how by being LESS of a sales person means you’ll get to create a bigger sales pull.

Understand that to beat the competition at selling you simply need to do what you’re competitors aren’t prepared to do.

You’ll all be able to position your solution so that no competitors actually exist any more!

So, can you imagine how great it will fell to beat the competition at selling?

Beat the Competition at Selling – Download Now

Download your free copy now. You’ll be able to solve all the questions you have regarding minimising the impact of your competitors and their impact on your business, your sales conversion rate, your prices, your profits and your market share.

10 Steps to Out Sell the Competition

Wave goodbye to your competitors, once and for all. No need to look back!

Ok…let’s beat the competition at selling!

Beat the Competition at Selling – Download your copy now.

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How to Recruit Great Sales People. Top 10 Check List

How to Recruit Great Sales People. Top 10 Check List

How to Recruit Great Sales People…

It’s a tough one.

When you decide to recruit and interview sales people then you need to know you’ll be dealing with the ultimate smooth operator.

The Professional Sales Interviewee

Highly credible, great communication skills, masters in the art of influence and persuasion, quick to impress, polished.

Well what’s not to like about these guys?

Very little phases them, let’s face it, they probably had far more interview experience that you could imagine. More experience at being interviewed than you’ve had at interviewing maybe?

They’re being ‘interviewed’ every day…they know all the tricks…no wonder you offered them the job.

If you know how to recruit great sales people, I know you’ll have learnt from harsh experience. That’s sometimes really the only way.

BUT, the truth is, on the day you make the job offer, you know about your candidate only what your candidate has deemed they want you to know.

That’s one of the biggest challenges in the process to recruit great sales people.

And the Problem is…

You see,  you’ll never really know if you’ve got a super star or a dud until they’ve worked with your for a while.

Sure, you can do the psychometric tests. You can put them through an extensive recruitment process. You can engage specialist sales recruitment techniques. But, at some point a decision needs to be made.

The process to recruit great sales people carries , I think, a higher risk than recruiting for most any other professions.

And, like everyone else in the position of having to build the sales team, you’ll make the best decision you can. A decision based on the information that’s available to you at the time…that’s all you can do.

Unless you have a crystal ball, because we all do, right??

Do you?

How to Recruit Great Sales People

Often the best way to make that decision is based on gut feeling.

Like many others you can console yourself with the fact that if they can impress you in a one hour long interview, well then they can impress your best clients and prospects too, right?


Please, NO!

Here’s How;

Download this free report How to Find Out if Your Sales Recruit is REALLY as Good as their CV Claims 

It will take you about 10 minutes to read.You’ll discover sure fire ways to find out if your sales candidate and their shiny, sparkly CV are all they say they are. Or maybe you’re sat in front of the smoothest talker this side of the Atlantic…

It’s set out as a 10 point check list – it might just save you falling down the rabbit hole and into HR Hell, Performance Management Purgatory and Dismissal Despair.

Why Risk It?

10 minutes well invested. You can download your copy using the link here Send me my Free Report now please.

You don’t need me to tell you all that glistens isn’t gold…you know that.

There are some super sales people out there.

Professionals who are a credit to the industry, themselves and their firms. People who are highly credible, trustworthy, commercially astute and great problem solvers. Sales superstars with a huge commitment to over delivering and ensuring delighted clients.

However, unless you have a super-robust sales recruitment and interview process, you won’t realise how great, or not, your sales recruit is until they’re been with you for a while. That’s too late. By that time, they’ve met your key clients, done some visits, soaked up their slice of the training budget, and taken a chunk out of your time.

Therein lies the rub.

Now You Don’t Need To

Getting the sales candidate wrong is costly. Those costs extend well beyond the recruitment costs, salary and expenses/bonus.

Opportunity cost that’s your killer, that’s just the first strike. The biggest fail is the time that’s lost.

That’s why reading this report, just 10 minutes is all it’ll take. It will give you 10 very quick ways to increase your chances of recruiting a sales superstar. Saving yourself the 100k estimated costs involves in recruiting a second rate sales person.

100k loss, and that’s just the first three months costs…see how here

Download your copy now. Here’s the link 10 Tips Check List – Find out if your sales recruit is really as good as their CV claims

How to recruit great sales people because you don’t have to rely on just your crystal ball!

If you’re really want to recruit great sales people then download this additional free guide, it’s totally free. It explains how to build a sales talent pipeline and goes into more details about minimising all the costly risks involved in the process to recruit great sales people.

