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How to Improve Sales Performance: The Friday Sales Rant

How to Improve Sales Performance: The Friday Sales Rant!

You’d be surprised what businesses will do to improve sales performance.

You’d be surprised the lengths they’ll go to, the resources they’ll commit and the efforts they’ll expend all in an effort to improve sales performance.

Selling their soul? No…but not far off.

So, why, why, why, why do business owners and sales leaders miss this one simple trick?

It’s this:

Treat every single Friday as if it were a month end.

That’s it.

You want something more complicated?


You want proof as to why you should use every Friday as a month end, and why doing so will improve sales performance?

In many of the industries I work with, we see sales level out during the month yet during the last week of the month I see a distinct peak…it may not be a huge spike, but the point is, it’s still a spike in sales. And, any spike in sales is always good.

The question I have to ask is why now? Why see the sales uplift now? Why at the end of the month?

Is it because that’s how buyers work? No, not always.

Is it because that’s how the specific industries work? Nope, not necessarily.

Is it because it’s the end of the month and sales people want to max out their commission checks for that month? Maybe. Most probably.

The interesting thing here, for me, is that the sales spike is not some artificial construct that’s outside of our control.

Getting the sales team to apply their month end sales chasing, sales closing habits to their activities every Friday will have a massive pay off…or at least a small spike every week that morphs into a massive pay off, and here’s why…

How much of an improvement in sales performance?

You get 52 sales spikes per year instead of just the regular 12!

But even more valuable, check this out:

If the sales team are focussed on Friday closing here’s what I know happens (I know because I’ve tested it)

They run much tighter sales pipelines – pushing leads through at a faster rate

This shortens sales cycles.

It also becomes super obvious, super early in the week, if they don’t have anything to close that week.

This drives focus, it drives activity, and it changes the selling mindset to acute deal seeking…

…and the sales guys to focus more on filling their sales pipeline with high value, well qualified sales leads, so they don’t make the same mistake next week.


the sales guys get cute about asking for the business…

then they get cute about making sure the prospect knows that he’s got to make a decision on the order by Friday, and even more importantly the sales guy starts to become ace at closing because he’s setting up his pitch better AND he’s getting more closing practice.

Which means – he doesn’t let rejection cripple him any more.

He’s unharmed, undamaged and not phased by the prospect rejecting him

Now, a sales person with that mental resilience, with that pipeline mentality, that’s able to rev the sales wheel faster is a sure fire asset to any business

…every day of the week

And all because you changed every Friday into a month end…

Zero cost sales improvement.

Zero effort sales improvement

Trust me and try this, it’s sales performance improvement with no risk and potentially huge pay back.

Happy Selling


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