Grab your copy here – Beware of the Twins  it’s your fast track guide to recruit great sales people.

PLUS – The Advanced Business Achiever – great for proven and practical sales insights for growing your sales results, maximising efficiencies and being profitably effective.

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Creating the Perfect Sales Funnel and Sales Pipeline

Creating the Perfect Sales Funnel and Sales Pipeline

‘Perfect Sales Funnel and Sales Pipeline’ – Huge Untapped Potential

Think about that. Look at what ‘perfect actually means…in this instance it means being able to rely on the sales funnel and sales pipeline to produce the quantity and quality of orders you want, when you want them.

Having got that out of the way, let’s look at the how…

Remember this,

Rubbish in = Rubbish out.

This is especially true with regard to your Sales Funnel and Sales Pipeline.

Apply this to the quality of leads and prospects entering your sales funnel and sales pipeline and you’ll see the real cost of chucking anything with a phone number in your sales funnel and treating it as a lead. Check this post out if you’re unsure about what you should be putting in your sales funnel and sales pipeline – How to Identify the Perfect Sales Prospect

I speak with many sales leaders, who have many thousands of leads on the CRM, and that’s great…

That’s what CRM’s are designed for, to house data and keep it as a working asset.

Asking further about the extent of penetration, I’m often told 5-15%.

Plus, the CRM will house data that’s as old as the company. Never been cleaned. Over farmed in many areas and never looked at in others.

Do you know what cash is stored in that asset? It could be pure gold, it could be absolute rubbish. The problem in, there is no way to quickly find out.

But find out you must. It’s the start of the journey…

Or, if you don’t have a CRM system and a reliable and predictable source of great orders, super customers, high profit transactions, you should simply download our free information pack on how to get started.

Here’s the link – send me information on The Sales Game Changer System

Why is the Sales Funnel and Sales Pipeline So Important?

There is a distinct and direct relationship between the creation and management of your sales funnel and sales pipeline and the success of your sales team.


Having clearly defined protocols around this key area, I know there are many very positive revenue generating outcomes and paybacks associated with spending time on creating a perfect sales funnel and a robust sales pipeline.

Conversely, you not having a clear and defined strategy for creating and managing this very valuable sales asset is one of the key reasons why you’re not getting the sales results they need.

Common symptoms associated with poor sales funnel and sales pipeline management are:

  • Inaccurate sales forecasts
  • Peaks and troughs in sales
  • Static market share
  • Low level growth or even business contraction
  • Poor cash flow
  • Extended trading/excess overdraft
  • Poor sales conversion rates
  • High discount levels
  • Inconsistent order values
  • Shrinking order values
  • Inability to get rolling sales forecasts from the sales team
  • Business instability and uncertainty
  • Competitor growth

None of these circumstances are great for any business.

Many of them will easily put a business in a critical and terminal trading position.

It need not be that way.

In fact, if you’re prepared to change how you regard the key area of sales funnel and sales pipeline management, the difference is almost instantaneous, there is an extended list of benefits associated with you getting very serious about this key business area, including:

  • Increased sales conversion rates
  • Better quality customers
  • Bigger orders
  • Stable average order values
  • Reduced costs associated with order acquisition
  • Shorter sales cycles
  • Reduced discounted sales
  • Stronger margins
  • A higher level of accuracy in the sales forecast
  • Greater business confidence
  • Better business planning options
  • Competitor decline

Your careful management of the sales funnel and sales pipeline is one of the two key areas that can rapidly improve the sales performance of any team or any business.

You’ll find it’s an area that’s often over looked and an area that’s left to the whim and will of the passing sales people and sales management.

Your CRM, your sales funnel and sales pipeline are a huge and very valuable business asset, yet it’s often the most under utilised asset in any business.

Plus – if you think spending a huge sum on a CRM system is the answer – think again. That’s the equivalent to buying a Ferrari and only using it to pop to the gym….you just wouldn’t do it, would you?

Find out more about how you can solve this problem by downloading this information pack, and find our what you can do to create a sales funnel and sales pipeline that gives you the value of orders, profits and turnover you want, when you want them.

Here’s the link The Sales Game Changer System.

Download your information pack here and find out how you can start the application process to dramatically boost your sales results and business performance.

Alternatively – call for a confidential chat – 0779 002 1885 or email

You can also download our FREE Sales Improvement Guides – instant download


Advanced Business Achiever

Advanced Business Achiever

How to Increase Sales and Profits?’

It’s the questions asked most often, and asked by everyone.

From the Sales Consultant in the field, the Sales Manager juggling the numbers, and the Board who want to know how to max out their returns.

Everyone wants to know how to increase sales and profits.

That’s fair enough.

Most people who work in sales receive bonus based on sales and profits.

Likewise, in any sales situation and at whatever level, your promotion is probably awarded on the basis of achieving sales targets.

Careers are forged, legends are created.

So, it’s a big area of focus and everyone want to know the ‘how to…’

And the ‘how to continuously increase sales and profits’ question comes up immediately afterwards too.

Improving sales and profits is not a one off activity.

Every month is a new month.

The Advanced Business Achiever – How Do I Continuously Increase Sales and Profits?

That’s the question The Advanced Business Achiever is designed to answer – every single week.

The Advanced Business Achiever exists to help you to increase sales and profits. Quickly, easily and continuously.

It’s a free weekly email bulletin service that delivers quick, powerful, practical sales improvement and business development insights directly to your inbox, so you get to continually increase sales and profits in your business.

How do you use The Advanced Business Achiever to Increase Sales and Profits?

  • To circulate to your sales people with your comments attached.
  • As information, coaching and briefing notes in your daily and weekly sales meetings.
  • To develop and propose new ideas about sales and business development improvement to the rest of the business.
  • As part of your sales coaching.
  • To generate ideas around what’s worked in other ambitious sales teams/firms.
  • As part of building up sales intelligence within the sales function.

The Advanced Business Achiever is easy to read, takes about 10 mins , and designed so it’s simple to implement the bulk of the content immediately.

The Advanced Business Achiever works on the principle that to find a 100% improvement in and sales or business development team would be impossible, almost. BUT, to find 100 areas and to improve just 1% in each area is so much easier.

And that’s very very achievable.

Growing your business and being able to increase sales and profits on an ongoing basis is a tough task, but it’s not impossible, and you don’t need to make it harder than it needs to be.

The Advanced Business Achiever – Your FREE Subscription

That’s where a free subscription to The Advanced Business Achiever comes in very handy.

Just so I know I’m bring you only the very best of sales improvement and business development insights, every week I:

  • Research the latest thinking on how to improve sales and profits.
  • Read the latest journals across key industries to see how break through businesses are achieving great sales results.
  • Watch hours of webinars, seminars and listen to hours of podcasts.
  • Read the best sales and business development books…

And, I talk to sales people, business development professionals, business directors, owners, boards and people who have a keen interest and focus in being brilliant at boosting sales, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of their business development functions as well as ensuring they stay one step (at least) ahead of their competitors by creating ENORMOUS value for their clients, customers and prospects.


The only question left to answer is, will you be in the know or left at the back, playing catch up?

So, sign up for your free subscription now, here’s your link, I claim my subscription to The Advanced Business Achiever 

Jargon Free. Fast. Practical. Easy to implement.

Remember, all you need is 100 areas you can review in your business with a chance of a 1% increase in each area; now, do you really want to try and find an easier way to increase sales and profits, as well as boost the effectiveness of your business development efforts?

Here’s the link, sign up then remember to check your email, I claim my subscription to The Advanced Business Achiever

Also, new reports are published on sales, improving sales, increasing profits, business development and all aspects of sales improvement, you’ll find out about these free reports first of all, plus, you’ll also get reduced rates for training events and open courses.

Claim your free Advanced Business Achiever Newsletter now and your weekly subscription will start in the next 7 days.

Here’s the link again Send me my weekly copy of The Advanced Business Achiever

Here’s the link for instant download of any of our FREE Sales Improvement Guides.

I Want to Fire the Sales Team Today, NOW!

I Want to Fire the Sales Team Today, NOW!

‘Carol, you need to help me, I want to fire the sales team today…..’

I’ve answered quite a few telephone calls over the years that all start the same way…

Some of them were genuine requests, they really did want to fire the sales team and we sorted those out.

Some were pure venting…and I handled those too.

And a few were from people who had actually had enough, end of their tether….

Fire the Sales Team Today! At some point, it’s kill or cure time

In fact, if you decide it’s a call you need to make to anyone at any time, then I hope the lucky recipient would advise you to look at one last attempt to cure before you go for the kill.

Anyway, that aside, you and I will have, at some point, walked through the sales office, sat in on a sales call, overheard a sales conversation taking place, or seen a sales email that have made us think the sales world has gone mad.

Truly bonkers!

You’d have wondered what type of people you’ve employed, what they’re thinking and how drunk are they…and may be a few other choice reflections…

If you’ve ever found yourself in that position, or fear it’s only a matter of time…you can download this free report now…BEFORE you get to the stage where you want to fire the sales team

If You’ve Ever Wished Your Sales Team Would All Go Work for Your Competitor.

This an insight into what you might do as one last ‘cure’ attempt…before you call HR and wash your hands of the whole team…

But, ideally, it’s worth reading before you get to the stage where you want to fire the sales team…

It’s a run down of some of those things you’ll hear that make you want to update their CV’s for them, send their CV’s out and even coach them through the interview process…BUT, let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water here…

You’ll gain insights into how you can coach them to be the sales team you’d love them to be, give you some guidance on how you get them to look at how they behave in their sales role, as well as giving you some short cuts to boosting the sales teams performance.

I’m not saying that downloading If You’ve Ever Wished Your Sales Team Would All Go Work for Your Competitor is your natural vaccination against ever waking up and thinking ‘I want to fire the sale team’…but it might give you a bit of breathing space before going into battle with Human Resources.

After all, Fire the Sales Team? Prevention is better than cure.

Just hit the link for instant downloads of any of our FREE Sales Improvement Reports

Recruit Great Sales People – Minimising the Costly Risks in Sales Recruitment

Recruit Great Sales People – Minimising the Costly Risks in Sales Recruitment

How to Recruit Great Sales People

Recruiting the very best sales people for your business is the single most effective and efficient way to maximise your sales and business results.


There is no short cut to running a great business but having great sales people is as near to a brilliant short cut as you can get.

Recruit great sales people, and many of the worries that plague your competitors are gone.

Get it wrong, and you’ll be dragged backwards and, often, expose the business to huge financial risk and brand damage.

But, it’s a costly and a high risk activity. You are, after all, dealing with the most unreliable product in the history of the world – people!

So, I’m sure you’d agree,  it’s worth taking some time and some thought over the process if it means you minimise those risks, save money and time, especially if you know it will lead you to be able to recruit great sales people.

Everything you need to know about how to recruit great sales people is here:

Download your free report now – just click on the link for an instant download – How to Recruit the Best Sales Talent for your Business.

It cover s two big areas of sales recruitment and is devoted to helping you to recruit great sales people with little or no stress, and with minimum risk.

The 2 important areas covered are:

1. How to build a pipeline of great sales talent for your business

2. How to ensure, once you start interviewing the sales candidates, that you use the most robust and illuminating sales interview process that is available to you.

I wrote this book because I see the following things happening in too many businesses when they start to think about recruiting sales people, and it’s all these things that stop them from achieving their target to recruit great sales people:

  • Rushed sales recruitment processes – taking the best candidate that shows up on the day.
  • Deciding to take the sales person with the best address book, regardless of the other attributes needed.
  • Recruiting purely based on skill and not on attitude.
  • Using out dated competency frameworks that fail to recognise the changes in the role of sales person.
  • Not testing the sales persons problem solving and critical thinking skills.
  • Making the recruitment process to short with a heavy reliance on ‘gut reaction’.
  • Recruiting in the same mould as the existing sales team.
  • Not talent spotting, and encouraging the whole business, to talent spot any great sales people in other sectors, industries

Not all risks are inevitable when you recruit great sales people

Now, you may commit all or some or none of these during your sales talent scouting and sales recruitment. The point I’m hoping to get across is that even though sales recruitment is high risk, high cost and time intensive there are many things that can be done to ensure the costs, risks and time are minimised, simply by making a few simple, and longer term, changes to the sales recruitment process and interviewing and screening stages.

I hope you find this report useful, some of my client firms have downloaded it and passed it around their colleagues in the sales recruitment team, I hope you can do the same.

We’ve all either experienced or heard of the horrors involved in recruiting the wrong sales person. You and I both know the difference a great sales team can make to a business…

Let’s seek out the very best sales people possible because with great sales people anything is achievable. Recruit great sales people and life is easy…

Download your copy now – How to Recruit the Best Sales Talent For Your Business

Plus you can start your free subscription to The Advanced Business Achiever

Hit this link to check out our instant download FREE Sales Improvement Guides